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I Don't know much about Dengar.Please sent here something about him.

Miba wrote:
The Fox wrote:

Well, Boba Fett as a chicken... Does that mean that Boba is a WOMAN? And its 99% sure that he isn't, so forget it!!!!!

What do you mean by that that women are chickens?

No.He means chickens are women.And The Fox tell me plz why you don't like chickens?

Fett_II wrote:

well, i don't know how many people here have noticed that SpikeTV played all 6 star wars movies this week, but i knew about that beforehand. anywho, starting Sunday, April 20, SpikeTV is having "Star Wars Sundays" where they play all 6 movies in chronological order. from this, i'd say they mean as in I-VI.

nyyyhyyy!I didn't see'em!


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Alo Fett wrote:

This is what my ship might look like if I was to be a fighter and not a bounty hunter, where you would need to have a cargo hold.
J8 "Talon"
http://www.bobafett.com/boards/viewtopi … 676#p64676


Fett_II wrote:

Ok, Sunday I was watching Adult Swim. Then on a commercial (i was watching Family Guy, where they had a star wars moment), it goes to a screen saying that June 17, Lucasfilms and the creators of Robot Chicken are going to do something. Robot Chicken is one of my favorite shows, and their star wars parodies are great. this looks fun.

DAAAH!Robot Chicken!I REALLY HATE IT!HATE IT!Really.Don't ask why.


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Medium ship.Too big is ugly.Just try slave models.Its easy to do couse you know what it look like.Or try "wolf" models...well your choice!

Boba,Jango and Kast.

Masterchief wrote:

F3TT , please don't double post. Then you somewhat " spam " like I did, months ago. it is not good.


Werda Verd wrote:

Blood doesn't make you Mando. It CAN be birth, or adoption, or choice. His father was, and he chose to be. And the Mandalorians wouldn't accept a arruetii as a leader. Only a Mando could be Mandalore.


draco fett wrote:

The Mandalorians are decendants of the Taungs. I would say the best species would be the Mandalorians, the Rodians, and the Aqualish.

Yes i think same too.You can trust mandalorians because they make promises...Thats not only reason.Mandalorians know how to hunt and fight.Rodians are bad at fighting.They cant handle blaster pistols...Check sw episode IV.Greedo tries shoot han.How bAD!