How does destroying all the Sith and leaving only Jedi bring balance to the force? Doesn't balance mean an equality of opposing forces?

If any of you are interested there are a bunch of other real life Mandos over at There's a couple other clans there. And there's a forum where you can talk to other Mandos.


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We'll just have to make some real swoop bikes too.


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I've been looking around the net for sabacc and pazaak. I've decided I'm going to design a deck of generic game cards. Then I will get them professionally printed. These generic game cards will might just happen to have the right type of cards to play pazaak with. I'm also going to get a set of fortune telling cards that might just happen to have the right type of cards to play sabacc with. Neither set of cards will be affiliated with Star Wars nor will they be intentionally made to be used in those games. smile

So if anyone want to buy some after I get them done. Just keep me in mind.


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Thanks for welcoming me to these boards. THere was only suppose dto be that one Mando'a Language Dictionary. The main part was supposed to be the dictionary at the end, but I never did it. The grammer part was only supposed to be very short and basic. Right now I'm working on the MLO, Mando'a Language Objective. It will be much more in depth. I also read a comment here about including the spelling of Mando'a words using English letters. I'm going to include that in the MLO along side the Mandor symbols.


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Hey everyone. I'm the one who wrote that Mando'a MLD. Thanks for the nice comments about it.


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That's awesome! I should put one of those on my Beretta Cx4 Storm....when I get one.