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That was such a good ending. Why couldn't the movies be like that. You know with a happy ending. (wink)(wink) big_smile

Why the winks?  That's a perfectly happy ending I thought.

(Wink Wink)

big_smile tongue big_smile

(Yes you will, with Mandal being so unhappy with you   tongue big_smile )

YAY!  Good that you can play!  It's too fun a game to just sit on your shelf   big_smile

Same here Regimas!  Can't wait to see  big_smile big_smile

LOL, you seem to be a Fett fan to the bone ee-3!  big_smile

So they all got jobs as mercenaries for hire!

What?? Kal thought to himself.  They’re not BOTH hunters??  I’m lucky, the Mandalorian might make an even closer ally then I thought.  How did a Mando get himself stuck in such a situation anyway??  Oh, Wait!  There was one, maybe even two of them in my cell block!  Maybe this is one of them; he does sound familiar. 

“I understand.  When the time comes, let the best of us win.  Until then, we shall fight together as one.”

The lizard man didn’t seem all that happy still, but was apparently satisfied for the moment.  “Very well” he said.  “Lets break out those hidden supplies and get something to eat.  It’s going to be a long day.”

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Yay Reign of Fire!  I love that movie, and Matthew McConaughey was great in in it!!!  But I don't think I like his southern accent for Revan though.  I just don't picture hearing that from him. 

I can't think of anyone I'd rather see for the role though.  I'll try to think of someone and post him later


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HAUNTED HOUSES!!!  big_smile big_smile

Those never get old!  big_smile

LOL, good guess Regimas!

I agree, I didn't see any extra power in Obi-Wan after his death.  In fact, he told Luke he couldn't interfere in their duel on Bespin!  So I don't get how Obi-Wan was more powerful after he died or why he said that, except maybe as a bluff like Regimas said.


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I know a little about World War II.  I love looking at pictures of the tanks and airplanes; some were really amazing!

My favorite tank has to be the German Panzers!  Not that I like the nazies or anything, but they had some really cool tanks and stuff! 

The The Flying Tiger planes are my favorite fighter planes!  The teeth and faces on those was just scary!

*I’m game Ralin  big_smile*

Kel’Dar’Ish held as far back in the shadows as he could and watched the lizard man start down into his hiding place.  Holding tightly to his native Shistavanen blade, he watched as the alien found a hiding place in the roots of a tree to hide his pack. 

This could be great!  After they leave I can take his stuff and see if he had any food; I’m starving.

Instead of putting his back-pack in the hiding place, the lizard stopped and looking inside. 

“Look” he said to his companion.  “It’s one of Gerba’s hidden supply places!  Take some food and ammo packs.”

Grah!  Why didn’t I think to look in there!  I’ve been starving all this time, and I’ve been sitting on some supplies the whole time!

As the Mandalorian started down into the grove, however, his head swung in Kal’s direction.  “Look out!” he yelled to the lizard as his rifle came up level with Kal’s head.

Blast!  His helmet sensors must have spotted me!

Jumping from his hidden place, Kal tackled the lizard guy before he could pull his blaster pistol.  Grabbing him from behind and holding his blade to the alien’s throat, Kal kept his prisoner between himself and the Mandalorian

“Lets make a deal!” Kal barked in harsh basic…

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(Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that Lord Revan  sad

And sorry I haven’t been posting either, things have been crazier around here lately then I was expecting them to be since the move.  Will try to be around more.) 

Kel’Dar’Ish settled into a small grove deep in the forrested area for a short rest.  He’d killed several armed prisoners and hunters since his escape, but was more concerned right now with finding a way out of the Battledome then killing. 

I’ll need to check the south wall next to see if there’s a better chance of escape there.  But the chances are slim.  I might really have to win this thing to escape.

He’d viewed the north and west walls, each of which had a large entrance tunnel.  Both had identically lethal defensive turrets that covered the entrance perfectly.  Too perfectly even; there was well more then enough firepower on each gate then was needed. 

Even if I made it past the guns somehow, that durasteel gate is in the way.  I’d need to blow that, or catch it while it was open, before even attempting to run past the  guns.

Dozens had tried, the piles in front of the gates were disturbingly neat.

A snap in the bushes nearby caught Kel’s attention.  Lowering himself into his hiding place, he waited.

Someone, or more then one, is near

(Hope this is ok; I’ll really try to post more and keep up.)

LOL, I've felt guilty when I killed innocent characters in games to, but only sometimes   tongue big_smile

But still, I don't think I agree with you Mandalore Hunter.  Not all other emotions bring you down, and anger gets you into trouble a lot more often then it helps anything


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Great finds Val!!  Those will make a NICE Indy outfit!!!   

I wish I had his hat, that's my favorite!   big_smile


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Very nice Ralin!  It does look just like your avatar!   big_smile


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HAHA!  That's great Fett!   big_smile

Orthar wrote:

Werda Verd: There are people out there that will make top quality armour for you if you know where to look... wink

And if you are a millionaire!  tongue big_smile

Kel could hear the activity over his head; the Hutt’s booming voice echoed slightly through the passage ways enough for him to detect his speech, though he was unable to hear it.

Something is happening.  Something big.

Kel’Dar’Ish began to wonder if the stories of a release into this so-called ‘Battle-Dome’ were true, or if the Hutt was simply throwing another party.  Perhaps the rumors were only half-true, and they’d be released into a completely un-winable situation and cut down for Gerba’s amusement.

Even still, this could be my chance; a small one, but a chance.

Rising to his feet, Kel gripped the metal bars of his cell door window and peered out.

We’ll know soon, one way or another.

bored and had nothing better to do...

BFFC-Mel wrote:

Ed Harris has been in lots of things, he's pretty cool.

But I still would have liked to have seen Michael Biehn play Boba, he was Kyle Reese in The Terminator and Corporal Hicks in Aliens. … _biehn.jpg

I've always loved him in movies.

I remember him in Aliens!!!  He was good in that; not sure he'd be right as Boba though

Not what i pictured Boba wearing, nor are do they have what I'd call his 'colors.'  Still, it's neat they're using the name; I'd buy a pair if I had the money and they felt good    big_smile


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Yes, that's a good point.  BattleDome looks like it's gonna be loads of fun; don't want to kill it off

*This looks like a fun one!  Count me in!!!  big_smile big_smile big_smile *

Name:  Kel’Dar’Ish Moonar’Kush’Dar *goes by Kel Moon when not among his native people*

Affiliation: Prisoners

Species: Shistavanen *see picture, it says it all big_smile big_smile big_smile *

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Wears only a ragged breach-cloth as a prisoner.  At 6 foot 5, he's a little above average height (I think) for a Shistavanen.  Well muscled, he's a bit lean due to malnutrition since ariving at the Battle Dome


Both are ancient Shistavanen blades that were acquired for him by one of his more kind gladiator masters, and he’s become exceptionally skilled with them; they will be thrown to him upon release into the Battle Dome.  His skills with a blaster are passable, but he much prefers combat with his blades.

Short History: Kel, still a young pup, watched as his clan was wiped out and was kidnapped from his native colony on Uvena III by slavers.  Passed from slave labor work gangs, back-alley betting death-brawls, to professional gladiatorial events for the last ten years, he was recently sold to Gerba the Hutt for his upcoming mass tournament.  His skills with his blades have been honed to a master’s skill.  Combined with his species added agility and speed, he is a devastating close quarters opponent. 

Kel’s sharp hearing listened to every word of the conversation being carried on outside his cell, despite his lack of interest. 
It’s all just another lie he thought to himself.  There’s only one way to be free: escape.  I’ll find my chance, and NO ONE will stop me.

*hope this is good; let me know if I need to add something    *


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Werda Verd wrote:

Another idea for a RPG is simple, basically, an entire RPG dedicated to Force users. Basically, a Jedi/Sith/Grey Jedi war, with ridiculous force powers and some interesting custom characters. Basically, like Force Unleashed, but with a TON of people all going at it. Not sure the time period, though.

Wow, that could be amazing!!  Probably set during KotOR era, or maybe deep in the EU after the Yuzong Vong invasion.