mine is a reworking of the dark horse comics crimson empire character carnor jax
used it for years n years

Well I cant say for sure theres a new BOBA figure but with the advertising and box art both using boba im pretty sure and with them released this week im sure we will find out..

Comics advert - currently see in March dark horse SW comics.


Box art. - the 3 packaging artworks for the boxed inc Fett.


Cant work out how to upload these into the photo archive.. either i cant do it or am just too damn tired to work it out. so if you know how to please do.


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Ahhh sorry ninjax that was me.....  tongue  had been watchin it for days...

Also got the Lego Fett Maqutte a few weeks  ago !

Im sure they are parks only unless anyone saw the wave one in shops ??


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So what Fett things did you buy recently.

Me in the last couple of weeks

TAC Saga Legends Fett USA card with Rex promo sticker.

Compulsion Fett statue. - http://www.compulsiongallery.com/acatal … _Wars.html

Evolutions Fett Legacy - JAP printed ESB no chest logo
                                    UK ESB sticker no chest logo

Spuda fett Potato head - disney exclusive.

Boba Fett & RA-7 Droid (Marvel comics) comic pack - Walmart exclusive.

UK - Fett plate by cards inc.- FP exclusive features Boba an Jango.

What did you get ?????


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peter wrote:
Karnorjax1138 wrote:

im in the UK... anything you are after ?

Nah mate all good, unless u know where to get Toydolls albums on vinyl?

theres a couple on AMAZON  UK 

plenty on http://www.vinyltap.co.uk/shop/artist/Toy+Dolls.aspx

which are you after ?

im in the UK... anything you are after ?

How much was it Peter ??

Any chance you could pick me one up and send it ?  Paypal ?


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http://cgi.denpetersen.com/YAK1/viewtop … 0329#40329
in this weeks hasbro Q+A on Yakface

Gahhhh so thats possibly 6 or more possible for me to get.

Q2: Another Evolutions question: There are currently 3 packaging variants of the Fett Legacy set that have been produced dealing with corrections to the film designation above Boba Fett (1 ROTJ printed, ESB sticker, ESB printed), but the Boba Fett figure itself is still missing the proper symbol on his chest. Will this be addressed in subsequent production runs of this set and/or figure?

A2: The symbol issue was brought to our attention by fans, and we put a change into effect as quickly as we learned about it. At this point we do not have a precise date when the set will be affected, but it might not be until July at this point. This has been a tough set! We want to get it perfect in one shop, but that's not always possible, and this one unfortunately suffered the two errors but we're thankful we have a chance to correct it.


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Got my GF living with me and we are having our 1st baby n the next coupla weeks.

She understands well tries too understand my addiction and she collects Rubber ducks..


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Well, these are finally shipping out and some of you may have been lucky enough to get them before Christmas.  A fairly sharp looking figure, to say the least.  And when they said METAL, man they weren't kidding.  The inside body frame is die-cast metal, as well.  Is it me, or do the Japanese really like to put stuff together.  The Marmit figures and the Kotobukiya models were in pieces like this.  Of course, the Kotobukiya stuff ARE models, so they're actually supposed to be put together, but you get what I saying.  Definitely going to have to play dress up with this figure, before you can display him. 


Its not about the putting together its the Lisence that they have purchased.

its probably a kit liscence that they have from lucas so kit form it must be as osmeone IE hasbro already has the fig  lisence in that scale...

ya see it all the time in all product lines..  change 1 line in the contract and you can do something similar and Lucas have more bucks in their pocket and we have to but more !


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thanks ninjax... yeah I got 2 cases of the JAP medicom version of the RAH fett from my supplier so I have the RAH fett earler than the sideshow also slightl different packaging as well but I didnt by both versions... jus too pricey for that but was tempted !!!


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The Koto was from ebay.. yay the joy..

The art print is unliscenced but so damn nice...  I had to have it same guy did 7 others. of other SW characters

I have loadsa art like 5-6 dorman prints all signed and personalised inc the rare dallas comicon one he did that has fett carrying marion from indiana jones as JB and she were guests at the con and it was the con programme cover.

I have so much more than is on the pic its crazy..


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LOVE em... mines called BOB... seriously..

after---- silent bob as he couldnt meow very loudly when I got him...  also known as BOB A -CATT too thou.


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Masterchief wrote:

It is Totoro! Gotta love Totoro! big_smile I LOVE HIM!

Tottoro rocks... I have all the ghibli films and a tiny totoro hanging from my rear view mirror in my car and a big catbus plushie on the parcel shelf.. also jjust got me the catbus hoodie - http://www.iksentrik.co.uk/product_info … ts_id=3658


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Sev Fett wrote:

Nice Daredevil picture.  But that is a really nice collection.  Wonder what it looks like up-to-date.

DD is an art print of a david mac cover signed and personalised to me.  friend got it for me at SDCC many moons ago.

Well that pic was circa transformers slave one I think... as thats the newest thing I regonise on there

Updated I have about 85% of all fett stuff released since then and more older stuff too !

PresidentJuggernaut wrote:

I'd love the stormtrooper one, but the fact that the batteries can't be replaced is asinine.

its sealed shut so watertight and on a cheap budget they last for 45+ hours but have had customers come back and rebuy em cos their kids have worn them out and now wont bath without em !

loco do loadsa reglar ones which is where they started out with the glow in the ducks. - http://www.locomocean.co.uk/

Well Locomocean are getting sued so no more SW ducks...

I sell em in my shop but cant get e any more.


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I had 3 other character ones from SW CE but sold em but have now managed to get myself a BOBA one after signin up for the online draw.

theres also mini hand outs with the same image on from the same release. !


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its an original by JAKE

he also did a tshirt with jus the boba image but lucasfilm banned it as it was printed on a PUMA shirt and had a PUMA logo on the sleive so Jake couldnt sell em.. shame as it was damn cool... a few were given away by him but most were destroyed..


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I have passed on these  shipping to the UK is killer plus I always get hit with customs the Lego maquett cost me over £75 ($150) all in with shipping and customs and after seeing some at events like SWCE they aint that great !


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BFFC Admin wrote:

http://bobafett.com/news/bounty/kotobuk … fett-2008/

We're also getting an interview with some people at Kotobukiya re: Boba Fett.

ya wanna speak to the USA guy John as the Jap people Taka etc dont have the best of english... met them many a time a really nice people thou... and even after 2 years they remember you.  werent impressed that I had a Proto of the 1t koto fett thou.. said  I was naughty.


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I used to collect all SW stuff I could get my hands on and had a complete kenner 1995- Ep 1 collection sold it thou in my comic n toy shop

In a completist so have to stick to just a few things.

Now just Boba Fett classic films stuff am a completist well nearly..
             Akira anything I can find from the film merch bt have it all bar a coupla bits that are £$£$££$£$£$£
             Classic SW autos in person. over 100 now.
             Classic SW lego anything from the classic films but not USC or remakes unless vastly better.
             SW comics have everything DH have puclished apart from the 4th Toy R Us giveaway circa ep2.
             Kevin smith stuff have over 200 items inc Crew Jackets and scripts.
             Orbital CDs

And thats about it now have to keep a tight reign on it

My comic and toy store is just an extension to my collection and have over 500 figs in stock and vehicles and other SW stuff... love to spread the collecting bug to all who come in but really love kids who buy em and play with them and get so enthusiastic.  some come in regularly and ask me SW related questions


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I have only ever seen this once in person and it was at SW C3 in INDY on the Brians toys booth... and my god it was lovely but had already spent over $1500 on Fett stuff at the event and didnt know how to get it home to the UK safely so I passed on it.