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The lightsaber, isn't it obvious


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it would be...                                                                                                      Bob


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Apples, they're cool


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My posts have been really short, do I really deserve these stars? neutral


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I'm glad you both are okay, Mel and Revan.

Moderators shall close this topic then. wink


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I'm far away from my 8th star. tongue


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Haha yeah it was dark and funny though.


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Awesome. If it comes here Im gonna buy it. No matter are the texts finnish or english on it. wink

Here figures are really expensive. One figure, 20€ That sucks.


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McDonald's, because I've never been in Wendy's or Burger King.


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Halo 3. It has new weapons, armors and maps are much better. Halo 3 has more players online.


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Introduce yourself Yeah, click the link.

Hi, and checkout the introduction thread. wink


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nO'ri ett'fitch wrote:

i hated halo 3, the game was too short, a crap ending, and there was just too much hype about it.
oh, and i finished it in four hours on normal difficulty

What was wrong with the ending?

My updated list:

1. Boba Fett
2. Han Solo
3. Chewbacca
4. Luke Skywalker


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I'll try to complete all the levels on legendary. smile

Is Recon armor only for the Bungie Employees? hmm


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I saw the trailer too. It looks good.

Btw, I've got the full Hayabusa armor, all 13 skulls found. wink


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I've never played Sims 2. I can't just understand the game, or is it just because I've only seen when my friend plays it. tongue My brother gave me one The Sims game, but it doesn't work on my computer, so I really don't know what are they like. neutral


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That looks cool, Virulent M. 7/10


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Werda Verd wrote:

Yeah, its an awesome game. Dying to see some more stuff on ODST. Sadly, the most we've seen of it is concept art. Though it is fully playable, and dialog is being finished.

Yeah, can't wait to see it. big_smile


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My new favourite game is Halo 3. smile


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Don't you like Fetts?! yikes


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I don't know, your avatar just looks cool, MossNoth. tongue 8/10