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Go to your profile and see the 'profile menu' on the left. There are 'essentials' , 'personal' , 'messaging' , 'personality' , 'display' and 'privacy'  Go to 'personal' and edit your title from there.


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Good that your father is fine, Mel.


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Wow mandogirl. 9/10.

It is awesome. Yeah! big_smile

I've never played this game, but it looks interesting. I really like JK games.

Whoa! Lots of new mandos here. Welcome ner vods. tongue


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Do you like my avatar? Yeah, it's my old avatar, the ODST marine from Halo, but I turned it to white colour. cool


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J. fett wrote:

i hate family emergencies considering im 13 but every month one of my family memebers dies. my sister died last month a week b4 christmas and i loved her more than anything so my life sucks great big bat toes right now TT_TT

sad That is sad, how old your sister was?


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Happy new year. big_smile


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I'm happy because I've got X360 now. smile


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regimas wrote:

yeah, im a fan of halo as well

anybody have a favorite armor type?

I have. wink  My favourites are ODST and Hayabusa. I haven't got them yet in Halo 3. sad

I completed the last level on Legendary today. big_smile * Cheers *

Wow. big_smile And congrats, BFFC McCoy. smile

Bane Malar FTW!


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Very nice stuff. big_smile I liked the mandos on the first pic. wink


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I want this car...

Cool one, eh?

EDIT: LOL, Fett II. big_smile


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I really like that bike, RD. big_smile big_smile


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Good job, Alo. wink smile

Devil Girl wrote:

On KOTOR II I am on Nar Shadaa. It is a big place.

Are you dark or lightsider? If you're dark, Hanharr will join your party, if you are light, Mira will join your party. I like Mira's rocketlauncher. It's awesome. big_smile

Cool, Obama is president! big_smile I knew that he'd win.

Cool. wink My favourite armour is Mandalore's armor in KOTOR II. big_smile Sad, that it's only for Canderous. sad

I played KOTOR II today. Now I'm in Iziz's battle and I'm fighting against Master Kavarr. smile

1. Jabba's palace
2. Jango v.s Obi-Wan
3. Battle of the Carkoon
4. Cantina
5. Cloud city scene
6. Geonosis battle
7. Hoth battle
8. Maul v.s Qui-Gon & Obi-Wan
9. Zam wessel pursuit
10. Anakin v.s Obi-wan

Welcome, Beedo4bounty! big_smile big_smile

I think he's cool! big_smile

Is he on wookieepedia?