Thanks Orthar, great work.

With a bit of googling have found the official Lucas back history from (wonder why I couldn't find this earlier, doh!). Seems Joe Johnston was mostly responsible for the design, and the parade was indeed the first public outing for the character: … index.html

That means the chronological history is:
Parade, 'Holiday Special' TV, toy, public appearances, 'Empire Strikes Back' film.

Scan of the SW Vault newsprint (unfortunately detail isn't very clear):

Albino Fett (courtesy of Orthar):

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Thanks Orthar, I didn't know any of that so it's very interesting to know. Have you posted the White Fett images/video here (I'll search in a mo and post links if I find)?

I'll also scan the SW Vault article and post here for those eagle-eyed peps to confirm the costume version.

I'm intrigued to when the character of Boba Fett was first developed and shown to the public.

Most evidence suggests the infamous Holiday Special of November 17, 1978.

However, 'The Star Wars Vault' (Sansweet, Vilmur) on page 28 shows a newspaper cutting from the San Rafael Independent Journal, which pictures a Star Wars parade in San Anselmo. The news story is from September 25, 1978 and clearly has Boba Fett to the left of Darth Vader who leads the parade.

This surely shows he was developed and shown earlier; the question now is when, what in, and where's the evidence?

Over to you guys!