WOW!  Another trilogy??  That would be AWSOME!!!  But he's already got them in order, 1-2-3-4-5-6, so wouldn't he almost HAVE to shoot 7-8-9 next?  Wish he could do that, but like somebody above said; actors are too old now   sad


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KORTOR IS THE BEST!!!!!!!  It's where I discovered my FAVORITE Mano, KELBORN!  He and the other Mandos MAKE KOTOR II!  KOTOR I is probably a little bit better game, but II is my favorite with so many Mandos *and almost friendly ones this time!*


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I'm on my starship, of course!   XD

I come in peace, take me to your leader...........and your RPGs   XD

Wow, so much Fett and so little time in the day!  Just found this site last night, and spent the whole time checking up on the RPs and how you guys play; looks FUN!  I'm sorta new to the internet, so sorry if I don't do things right, but look forward to joining some RPs and getting into the discussion threads