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New Improvement. i would prefer a fanart picture like the one on the top post if it were finnished.



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its a crude banner if you want to call it that im not very proud of it but its a start. the image is from wikipedia so its under creative commons licence.


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i got after reading it about 4 times smile

FETTS VETTE hehehe(notice the thumbs up)


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Karson Fett wrote:

We  need Admin to decide if we can have a coat of arms.

And I think you guys need to look a5t the link I provided.

what link?


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StarWars-EE-3 blaster(duh)

Real- M14


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personly i vote for the one with 2 sayings on it as final

has any one seen Rambo wins the war on terror on CURRENT? (dishnetwork channel 196) boba fett is in it.
boba fett is on a plane with rambo and predator to go to iraq. bobas not in part2 but watch it to learn more.
the 3 episodes are on liveleak.com

Google: Rambo wins war on terror pt 1
            Rambo wins war on terror pt 2
            Rambo wins war on terror pt 3

.....but has anyone else seen it?


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Ok this one has 2 sayings. the new one means Truth, Honor, and Vision.



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Hears a new one with bobas helmat insted of the english. but personally i like the last version with the english but im tring to comprimise.



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yea that would be great how do i join?


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I think this is close to a keeper! big_smile

i used the font i used insted of the starwars font because ive always seen boba as being hightech and this font is more hightech.
NEW EDIT i added black to the backround and added a mandalorian proverb. this could be final by my standards.

big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile



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i like the mando'a motto because it is very symbolic. its like "e plubius unium" on the doller bill. i still havent learned how to put the fade in with photoshop so any one that could help please do so.


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i like the ARC-170 because its an old school X-wing.....and i played Starwars BattleFront 2 to much smile


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i have photoshop CS3 on my computer but i have no idea how to use it so i just used paint.
Note:im not computer illiterate its just i have no use for it and never use it. but back on topic... ill try to put the fade in with photoshop tomarrow after i learn how to use it.


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there is a group of people working on a BFFC Coat of Arms check it out.
http://www.bobafett.com/boards/viewtopi … 891#p65891


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YEA! its way cooler than the one i made but Ralin Drakus is right about a darker backround. what about a blood red that slowly fades in to a black?


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what about Jangos blue helmat on the left and bobas green one on the right and than the slave 1 in the botom half?
it would be hard to do but i could do it when i have the time


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k its here like i said realy crude and needs improvement



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ok i got the coat done but its kind of crude. i couldnt do flames so its realy basic. how do i put it in a post?


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im making it on photoshop right now


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ok mine arnt playable charactors in video games but they are from movies

1. Boba Fett (the god of everything awesome) smile

2. Rambo (hes kind of a bounty hunter)

3. Predator (hes got sweet wepons but not as sweet as Bobas)


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What about Tony Montana vs. Boba?.... obviously boba would win but consider it. Tony cant feel pain from all the coke so boba could hit him 6-7 times and he wouldnt feel it. that might be enough time to get a grenade from his M203. ....boba would still win=D


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dosent the symbol on his chestplate look like the planet saturn? it was the first thing that came to my mind but im probbly wrong