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I do!!

I would have two staffs, one staff all green, the other all blue

Devil Girl wrote:

I am a fan of both. I am a much bigger fan of Star Wars but i do enjoy watching Star Trek smile

Edited to add: I do think that the universe is big enough for the both of them big_smile

me to... but Star Wars is so much better

I know MC would  kill BF or hurt him bad! ditto about BF and Predator

What do you think?

how do you move forums?

That was my brother he got on my page I don't now how,sorry so this goes under RP...OK

who made you king of what-goes-under-what anyway?

but still while it is up here who would win. and gose under serious geeking becuase. it involves three major charactors that have thier own [huge] geek fan base.

Who wins?!

you got that right

That's a lot of money

That's ture

That's what I said


he got the credits from the hunt, he got Boba from being cloned

That's not true he only demanded Boba... Have you played "Bounty Hunter"?

Jango could have had a very large sum if he wanted but he wanted a cloned son?

The Sun Crusher it can distory any ship in the galaxy

who nows

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Omg..........Sideous was meeting with young children.....isn't that illegal?

he met him when he was 15 or 16 to tell him some info,and Sideous paid him


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he did not in the Sarlacc as a matter a fact he fell in two times and got out, but he live to be around 82, but I forgot how he die I think it was old age?


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Darth Bane