Wow, been a while since I was here!  Sorry for the vanishing act; we just moved    big_smile

All set to get back in action    big_smile big_smile big_smile


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That's crazy funny there!  lolz


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Kelborn held his blaster sighted at the girl's head.  This didn't feel right, she was unarmed and not a threat.  But she could report their position

"What do we do with her Commander?"


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Bossk might not have been bright, but Greedo was flat stupid.  Bossk in an easy win


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Commander Appo wrote:

Padme's hair was crazy as well, most of her hairdos were ugly looking in my opinion.

Totally!  Those Naboo queens were just weird.  There was more hair then girl!!!  I kept waiting for them to tip over and fall!!!  big_smile tongue  And to make it worse, those hair-doos were really bad  tongue

Alo Fett wrote:

I think this topic died...

Maybe RC can bring it back!  I've never played HALO but might look into this RP if I check out that wiki and figure out what's going on

I hadn't heard of her before, but when I wikied her she seemed kinda cool.  A bit weird looking, but hard to beat those Jedi skills  big_smile


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(Does anybody still want to post here?  I’ll try to get it rolling again if so)

Eric stayed low with Major Kados and Mitch, waiting for the order to charge. 

The major kept checking his watch, waiting for the moment when the snipers would open fire.

“It’s going to be a long day” Kelborn thought, butterflies in his stomach and sweat in his palms.


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Wish I hadn't been late for Age of Skywalker, I've read some and it looked great  big_smile

My favorite would have to be Objective Naboo.  It's the first one I've Really gotten into, and I get to be my favorite Mando Kelborn  big_smile big_smile

FF was good, but sad that it's not being posted on now; think maybe it could come back?


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I'm glad I have a some years before knowing what you're talking about yet   tongue big_smile


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All the other Naboo troopers had fled, it was now between the Mandos and the entrenched Super Naboo who was still hiding behind what used to be an ornate stone fountain.  Now the chunks of rock were blasted to bits with water shooting in the air and running everywhere, but still the Naboo kept a steady rate of fire at the SuperCommandos. 

Engaging his personal cloaking device, Kelborn tried to sneak around the corner and work his way to where Regimas was.  They still had no idea of the condition of their brother, or if he was even still alive.

Kelborn was halfway there when the Naboo opened fire on him.

How can he possibly see me?? Kelborn’s mind screamed the question.  He’s a Force user, of course!  He could sense my presence!  Stupid! 

Ducking and running, Kelborn barely made it behind a ornate stone bench.  Putting his shoulder into it, he tipped it over so that nothing could shoot under.  Peering around the corner, he fired a few bolts back with his WarCaster before rolling away from a torrent of fire.

How much ammo does hit guy have?!?

I like how they made Boba.  It gave a direct connection between him and the Mandalorians rather then him just being a random human using a set of their armor, and I just think that's great  big_smile

Great thoughts Viking!  I agree totally  big_smile

Si Titran wrote:

Aww how sweet. Famly guys big_smile As I am now home alone..  reveling in their absence.

LOL!!!  Yeah, home alone watchin the house can be a ton of fun, as long as you clean up the mess before the parents get back  big_smile tongue


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The pair of ‘super Naboo’ as he was beginning to think of them had control of the entire square from the massive fountain.  Dachande was sending blue bolts down on them from time to time, but the Naboo didn’t seem confused by his cloaking devise as most others did.

“Everybody watch your shebs” Commander Drakus crackled over the unit’s comm.  “They’re force users.  Everyone focus your fire on Them!”

The Jedi??  Here?? Kelborn thought in amazement.  Didn’t expect that; this planet must be more important then our initial reports though!

Reloading his wrist rocket launcher, Kelborn turned the corner and fired again.


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After all those lols I don't remember what the topic was  tongue


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Commander Appo wrote:
draco fett wrote:
Masterchief wrote:

hence, why I should leave.........forever.

NOO Green! Don't leave me!!!!!!!!

Wow Draco calm down tongue

Sayonara, Green.

Quote manipulation anyone?  LOL  Nice one Appo

You should work for one of the big newspapers or news networks  tongue big_smile


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I don't think so either; some did, you see it in some of the Mando raiders on Dantooine and Kashyyyk in KOTOR game, where they kill or pressure helpless farmers like petty thieves or gangsters.  But I don't think either of the Fetts were like that, and maintained their Mandalorian spirit and honor.


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As Joslyn grabbed the grenade that had come out of nowhere and slung it back into the darkness, Kelborn and the others leveled their blasters and fired into the night. 

Using his Ceremonial War Caster, which was designed for a much higher rate of fire then the standard Wookie weapons, Kelborn fired from the hip and put down an impressive field of fire into the ally.

All the Mandalorians began to move forward toward the enemy; the bolts from their blasters lighting up the night.


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I loved Splinter Cell!!!  That game's AMAZING!!!!!!


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(Really sorry if I missed something, but this isn't sounding right to me:

Ralin Drakus wrote:

“Meathod of assault” questioned Fynn more pointedly as he stuck his gloved finger at Joslyn.

Letting out a slight sigh as she straitened in he chair, she began her description.  “Strafe the building…destroy the signal tower with firepower from our basilisks…make a hot landing at the front door, which I get to blow in…then kill anybody inside while making sure they don’t have a backup communications network.”

“Which our trusted informer claims there is not” added Red team leader Tracyn.  “But we’ll be making sure of that, Right team??”

“Yes SIR” Regimas almost shouted before noticing the others just nodded.

“Blue team, OUR time of attack?” Fynn continued. 

“Ten twelve hours, or the moment we pick up chatter of the attack on the com station” Jag almost growled. 

“And then?” Fynn pointed to Kelborn.

“And then we blow anything that can even hover..." 

"While killing anything and anybody that moves” Solus cut in

(I'll wait to post until after I know for sure what's happening)


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Not me, sadly   sad sad sad


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I would.  Unless you get a head shot, it takes anywhere from 3 to a whole clip load of 9mm to put a badie down.  You get hit with a .45, and you're bitting a hurry


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“I think a real question would be good.  How much time can we expect for evac. if a Republic cruiser shows up unexpectedly?”

Yeah, this place is addictive, but in a very good way  tongue big_smile