I have 2 so far...  theres 6 to get if you are a variant collector like me

theres 2 mistakes onthe pack...  1st was printed RETURN OF THE JEDI and has since been sticker and then print corrected with EMPIRE  ( see previous post for stickered)

Also theres no MANDO symbol on the left of the check on 1st run ones.

the 2 I have so far.  ESB stickered no symbol and ESB printed no symbol.#

little more info here - http://www.potf2.com/potj/forums/topic. … C_ID=13048


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OLD OLD pic wanna update it when I get chance.



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thanks for the welcome guys..  oh jus a lil teaser Jeremy Bulloch was filming last week - a NEW TV show called wetworks... and it was 10 miles from my house he was doing night shoots.  was gonna meet up but he was too busy and with baby on the way couldnt make it myself either.


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its by cards inc now part of corgi international I saw a proto at UKTF over 3 years ago and it finaly came out last summer its kinda nice but not the best I have it in my living room above my TV with my 2 medicom SD fetts either side and the RAH next to it.

I sent that to rebelscum two days ago.. its on the front page now..  gots to get me one but am in the UK so gonna wait for a friend to get it or otherwise the dredded ebay !

BobaFett.5 wrote:

I've wondered if Boba Fett Would still be good at fighting if he was a chicken?

I think we will have  to wait till the NEW family guy SW special - something something something something DARKSIDE ( ESB parody) to find out as fett is the chicken that peter always fights and this be so much damn fun !

it was previewed on the BLUE HARVEST fam guy DVD !!


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Been a long time Fett fan since I Met Jeremy at a convention in 1996 and purchased 12" fett nd got him to sign it along with my SW Executor tin book and a photo for about $10 the lot.. !

Worked in a comic store back then and collected all the modern and vintage SW I could get my hands on.

Collected All kenner modern and had it all till Phantom menace and then bought the comic store which became www.automatticcomics.co.uk and sold my modern collection of kenner/hasbro in the shop just keeping BOBA stuff !  no I just buy Fett stuff all SW comics from DH and collect Autos from the classic films in the same script book am over 100 now inc Don Bies and Mark Hamill who I met at Celebration Europe and many others !

have over 500 items in my fett collection only a few pieces I really want Marmit, carded droids, carded vintage, Bowen bronze, carded kubrick, proto kubrick.

Have travelled the world to conventions and collected autos meeting fans and have been a writer from www.action-figure.com and reguarly contribute to rebelscum and know all the guys there. Covered events like NY toyfair, San Diego comicon and SWC3

Now run the shop and do regular SW/SCIFI days and have garrison guys make appearances and all customers go nuts for it.  have over 500 SW figs in stock and abot 1/3 of shop space is devoted to SW.

got out 1st baby on the way in the next few weeks but when I have time would love to help with the photo archive as I have LOADS to share like unpublished comic art from DH , original sketches from Cam kennady , prototypes inc Koto and GH and a good modern carded collection with many but by no means all variations.

Matt Booker. aka karnorjax

HERES AN  OLD pic of  my collection loads more added since.