which were stolen by.....

went further because he didn't want to smell the horrifying smell of zombies

No, he's a bream crossed with a frog and a lizard. So actually he's nothing.


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I didn't actually understand but I'll try to help. If you can't see persons karma, he/she has probably hided it. If so, you can't give karma for him/her.
If you don't know how give a karma yet, soon you will. If you want to give a plus-karma, press the green button which has + in it. It's right under person's avatar. If you wanna give a minus karma, press the red button which has - in it. It's right next to the + button.
Hehe, there it is, for short big_smile

Thanks Miba! smile
I got some new reasons to say Star Wars is not dead. Firstly, I saw some younger kids playing Star Wars on a street and secondly, I heard how younger kids talked about Star Wars. big_smile
Those kids are our only hope!
"No, there.... is...... another......" tongue


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Damn! I can't buy anything from there. Too expensive. One $10 thing would cost about $70 with the shipping things... sad

Seco Fett wrote:

What was it? LOL

This one! tongue


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Humorbot5 wrote:

That's probably why you still live

LOL big_smile

Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox?


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Seco Fett wrote:

Though Santa lives in the North...

Actually, he lives in Finland but anyways...

IN TOPIC: I haven't seen those movies.

Some b******s teas me sometimes at school because I like Star Wars, so that makes me feel it is, even if it's not. So I'm trying to hide it (please don't say that's stupid, I already know that). But I think most of them who say "suck your Star Wars, no-one likes it anymore" haven't even seen the movies. Or then they just don't understand what are good films.

And they shall remember, that George Lucas sold an animation studio, which has later made many preferred animations called Toy Story, Bug's life, Toy Story 2, Cars, Ratatouille etc.

Oh yes I do, but I'm Finnish so I didn't get all those airsoft terms. hmm


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I haven't played any of those, so I can't pick.

North pole or south pole?

Well, I didn't actually understand a lot about that hmm


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SciFifreak90 wrote:

....that and it's real pretty.

Yeah, it's really pretty.


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OK, very, very rainy or very, very snowy?

OK, let's make a conclusion: Somebody believe in God and someone in evolution. We can believe in what we want. But we can't know which is right until we die. Or may not even then...

And he also found Jango, alive.


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AWESOME! At last Star Wars costumes that don't cost too much! big_smile:D:D Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!


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Okay, it's a deal, you pay the flights wink

Seco Fett wrote:

Airsoft! With 700 FPS blaster styled machine guns, that have 1000 round clips, and are tibbiana gas powered! And that have scopes and lasers, like in airsoft!

Umm... Okay?


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That was great one Mel!

What you'd better have around de yard if you're going to let de children out?

Seco Fett wrote:

And you leave out the possiblity of disaster! What if a flood like the one in the Bible happened? Wouldn't all the fossils be scattered all over the place? If there was such a flood, what would we find??? "Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers. All over the earth." And what do we find??? "Billions of dead things, buried in rock layers. All over the earth." Sediment would have settled into rock layers, so having that, wouldn't prove evolution.

Well, evolution is more likely and it feels very odd for me that there's "someone above us who can do whatever he wants". And IF there was a God, why don't everyone believe in him? If I was a God I'd make everybody to believe in me!

Awesome! So Boba didn't die then! big_smile


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OK, I know I can't get to your film even if I wanted because I live in Finland... sad


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Halo 3, 'cause it has better maps and weapons.