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What actor do you think would make a great Jedi?

I have....once.

               Has anyone here?

Yup....Thats the one.

I will try to find a picture of it.

It is awesome!!!!!

                     I just bought it today!!!!

             It comes with his blaster and clone gear.


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My 100th topic!!!

Ive been a fan for about 10 years now.

               So, How long have you been a fan?

My pick is the Original Trilogy.

                     What is your pick?

I think that the Phantom Menace wipes the floor with Attack of the Clones.

If so, What is it?

                            Mine is Star Tours at Disney.


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The cowboys are in my top 5.


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Notre Dame has made a strong improvement since last year.

Good choice.......My pick is Christian Bale.


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Welcome back NB.

So who do you think is gonna win it this year?

         And, Who is your favorie team?

              Heres mine: http://rushthecourt.files.wordpress.com … e-logo.jpg

                  All the way!!!!!


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Go Titans!!!!


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I put the wrong pic, V....Sorry.

Speed Racer was okay.

I believe in God.

            What do you believe in?

I think that there should be.

                 What do you think?


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Whatever you think is best.

For me, Its Indiana Jones.

                        Whats yours?


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Could someone please resize this pic for me?

                                 http://www.smh.com.au/ffximage/2007/09/ … x379,0.jpg


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That Joe Biden guy lives close to me.

So, Then there was a huge lightning storm, which zapped RD's corpse back to life.