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Werda Verd wrote:

Add a few lines to history and maybe pesronality. Other than that, good.

who else is up?

Added to those lines Werda Verd, is it ok now?


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Ok, that sounds good!  I'll join Clan Werda Verda if that's ok with V_M.

If I can, could somebody please make me a title something like  "Scout for Clan Werda Verda?"  Thanks!!!    big_smile

as the 800000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 zombies chew on 'Fett', they realize it's NOT FETT AT ALL!!!!!!!  but a DROID!!!!  The real Boba is waching from Slave I and detonates a NUKE that's inside the robot, killing ALL the zombies, Green's cloned Maul, and EVERYBODY ELSE!!!!!!!!

Happy with his deathcount for the day, Boba flys back the the StarWars galaxy       big_smile


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A_A is the member Adeptus_Astartes right?  or is that a weapon to?

and yeah, I know Sharra Fett probably meant lightsaber.  just trying to be funny


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Looks good Kelborn!  I like the bright colors.  Good to see an Old-School Mando on the boards, as well!        9/10

THANKS Ralin!!!  I really like yours to!!!  Very sneaky looking!!!   big_smile


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

I'm going to bet there's a topic asking this question already open.................but since I'm too lazy to go find it, anything Mandalorian

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  and Sharra Fett, what's a "LIFEsaber???  tongue


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so which clan (aliit?) was I supposed to join?  I JUST joined you guys's RPG Freedom Fighters!!!  Looks like fun!  big_smile


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[YES!!!  I'M finally in an RPG!  Hope this guys is ok, just tell me if I need to change something]

Name: Eric Kelborn

Age: 18

Affiliation: Freedom Fighters

Rank: Regular fighter

Weapons: AK-74 (isn't that the gun you said replaced the AK-47 Ralin?) and a pistol

Appearance: wears a short leather jacket with army pants and boots, is 5 foot 10 and has blue eyes and brown hair

Personality:  Tries to be funny all the time and loves to hang out with others.  Very friendly to everybody, he's considered the 'lovable one.'  However, he is deeply hurt about what happened to his parents, and often fakes his funny and friendly ways to conceal how hurt he is inside.  But he has no fear during battle, and is often cracking jokes to the others during a shootout

History: Was raised in a average, middle class family in NYC.  His parents were very peace loving people, and forbid Eric from joining the Freedom's Wach before the invasion, telling him they were all 'gun carrying vigilanties who were no better then gangs.'  When the invasion started, was rescued by the Freedom Fighters after the attack on New York.   They trained him to fight and now Eric's an active and accepted member of the group.  He never knew what happened to his parents, and hopes to find them someday

SUPER thanks to Karson for giving me my first Karma point!!!  THANKS KARSON!  big_smile


Alo Fett wrote:

"I'm back" -Darth Revan

Well, we can hope  big_smile big_smile big_smile

"There's TOO MANY Mandos in this game"  Don't know about the KOTOR characters, but you'd never heard that from ME!!!!!!!!!  big_smile


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I just finished KOTOR II recently, and I'm a 100% Mando Fan!!!  So I'd LOVE to join a Mando like clan!  Can I join please??

I love the RPG ideas to, and would love to join when you post them!  big_smile

I'd have a blue saber like my Jedi in KOTOR  big_smile

Jango is GREAT!  He took down that Jedi easy, and could have had Mace AND Obi-Wan!  Was sad when he went down  sad

Wow, that would be COOL if they did it!  I'd go to see it!   big_smile

How did you get the box around what I said before?


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Jar Jar was funny a couple times, and I like the way he looks *I liked to as the play the Gungans sometimes on that old game that is based on Age Of Empires, but he more stupid then funny most of the time.

I hated the white skinned guy in the last of the old movies, with that nasty thing around his neck and the sharp nails!  he was SCARY, in a WEIRD WAY!


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wow, are most of the members here girls?   I'm a boy

"I got a tough bounty I've got to take down, want to come help?"   That would be the BEST!!!  big_smile big_smile


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NOPE!  Fett's not evil!  He's like his dad, 'just a simple man trying to make his way in the universe'    big_smile


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My favorite would be ANYTHING MANDALORIAN!!!  Especially the Basilisk War Driod used in KOTOR II!!!  But that ship the Decimator looks REALLY good to, Devil Girl!!!  You HAVE to love an 'Evil Versian of the Millennium Falcon' !!  XD


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WOW!  So many Mando Avs!  Now I KNOW I'm on the right site!!!  I can't judge them differently; love them all!  *and yeah, like True Warrior said, VERY cute Terra   smile*

Anybody like mine??  It's Kelborn from KOTOR II!!!


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Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!  Wish I'd seen this topic before spending the WHOLE NIGHT tinkering with my Dad's PS to make mine!  Great stuff Alo Fett!!!  Are you a real artist?!?


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and BTW, GREAT pics above by everybody!  *sory, forgot to mention it before*


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UnluckyFett wrote:

i like the mando'a motto because it is very symbolic. its like "e plubius unium" on the doller bill. i still havent learned how to put the fade in with photoshop so any one that could help please do so.

Good point!  I don't speak Latin, but that doesn't keep me from spending money   XD

WOW!  Another trilogy??  That would be AWSOME!!!  But he's already got them in order, 1-2-3-4-5-6, so wouldn't he almost HAVE to shoot 7-8-9 next?  Wish he could do that, but like somebody above said; actors are too old now   sad