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I have, but I don't tell it. wink


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Nice pictures, Miba. big_smile


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I think it's this: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/starwars/images/thumb/2/2e/T3M4_kotor2.jpg/180px-T3M4_kotor2.jpg

T3 would win. smile


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lol. I/80 are from me! mad


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Mandalore Hunter wrote:

Then this post goes to it...


-F3TT- wrote:

Cool. Only 500 posts more, and we've hitted 80,000!!!

We've hitted? that makes no sense.

( I'm finnish, so I'm bad at english ) I meant that we need 500 posts more.

ee-3 wrote:

But I thought they were both DEAD?! hmm

Yeah. Ghosts can't wield lightsabers. hmm


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ee-3 wrote:

I wasn't asking a qeustion. I knew he was big_smile that's why I put the happy smily big_smile

Wow! You have over 200 posts. Cool avatar btw. As I said before, I like red mandos. big_smile


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Cool. Only 500 posts more, and we've hitted 80,000!!!


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Yes, it is Kota. big_smile

Yoda would ignite his lightsaber and kill Anakin immediatetly.


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Yay... tongue That's cool...

Welcome, Boba-Gab

Bane would win! hmm I'm sure.

Good point... smile

Wow, regimas! Your costumes are great. wink


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Graphic Novel. They are just better. big_smile


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Thanks everyone! My avatar is ODST marine from halo. Finally I made up cool avatar.

ee-3 your avatar is great. I like red mandos. 8/10 big_smile

He'd probably go as Jango Fett. cool


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1001st post and 7th star! YAY! I'm a Jedi Hunter. big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile big_smile mad big_smile smile lol lol big_smile big_smile tongue big_smile lol big_smile

I've been fan since 2003 or something... smile


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you just need to go to the boards, then go to the section where you want to create a new topic, then click "create new topic" under search bar.


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Do you like this one, jimi? http://www.theadminzone.com/forums/customavatars/avatar5018_1.gif

Nice work maccoy! smile

Oooh! Walking one. big_smile But I prefer original bobbleheads...


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That looks amazing. big_smile