peter wrote:

This kind of stuff is what really makes me angry! Some guy walks into a store and buys every one of the boba fett figures that is released! He is not buying them to play with he is not buying them for a collection, he is buying them to make money off them! I collect all star wars toys but boba mainly. I can afford to buy everyone that the store has but I am happy with one. People forget that these are kids toys and I sleep better at night knowing that if some kid walks into the store and has the chance to get a boba fett toy that he is gonna grow up loving the same thing as us. This is not a great collection, this guy would not love every figure that he has! This is a some one that is trying to make money off something that should be a passion not something where you are gonna rip other collectors off with cause they want one of the figures that you have a dozen of!

he aint doing it to make money he collects all SW figs like that... every variation..

I do it wih fett when i find it but being in the UK variants are hard to come by as so little product hits our small isle and when it does just one shipment of most things come in an no restocks like in the USA.

I have a friend  who is a variant collector an keeps a close tabs on POTF2 etc to make sure he has it all.

we went to SWC3 together and he kept finding me fett stuff I didnt have from dealers there.  but then I found a POTF2 dark flashback Leia with 00 padme pic on the back he spent over $2000 on it and it wasnt even mint !!

he and I will never sell our collections if we can help it we just love collecting. !


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EFX are the top guys from Master replicas new company as they sold MR to Corgi who then dropped all the good lisences !

Loadsa interviews and Q+As on the rebelscum forums


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Got today at last the SW Figure gollection #60 from deagostini.. last issue and has a lovely die cast slave 1 with it..  mag is shite but ship is lovely


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and ebay prolly as its an old fig..

or look for

as it has the 300th fett in an a few other nice figs !

I remember buying 48 of the 300th fett early from toy palace in Germany when I used to get wholesale from him so I could take them to a convention that Jeremy was at so I could sell em an he could sign em !

I had 4 tables and sold all the fett stuff I had in stock at the time.

an Jeremy was way happy as he did a load more extra autos. !


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My fave is the vintage....

and then the new VOTC as its got such a nice sculpt and articulation


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gahh you poor man... theres so so many to get ... best are the VOTC, SAGA and 300th if you ask me !

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Yeah, I hear that.  They still only have 3 variations of the Fett Evolutions packs?  I'm kind of hoping they'll come out with one that has the chest emblem on it.

they are doing one with the emblem it was in a Hasbro Q+A a few weeks back  but a few months till it comes..

Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Definitely a completist.  I noticed he had the same Fett figure but the only difference were the miniature figs on the back.  I only wanted to get the Fett figure with the Fett miniature with it.  I wouldn't have room for that many, I think.

i would have that many if i lived in the usa nut in the UK an evos set is $40-45 so multiples aint cheap  I have 2 currently  I think I have 9 or 10 potf2 fett variations too but its not affordable to get em all

no im not he is a variant collector on POTF2.. I was highlighting his collection with this thread

Drakus... link should explain it all.. its GGs foray into the urban vinyl stying in the Ratfink way kinda.. I like em and the Boba should ROCK... and im sur it will get a repaint like jango or animated colours or ESB/ROTJ to make the sculpt pay for itself.  the speeder  bike has already had a repaint proto shown @ NYTF earlier this year.

yeah no worries matey.. just quote em as mine.

early days but jus spotted this

.7 Can you tell us what’s next for ...
     d. KustomZ?

The first few KustomZ pieces were delayed a bit, so the additional pieces will be pushed out as well. There are a couple really nice designs in the works currently. Including a Boba Fett.

heres the current range ->

cant wait should be a real interestin piece !!

1st look could be at sdcc but no earlier

Mereel II wrote:

Sure he has! Is Sharpy the most famous Boba Fett collector?

no jeremy bulloch is his  collection is huge

I have about 45-50 but volkercs  collection is amazing … hichpage=6

no there is a slave one and also a bespin playset but that was the falcon platform. with dining room etc !

10123 Cloud City  -> … 650989.jpg

this would be similar but more fett lego always gets my vote … Id=3114333


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Ive a don post and a Altman and the ridell mini !


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Thanks drakus... and they are pics from about 8 months ago... my modern variant collection is daft now.. and theres loads more fett stuff in corner of the living room that will blow your minds


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last years jumbo pin boxed set was better fett n 3 bounty hunters... mate got it for me its lovely


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I got the mini replica but passed on the biggie..

I saw the big one a year or so back at SDCC when I was over and Travis from MR let me have a hold of it.. its bamn nice but way outta my range of things I would spend that much on !


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couple of new pix and loadsa info on the scum link... looks AMAZING !!


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Ninjax008 wrote:

Funny you should say about the Compulsion statue, i was bidding on one today on Ebay (didnt manage to get it, somebody sniped at the last second)
I recently got the Fett Legacy set & i'm thinking about getting Premium Format 1:4 Scale Boba Fett:
Very, Very tempted big_smile

Well it arrived yesterday and the corner of the base and foot were smashed off and then leg shattered up the shin. also gun was cracked too in talks with seller now.

not a happy bunny !


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SD is big in Japan..

I think this is nasty and prefer the M+M Plushie they did personaly...


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nice work but boba would never betray Jabba he was his employer since his fathers death ( read the fett scholastic books)


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Gahh I have far too many figures and lego...

all my non SW lego is in the loft packed away now really wanna get the loft converted so I can build it all up again.

a good chunk of My SW is on display but by no means all.  plus as an extention of my collection I have my shop as well which has 100s of SW figs and stuff too !

heres my study ( bit of a mess needs a good clean an sort out thou.

Full set of vintage figs in respective movies + vintage ships an some lego

Left wall in study Loadsa lego SW and top shelf vintage bosed and shuttle plus JAP tomy R2 ( pop up pirate game)

Part living room above TV Code 3 slave 1, classic and animated boba animaquettes, sideshow 1/4 scale fett,  vintage carded die cast slave 1, both JAP medicom SD fetts, fett cookie jar, fett lego maqutte, Fett ID wall limited print. and loadsa more

heres a close up of the DVD section ( my VHS SW colection has over 70 tapes of stuff from over the years UK,JP and USA, but thats stored in the loft)

will take an updated pic of the main living room display of FETTNESS when I can get to them... living room is cluttered with kitchen table and chairs as we are having a birthing pool in the kitchen for baby when she decides its time !