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Yeah, that's a good one.  Yours is pretty good GLOPINO - 7/10  (not really a fan of GnR myself; srry)

Very good one Terra  big_smile  9/10

Everybody with Red vs. Blue Sigs.  9.8/10  (Funny  big_smile big_smile big_smile )

Draco and Virulent   7.5/10  They're good  smile

Funny Devil Girl  big_smile  8.2/10


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*here it is again Ralin.  Added a few more details, hope that’s fine  smile *

Name: Kelborn (Yes, the same one from Kotor  big_smile )

Species: Human

Affiliation: Mandalorian

Rank: Corporal

Job: Scout

Primary Weapons: Ceremonian Wookie Bowcaster *From KOTOR* and a cut down Zabrak Blaster Carbin strapped to his leg StormTrooper blaster fashion

Secondary Weapons: A Zabrak Heavy blaster holstered on left side of belt for right handed cross-draw or left handed backhanded draw.  Gauntlet mounted energy and dueling shields, cloaking device, laser, and rocket launcher

Armor: Red Neo-Crusader’s armor *see my Av  big_smile *  Includes more highly advanced tracking and visual aids to help him in his hunting missions

Appearance:  6’2’’  Light complexion with blond hair.  Very strong, but also silent and fast

Personality: Usually a quiet sort.  Never too serious, he’s also not a Mando to joke or waste time.  Loves the hunt, and when home on Mandalore on having some recreation time on a conquered world, usually spends his free time hunting the local wildlife, either alone or with some of his closer squad mates.  Very honor driven personality, he is always ready to put his life on the line for one of his brothers.

History: A born hunter and tracker, he quickly moved up the ranks of this unit.  Turning down a promotion in his regular unit, he volunteered to be Demoted in order to get assigned to one of the newly formed SuperCommando units.  Having served with Fynn and most of the others for over a year now, he is one of the group’s ‘old hands.’  The more recent acquisition Da’chande, who’s natural hunting and stalking gifts are at the least equal to Kelborn’s, have given rise to some level of competition.  However, Kelborn realizes and accepts the new members gifts, and values his service to the unit

Vehicle: Basilisk War Droid  *one of the more stealthy models like the one in KotOR II, not one of those bug looking Basilisks*


Kelborn continued to reassemble his weapon after the commander’s announcement that it was almost time.  Snapping the ammo charge into it’s slot, he holstered the custom Zabrak carbine and pulled his energy/slashing resistant hood on.  Making sure the seals were properly fitting, he lifted his red Mado’ade mask from his bunk and sealed it over his face.

As his HUD same to life before his eyes and he slung his Bow Caster over his shoulder he whispered to himself with a grin, “…back to war.”

(Hope this is ok guys.  Just let me know if I need to change something   smile )


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I'm pretty sure I saw that to.  Always wondered why Jango didn't fall out of the helm, so watched really close to see if it came out before.  It's not clear, but yes, I think you can see it fly off in a different direction as the helmet gets chopped off


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Eric watched as Captain Blackmoon and Mitch exchanged a few words from his cot in a corner of the base.  Both men gave Eric the creeps, especially Blackmoon; that guy was just spooky!

As they parted ways and headed for their bunks, Eric bulled his blankets a little tighter and wondered what was planned for tomorrow.

(Sorry about the short post, just want you all to know I’m still around  big_smile )


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Revan Reborn wrote:

Ehh...Mace Windu is a pansy....Let's face it, Windu is no Shaft, he's a girlie man with a purple lightsaber.

LOL, VERY funny Revan Reborn!!!


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Thanks!!!   big_smile  I think I was just a little inspired when I came up with that  tongue  Very proud of it, and I think it's very accurate to my favorite Mandalorian  big_smile


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LOL!!!!!!!  Those are GREAT!!!!



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regimas wrote:

no remorse
very precise
robots are pretty freakin scary.

they ARE!!!  or at least the mean ones are.  Can't say I'm scared of C3-PO   tongue big_smile


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draco fett wrote:

I'm a Christian, but I can't stand people who force any religion or belief on anyone.

Me too Draco.  I'm a Christian, but I would never try to FORCE anybody to believe what I do, because I wouldn't like it if anybody tried to do that with me


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Lots of Republic Commando sigs!  RepCom = Great Sig!!!   big_smile

Yours is great MandoGirl!  I remember that in my game!!   9/10

"Dead-body-ologist"  LOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!  That's great!  10/10!!!

Boss is great; he might be my favorite Commando!  9/10 Merciless Mandalore!!!

Neat song Si  smile   9/10

"Crab-boys"  HAHA, that's good Werda Verd!  9/10

Don't remember if I ever posted my title; anybody like?    smile

Lolly Pop Land, killing untold thousands of pink princesses and assorted wimpy characters


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

Mods for Emire at War to???  I must look.........

I love EaW, especially the space battles and all the neat vehicals that are in it that I never would have heard of otherwise.  I REALLY love the add-on for Empire at War, Forces of Corruption.  The Mandalorian based stuff for the new faction and the addition of Mandalore and the other planets really help the game, not to mention the 'updating' of everybody else's forces; like the Imps get upgraded to TIE Interceptors and the Death Star 2, while the Rebels get the B-Wing over the Y-wing now, and so on.  Schweet stuff

However, I don't really like the ground combat that much.  I had the old game SW: Force Commander which was focused on ground combat, and found the new game lacking and arcade'ish compared to it's space combat.  The Canderous battle-tanks for the new faction really help though  big_smile

And yes, the map really is flawd

Still a great game though........i should play it more

Mandalore in Empire at War?  Canderous Battle Tank??  More Mandalorian based stuff??????  I MUST HAVE THIS GAME!!!!!!!

Clan Ordo like my guy Kelborn!!!  big_smile


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Ralin Drakus wrote:
Werda Verd wrote:
Kelborn wrote:

Jar Jar was funny a couple times, and I like the way he looks *I liked to as the play the Gungans sometimes on that old game that is based on Age Of Empires, but he more stupid then funny most of the time.

I hated the white skinned guy in the last of the old movies, with that nasty thing around his neck and the sharp nails!  he was SCARY, in a WEIRD WAY!

From that description, I was thinking of Palpatine.....lol.

LoL, I THINK he/*she?* was talking about Bib.  But ya, thats fits Palps pretty well to  tongue

HAHAHA!!!!!!!  Yes, I was talking about Bib.  Sorry, I forgot his name when I posted that.  Now that you mention that, it almost DOES sound like I was talking about the Emperor!!!   

(and yes, I am a he  big_smile)

GREAT list, Ralin!!!  I agree!  But instead of Qui-Gon, I would have said "The Mandalorian people"!  big_smile

KOTOR 1 and 2
BattleFront 2
and the old Star Wars map game that was based on Age of Empires  big_smile  I still play that sometimes big_smile

Yes, KOTOR 1 was great, and it had Canderous *MY HERO big_smile*, but KOTOR 2 had many more mandalorians!  And it was easier to get and wear their armor.  So I like then about equally

Ralin Drakus wrote:

I am Mandalorian......Light side and Dark side mean nothing to us.  We follow our code; judge it as you wish

YES!!!!!!!!  That is me to!  MANDO TO THE BONE!!!!!

land on Green, who was put into a coma *but not dead, tongue*

Dusting himself off, Boba....

cujo wrote:

sort an odd coincidence that indy(harrison ford) actually did take down fett...

LOL, yeah, he sorta did!


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I like Trandoshans; especially their voices!  The sounds Bossk makes at that Imperial officer in Ep. V are Scary!!!


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WOW!!!!!  GREAT MASKS RALIN!!!  Wish I could have them ALL!!!!!

they ran out of rice


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Eric was standing near the Major and Captain Blackmoon.  He didn't mean to listen in, but if there was going to be a mission, he wanted to be one of the first to join.


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Werda Verd wrote:

I can't seem to find "Scout", Kelborn. But here's a few sort of close ones.

Vu'traat par Aliit te Werda Verda--"Special Forces for Clan Shadow Warrior" (or "beh", instead of par, it means of)

Nuhaatyc Verd beh Aliit te Werda Verda--"Unseen/Invisible Warrior of Clan Shadow Warrior" (I like this one. )

also, tabalut means patrol, kyramud means killer or assassin, "shev'la verd" means silent warrior, "werd'la" means stealthy or invisible (also a good one), "striilir" means to track or trail, and thats about it. Hote this helps you.

Thanks Vode!!!  (vode means like friend right?)  I'll going to change my title right now!  big_smile big_smile big_smile