Not I. I perhaps happened upon it once in a while, but didn't take notice until the Prequels, wherein I got extremely fed up with how Lucas was treating the EU. I found that this place was probably the best place around where I could voice my concerns and talk with fellows on this subject. I've been rather busy in college lately, so I haven't had a chance to make my presence known quite yet, but I'll be a 4-star before long wink

So.. To answer the question, a month or so, since the new boards have been up.

I just don't like how he keeps certain things, but f***all to everything else that doesn't fit into his definition of how it should be. Was the name Mandalorian even mentioned in any of the notes/scripts of the original trilogy?

Thanks, I totally forgot it at my parent's when I went to college... Now I'm seriously missing it. That's one fantastic book.

Empire. I think, this was because, at least in part, George Lucas didn't direct or write the film.

Jeez. Much less than you folks.
Tales of the Bounty Hunters
Tales of Jabba's Palace
Slave Ship
Mandalorian Armor
Hard Merchandise
X-Wing; Rogue Squadron
Dark Apprentice
Truce at Bakura
I, Jedi (Hardback wink)
Star Wars
Empire Strikes Back
Return of the Jedi
Han Solo Trilogy

Other fun books
Some DK books, like the one with the cross sections of the ships, the Star Wars one that looks like a DK Dictionary;
The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels
The Essential Guide to Weapons and Technology
What is this book called? It has a gold cover, and has all of the planets in the earlier Star Wars universe in it, but it's travelogues by various people, like a rebel, a scout, etc. Had some really nice concept drawings in it, and for the life of me, I can't find it.

EDIT: Oh, and I totally forgot, I have all the nice Star Wars storybooks (Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi) and even though they're meant for little kids, sometimes they can be a good read.


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I don't beleive in Jango. I don't think Fett was a Mandalorian. And I certainly don't beleive he had anything to do with the Clone Wars. Yeah, it's oldschool of me, but I just HATE how Lucas treated Boba's past, and didn't read page one of any book in his own expanded universe, as stated before in another thread. It's kind of rediculous when books written before the prequels on the characters and the technology of Star Wars (the essential guides) have to be edited and re-released, as if Lucas' word is the word of God. I hate it.

Jeter, I don't think, is the big issue here. If we're taking character continuity and story continuity, there's bigger beef to be had with Lucas. All signs point to the fact that he didn't read book 1 of his own expanded universe before he created the prequels.

Bossk. There's something about him in Empire that makes me a little happy, the fact that Piett disses bounty hunters, and all Bossk has to do to freak him a little out is growl a bit.


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No, they're just Romeos with spikes wink


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I'm with Kudar Mubat. I read nice things about the helmet... 360 degree vision, I think? Audio enhancers? Water tube? Yeah.


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This is my first serious post here and, as I'm sure this topic has come up over and over on the previous board, I think it should be here.

Okay. What worries me is how the prequels try to make Boba Fett a sort of evil, malicious, self-serving individual. In part that's true, bounty hunters are highly self-serving, and their methods of killing and capturing their quarry are sometimes quite malicious ("No disintegarations..."), but I never imagined it possible that Boba Fett, the quiet, unknown bounty hunter from Star Wars to lower himself in screaming, "Get im, Dad!"

Aside from his mannerisms, it seems that the prequels completely wax over the fact that all Boba Fett wanted from Vader and Jabba was the money. If the Rebels had enough money and the mind to do so, I beleive he would've fought for them. I definitely don't think that Imperialistic ideals were ingrained in Fett as a young boy, so he hunts Solo for 'the greater good of the galaxy', he wants his cash.

Any thoughts on this? There's a different side of Fett that I haven't seen as of yet, the side where he works for the good guys just because they pay him.

I'm thinking the amazing Samurai movie Yojimbo, but with Fett, the Rebels, and the Imperials.

I hope this forum kicks off like the last one did. I'm happy to join.