I didn't see them mentioned, so I'd have to vote for Tiss'shar.
Those velociraptor-like beings were quite technologically advanced as a race, and also strong, dextrous and intelligent and were known for their considerable business savvy, as well as for their prowess with guns.
There's several subspecies of them that would do the trick, but my personal favorites are the intimidating Kal-ar.

I have to admit, i've had a change of heart.
Although I loved Jango's honor and moral code, I find more interesting the new bounty hunter Cad Bane. His resourcefulness is off the charts, he always has a hidden ace somewhere up his sleeves. Rocket boots, cortosis bullets versus lightsabers, hired goons, special droids and master-plans, he's one hell of a special character.
He's my favorite one, although his greed I do not like. Still, Cad Bane, or Angel-Eyes if you prefer (For a Few Dollars More, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly..), is one worthy opponent.


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Hey there, people!
It's been a looong time..

Been busy with the University, no internet and all... I think, at last, I have returned.
I'm a huge Firefly fan, got the series, movie, comics and pen and paper rpg pdfs.
I'd be really interested in a game like that.
Anyways, it's really good to be back, i'll be seeing the lots of you!


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SWfreak, damn!
We got the same height, but it seemed as if you were a giant, lad!
Or as if your sis was a halfling. Didn't notice the steps, back there..
Glad you're not over 7 feet tall, i'd feel miserable!

Oh, and really nice photo, Devil Girl!
I like those earrings. And the fact, of course, that it's black and white. Or sepia. Or black and white-sepia.
I kinda hate color photos, grew tired of them..


(212 replies, posted in Role Playing)

Oya vode!
It's been some time, I reckon.. Internet was dead, down here..
I had no way of communicating, so I did not log in for a while. But i guess i found meself a solution.
As of today, i'll be able to log in nearly every day, at about this time.
I'm really sorry for holding you back, people. I hope you're all ok.
It's nice to be back...


(827 replies, posted in Fans)

Didn't get the chance to see your previous avvie, but this one I like a lot!
It's like, 9/10. Vilain Pingouin? Never heard of them, but it seems to funky to just let unrated..


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Ahh, you found it!
And we got plenty of them, girls, here...
I think I should be wary of you, ladies. Mandalorian Female, should be the baddest thing in the frickin' universe!


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I'm on the East side, I guess.
Western East side.
And if we had normal lives we would not be in this forum, methinks..
But what is normal, anyway?


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Hey, I actually like them!
They're really nice, bravo little miss!!!
Keep up the good work, Phoenix.. smile

Why cancel it out?
Actually I do not think that would be possible. I mean, not even in Star Wars.
Voidsaber? How?
If it was something similar to a black hole, what would be there to stop it from sucking the handle in and the user afterwards?
Let's stick with the lightsabers. They do not devour hands if you don't want them to...

Pheonix023 wrote:

If boba was a chicken would he taste good.....?  well, given that bounty hunters are the scum of the universe.....

With a bit of the right seasoning, it all tastes good in the end..


(1,176 replies, posted in Fans)

I agree.
She should find an interesting topic to discuss, instead of complaining.
Vod, be careful. Dump her before she dumps you (which she might be thinking around now).
Things are bad if she started to lose interest in you (your relationship).

Merciless Mandalore wrote:

Umm... If Fett was a coward, he wouldn't have lasted so long, he would not be cool, and that's the reason people like him. This question is pointless and vague.

Wai there, vod.
I believe that he'd last a lot longer, were he a coward! He'd not have confronted a Jedi, that's for sure...
Ok, he would not be that cool, but he'd surely outlive Luke.


(621 replies, posted in Fans)

Hey SWfreak, nice to meet ya!
Nice photos lad, but I have a question..
Exactly how tall are you?!?! In the one with your sis, you look like a frikkin' giant!
Haha, welcome to the new boards, then!!!


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Well, here's the thing.
I play various rpgs. I'm not only a Star Wars fan, but also a Firefly, Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons, Mutants and Masterminds, Conan, D20 Modern and Lord of the Rings one.
I henceforth cannot use Nazde Bahatur (copyright), my original nickname, in D20 Modern. I'm currently using Trevor Morien McCoy.
Different role-playing games = different personalities = different names.
But people know me as Nazde. Apart from something Hungarian and something Iranian (trully unfortunate, i'm not the only Nazde-thing in the internet.. sad), it's just me.
My friends, that is. My family-nickname is Nikoles.


(827 replies, posted in Fans)

Well, thank you very much!
Special in a strange way, though..
I picked the wrong forum to use K'kruhk as an avatar, I guess...
Here, he's merely a Jedi-scum!!!


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I really like the fact that you have so little nicknames, people...
I have about 6 or 7 of them, but my friends always come up with something new...
Mine are: Nazde, Nazde Bahatur, Nazde Bors, Daidoji, Mjolnir, Mandalore (!), Sangre, Sangre Bahatur, Mechanic, Cosa Nostra, Chock, Ketchup, Qymaen, Qymaen jai Sheelal, Khameir Sarin, Leeroy, Leeory Tremor, Bors, Boss, Mortificator, Kakavou, Torquemada and maybe a dozen more.

I'm doomed!
No, for real! I can't keep track of them myself!


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Terra, your new avvie is just as adorable as the previous one.
And more! The photo's better. No, i mean the poze is more suited for an avatar of this sort than the previous one.
9 for the little missus! (so that you keep trying for that perfect poze!)


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Sharra Fett wrote:
Ralin Drakus wrote:

looks to me like Boba's in a perfect position to shoot that guy in the........................never mind


LOL  I hope he has sheilding down there!!

Even better: Healing Factor!
It will just grow back in time...


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People donate their hair to others with cancer?
Aww, that's sweet! I dunno if they do anything like that here in Greece, though..
I'd be really happy to donate my 4 Padawan-braids to such unfortunate people..


(212 replies, posted in Role Playing)

I was actually referring to Ralin being Alor "the boss" of Aliit Drakus and not Werda Verda, hahaha!

Sorry guys, I know what Alor means, i just like the "boss" whole thing and use the word a lot.

Oh, wait, Rednecks are the opposite of Yankees?
So, Rednecks are the remnants of the Confederate States of America?
I'm sorry, my questions are a bit dumb, but the whole thing is way out of my areas of expertise...


(621 replies, posted in Fans)

terra wrote:
Pheonix023 wrote:

Lol, tis a flack vest for my mando suit....or at least the prototype.  Still gotta make the final edition.

GAH! is everyone making their armor or what??? It's a contagion.

Contagion, indeed!
Too bad I am totally useless and cannot make my own..
Well, I will, one day.

Phoenix, WHY?!?!
God, under 3 inches? Huge change! Are you sure about that? Maybe if we got you a blaster or sth you'd reconsider...
(Ehm, what are locks of love? They're like.. Greek to me. wink)

Thanks vod!
Well, that's quite a collection, there! So many designs, yet I like none, hahaha!~
I'm strange, dammit.
I'm expecting photos of your own saber, once it's ready!


(1,376 replies, posted in Dialogue)

THANKS ner Vod!
It's really really nice!
I owe you... wink


(440 replies, posted in Fans)

Wait, I think i've got it:
"I'm the best there is at what Wolverine does."

Or maybe:
"Die, you %$#&@%# Clowns! You seserve nothing less than a blood-spurting, hanky-hiding-up-your-sleeve-big-footed-@$$-kicking!
How DARE you bring joy and laughter to the smiling faces of children everywhere?
Purveyors of hope and all that is pure in this world - - DIE! DIE! DIE!"

Am I right? 'Twas a nice try, nevertheless!
I am sorry Sev, I'm new here and did not know this marvellous photo has been posted before.
I'd still bet my money on Deadpool, though....