ESB is definitely the best.  I have both, although I only have one picture of them together since one is on a shelf at home and one is on a shelf at my office....

The graphic you posted is pretty right on about what it's describing although I'd argue one minor thing.  Its comments about the braids are true if they are only talking about the unbraided ends, which it seems to be based on what they've circled.  I personally think the braids themselves, or rather the braided sections, are better on the 2016 Disney version because they are smaller diameter and it seems more to scale.  The S&V version seems very thick and if this were blown up to life-size I think they'd be to big. 

If choosing between my two I would go with the Disney version because the figure sculpt on the S&V is not as good.  My S&V one is a bit flat chested, hard to see in the pic but it looks like his chest is caved in a little bit and the armor looks weird as a result.  I never followed up with Sideshow on this but in reading their forums it seems to be a somewhat common issue. 

There are also differences in accessories to consider.  The S&V version has the light up base, and it has many more hand options for posing.  It has i believe six sets of hands as well as an additional pair of feet.  The Disney version only has 3 total pairs of hands and no alternate feet.  The Disney version jetpack does feature extendable grappling prongs on the missile, and the base has alternate supports for posing him in flight. 

I think your final concern would be price.  The Disney version is still available from Sideshow at $200.00 plus S&H.  Buying direct gives you the advantage of both a fixed price as well as customer support from the vendor should there be any issues.  Looking at completed listings on eBay the price ranges from $150.00 - $250.00.  If you're looking for factory sealed it's closer to the $250.00 range, however if you're OK with it being opened and possibly not in the condition it's advertised as you're down closer to the $150.00 range.

Personally right now I prefer the 2016 Disney version. Mostly because I feel that the figure's sculpt is better than the S&V version I flat out suck at posing so all the extra hands or feet are a bit superfluous for me. Having said that the Disney's figure's articulation is a bit stiffer making it hold poses a little better. I don't get too nit picky in terms of movie accuracy, and they both hit the major points of being an ESB version. 

I hope that helps, feel free to respond if you have any questions!


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Hey gang,

Came across this product review on the Lego UCS facebook fan page....

I will admit I haven't picked up a Lego Slave-1 since the first one, kit # 7144, and I have the Boba Fett Lego wristwatch, but can someone enlighten me as to why they keep using the Jango Geonosis jetpack as the model for these?  Otherwise the ship looks beautiful.  Definitely picking up at least 1...


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Hi Everyone,

Wondering if anyone here has been following Anovos' releases, or perhaps have bought something from them?  We know they have a Jango in the works and they'd be silly not to do a Boba.  Anyone given any though to picking either of these up?  They're sure to be pricey (The premier Vader is retailing at $5,780.00) but if you have zero costuming ability like me they're probably the best way to get a quality guaranteed set of armor...  Personally I think the TIE pilot ensemble for $1,500.00 is a steal seeing as deluxe versions for these helmets alone can run up to $1,000.  Shoot, the Don Post deluxe Fett helmet was $1,000 in '96 and that wasn't anywhere near the quality of these (still wish I had one...) … -pre-order … t-ensemble

The fact that for most of his life he was a loner it what resonates the most with me.  It first I had trouble with the character development in Legacy of the Force, but Karen Traviss has done such a great ob with the Mandalorian culture in the Republic Commando books that it's starting to work for me, with Fett being Mandalore.  I kinda wish they had started those at an earleir point in time so he was 70ish doing all this.

Plus the armor rocks.  i like the beat up look over the slick styling of Jango.


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Dream Theater.

In that order. smile    Ugly Casanova?  people stealing my name again (sigh) 

Do any of you guys still buy CDs?  Or do you just download them?


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Collecting SW, mostly Fett and the Lego UCS sets.
Reading, right now just the SW fiction, although I love Tom Clancy, I wish he'd write more.
Syracuse Univeristy Athletics, our football team will be back!  Lax #1 in the nation!
My 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder (and sports cars in general)  Dream Car: Tesla Roadster, or 1988 Lamborghini Countach
TV: Without a Trace, Criminal Minds, Numb3rs, Pardon The Interuption, Simpsons, Family Guy, Smallville, Star Wars when it comes out, Colbert Report, Daily Show, Heroes....

Man i need to dig out my shirts...I'm pretty sure I've got that one, my fav shirt though is my "Got Armor?" shirt.  Got it on eBay a while ago.  I think my fav item right now though is my new flash drive.  It's #727/5000.  I think it's hilarious that it's numbered.  so does that mean they made 5000 Fett flash drives?  Or 5000 4g Fett flash drives?

sorry the pic is blurry, I'll try and get a better one.

Hi everyone.  I just joined up last night and wanted to say Hi and introduce myself.  I've been collecting since the Star Wars Renessance of 1992.  Started into Fett around 95 or so and never looked back.  I was in early college at the time so I missed out on the Don Post deluxe helmet but found a sweet job and a dealer that was willing to do lay-a-way (the now defunct Collector's Empire) and managed to score the Don Post Lifesize Fett #27.  That's basically the center peice of my collection.  Other than that I have pretty typical stuff.  Code 3's Slave-1, MRs Sig Ed blaster and helmet, plus a bunch of toys and busts etc.  I am dying for a set or armor and am cautiously optimistic about Lucas Licensing's partenership with Mueseum Replicas for high quality costumes and armor.  Never thought I'd see the day, but I'm curious to see what it looks like.    Some of you may know my work from Star Wars Insider....

Anyway, feel free to check out my collection.  Everything I've got is inventoried on photobucket.  (except of course the license plates on my 2001 Toyota MR2 Spyder).   I'm looking forward to meeting some Fett minded people.  smile


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Re-painting?  That's how it came out of the crate 11 years ago...


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Hey guys, I just watched Sharpy's BF Roundup from Jan where he was talking about his MR Sig Ed helmet(mine's #587).  In regards to the paint job being a single layer with decaled scratches, I was wondering if anyone out there has the old Don Post Deluxe helmet from the mid 90s.  I've seen a few on eBay but haven't been able to pick one up.  I know the paint job on my DP lifesize (#27) is layered to create the flaking/chipping effect, but I've never had my hands on the old DP deluxe version.  If anyone could offer up a comparison that would be awesome.  Thanks!