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Will you make another character? Or are you just going to leave the RPG?


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I am on that planet I guess, then. I made a mistake. I'll join the battle next post.


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yeah I realized  that. I'm going to change it though.

About War Machine. I was told that He was basically Ironman but with mark 2 armor. I'm taking him, winter soldier, Cap America out and adding two new guys. Oh and Hawkeye to.

IC: Jason felt the air rush by as he fell through the air after jumping off of a building to avoid Noah Vosen and the Blackbrire agents. SMASH!!! His body plunged  into the cold water. He sank seven to ten feet before he began to swim towards the surface. About three feet before he arrived at the top of the river, his body disappeared.

"What," Jason said in surprise. A vast land lay before him. Ruined buildings and parts of the landscape made it clear to Jason that this was a war zone. He reached into his pocket. In it was his Sig Sauer P226 pistol.

A voice behind him said,"What a bloody mess. Did those Spetnaz soldiers do this?"

Jason turned to see a man with a beard wearing camouflage clothing and a camo hat. In his hands he held an assault rifle.

'I'm Captain Price," the man said. "I'm in the  SAS. Or I used to be before I died. Wait, I should be dead. I was being pursued by a group of Russian terrorists. A tanker exploded behind me and my men. Injuring me. The I saw "Soap" MacTavish shoot the terrorist leader. Then I was hear."

Jason looked at the man with a confused look on his face. He started to respond when a man with a helmet and armor on appeared. In his hands he held a rifle that neither Jason nor Price had seen before.

"Are you men with the UNSC?"he asked.

"What's that?" Jason questioned," and what kind of weapon is that?"

"What?! You don't know what the UNSC is!"

"Never heard of it," Jason replied.

"Good lord, it's humanities only hope against the Covenant!!!!" the man responded and then continued,"I'm an ODST Hell Jumper in the UNSC.

"Is the Covenant some kind of  religous cult?" Price asked.

"They're aliens!"

"Huh? I've never seen an alien in my life." Jason said.
Suddenly  a fourth man appeared just as confused as the previous three that stood before him.

"Who are you?" Jason wondered out loud.

"I'm Nick Fury and who are you men?" He responded.

"I'm Sgt. Robert Johnson." the soldier responded.

"I'm Jason Bourne."

"I'm Cpt. Price."

"Does anyone know where we are?" Fury asked.

No one did. After ten more minutes of speculations of the land's name they, decided to call it future earth.
They traveled towards the destroyed buildings in order to find shelter. They passed a sign that read,"_______City:two miles. Half a mile later they spotted two men with helmets, armor, and guns walking down the road.

"These guys don't look friendly," Jason said."Believe me, in my line of work you always can tell. Lets take 'em out."

He pulled out his pistol and crept towards the two men. Jason quickly shot one in the head and then he ran towards the other . The man turned the gun towards Jason. Just before he fired Jason dropped and slid on the ground taking the man's legs from under him.  He slammed the man's head onto the concrete, which cracked the man's visor. He then broke the man's neck with one swift motion."Alright, lets go." Jason said.

"Hey how about Fire Team Bravo as a team name," Price suggusted.

"Alright, Fire Team. Let's go to _________ City!"



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Winter Soldier is Bucky Cpt. America's old partner in world war II. He is technically a villan, but I'm making him good.


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Okay heres my group.
Alliance:good guys(don't remember what there called sorry. (:
team name:Fire Team Bravo

1)Jason Bourne
appearance: dark hair.
occupation: assassin.
weapons:anything literally, sig sauer p226.

2)Captain Price
occupation:SAS soldier
weapons: Silenced M4 assault rifle,  USP .45

3)Sgt. Robert Johnson
occupation:UNSC ODST Helljumper  Soldier
appearance: http://img216.imageshack.us/img216/4687/odst1fu2.jpg
Weapons:Battle Rifle,sheath knife, and M6G Magnum

4)Nick Fury
appearance: http://www.marvel.com/universe3zx/images/thumb/8/80/NickFury.jpg/440px-NickFury.jpg
occupation:soldier/former s.h.i.e.l.d. member.
weapons:silver dessert eagle, also uses anything else he finds.


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Robert walked over to the bunk Alex had pointed to. He had seen the man called Mitch staring at him. Price wasn't sure if the man thought he was a traitor or if he just didn't think he looked like a soldier. Price set his gear down onto the bead and then sat down on a chair.

Five minutes later Robert began sharpening his survival knife. When he finished sharpening his returned his blade to its sheath.  He glanced down at his MP5 sub machine gun. He grabbed it and screwed its silencer on to the barrel. The small gun would go with him instead of his assault rifle. He then grabbed his sniper rifle and slung it around his shoulder.  His sgian dubh knife was strapped under his armpit and his survival knife was strapped to his chest. He was ready for the raid.

Robert then left the room and went to the main room where other soldiers waited.

ooc: I changed the mp7 to mp5 by the way. Also soon I'll probably change my clothing to something less military.


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Robert crept down the street. The Freedom Fighters base was near. He wasn't sure how he would enter. He saw some guards with the FF symbol on their soldiers. He walked over to them.

"What the....." one of them said. The other tried to slam Robert into a wall. Robert turned his shoulder for the man to see his shoulder. Ranger. His camo tab stopped the man in his tracks.

"Yeah, thats right. I might not have one of those cute things," Price said, pointing at the mans FF patch,"but this one's  pretty cool isn't it. Now take me to your leader tel him Staff Sergeant Robert Price of the Army Rangers is here. Also tell him I'm sniper certified and am one of the best snipers in the army."

The man stared speechless.

"Wow, is that all you guys are good for," Robert questioned,"or are you going to do something?"

"Uh, yes," was all the man could manage.

He then walked towards a door and unlocked it. "Come on, in."
Robert looked around at all of the wounded. He wondered how many were real soldiers and how many were just civilians who stole a dead man's gun. No matter, they were brave people.

A man walked up to Robert and said,"Staff Sergeant Price. I'm Major Kados, leader of the Freedom Fighters. I'm sure you can help us.  We're about to conduct a raid. Something I here you Rangers are good at."

'Heck yes, sir,"  Robert responded as he saluted the man. "Ready to fight, and proud to serve with you."

"Thanks. Come on. I'll introduce you to some people and then show you a map of the depot. Just a minute though, I need to do something."

Robert sat down. "Maybe this place isn't so bad,"he thought.


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Robert gazed at the building before him. It contained six Reds and possibly another Ranger. It was two am and he was tired from running and hiding from the Reds. "Pay back time." He quietly jogged to the side of the house. He quickly slid and screwed on his silencer for his M4 assault rifle and stepped to the door. He opened the door pocked his gun through. The men were laughing and didn't here him. He turned the corner and fire in a three shot burst at the two men in that room. They dropped silently with blood dripping from their heads. He then checked up stairs. No Reds or Ranger. "What??" Suddenly a hand grabbed his shoulder and slammed him into a wall. Blood trickled from his nose. The Red reached for the dropped M4 but not quite fast enough. Grabbing his Sgian Dubh Robert plunged it  into the mans neck."Have a nice day in hell," Robert said. "Now time to go.


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Name: Staff Sergeant. Robert Price
History-Grew up in a small Texas townServed in the US Army Rangers when the Soviets attacked. He attended Sniper School and is Sniper Certified. Grew up hunting and shooting weapons in the area around his home in Texas. His squad was killed fighting the Russians, so he joined up with Kados's men. He had previously been on many missions in countries such as Iraq, North Korea, different countries in Europe, and Columbia.

Age: 26

Appearance: Military cut, brown hair and eyes. Tan face with scars across. 6 feet tall. In excellent shape. Wears digital camo, black combat boots, ghillie suit( when needed), and a Browning hat.

Weapons: Barrett M4 6.8, M24 sniper, Silenced MP7 (yes, this is real), Beretta M9 pistol, silenced (weapons vary per situation). Fury Survival knife and other sheath knives, including a Scottish Sgian Dubh.

Personality: Funny at times, but often quiet. Hates the soviets for killing his squad. Quick to temper.
Loves to sneak up on people. Loyal to country. Doesn't trust most anyone.

Skills: Stealth, a good shot with any weapon, good at hand to hand, and good at blending in.