I Am Not Hypocrite!!!

Please speak English, or at least in a way we can understand you?

Well from what i observe you are talking about the Clone Wars TV.


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WHAT, I HATE EPIC MOVIE, who said it was good?


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Bad shows:
Big Brother

Bad movies:(in no order)
Shrek the Third
Batman and Robin
Epic Movie
Superhero movie

Time to Review Episode 2: Rising Malevolence

Episode 2 in my opinion was very good. Its nice to finally see Plo Koon or in fact anyone other than Ani, Obi and Asoka. We finnally get to see Grevious.

The plot was great allthough the plot of this episode is kinda more what you'd expect in Star Trek, but that's not bad. It's good that they are making Clones less like droids and more like people. It will make it more powerfull when they turn on the Jedi in Revenge of the Sith if they clones are like people and you care for them.

Nice little reference to the Death STar firing scene when the droids have the same reaction to the firing Ion Cannon that those Imperial officers had when the Death Star super-laser fired in A New Hope.

And they toned down on the corny droid jokes in this episode though there are still some droid jokes which pull the episode down.

And also pulling the Episode down is Asoka. She is cliched and annoying though this time round unlike the movie she was a little bit intersting but that's because she was only a side sort of character.

Overall the first two episode hve been a good and stellar start to the series and my rating for episode 2 is:

I don't like the propoganda type stuff at the begining. Don't really know why.

And i also don't mind the Droids voices, it's just the corny jokes from droids that bug me.

I'm young (12) and i can understand the title crawls.


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DC has Batman.

Batman is my third favorite Franchise behind Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean

I saw the first two episodes and shall review episode 1 now and 2 later.

Review: Epiosde 1- Ambush

I really liked the first episode, it was way better than the movie which i would give 45% to. My favorite 2 movies are Revenge of the Sith and The Empire Strikes Back so i am a prequel fan-boy and an original trilogy fan-boy, or rather a saga fan-boy as i ultimately put the trilogies on par. Being as i LOVE the prequels as much as the originals i am not as critical of the TV as some are.

Anyway as for the Episode it was really good IMO. The animation was excellent(for a TV show) and i liked the plot. I liked the touch of Yoda's theme from ESB in it. I loved how they made the clones more than just drones.

However the droid jokes were really bad. i cringe whenever i hear that droid leader saying he got premoted as he is destroyed and all they stuff like, "Hey , it's my programming" was just corny.

And Yoda's dialogue bugged me a bit. Back in the 80's it was charming and they managed to keep the charm of it through the prequels but the Clone Wars movie just made Yoda's dialect overuse.
So ultimatly i would give Clone Wars Episode 1

I think there's a thread for this,  irecall making one but can't find. Oh well


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I suck at sport

6 years, so half my life

Well i'll go to topics.

Costumes= AOTC
Sith= tie(i think Maul is overrated)
Anakins= AOTC
Music= tie
Duels= tie
Dialogue= TPM
Plot= AOTC
Visuals(in a good way)= AOTC
Yoda's AOTC
Space Battle= TPM
Emotion= TPM
Acting= TPM
Sound effects= AOTC
Space scenes= TPM

overall= TPM is better

Both equal.


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Does anyone have any good jokes to tell, if so please say them.

I have 1, its easy to get.

A man was talking to his son one day about his sons future.
" and what will you do when you grow to be a big as me son" says the man.
"diet" is the sons immediate response

Dark Knight IS the best movies of 08.

It was loved by the critics for its complex characters and fantastic plot and legendary performances and it made the most money of any movie this year by far.


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Hve you ever been rick roll'd on youtube. I have.

I get rick roll'd about once a day.

Have you ever had it happen to you, do you know what it is?

The Dark Knight.

I was 5 when it happened so i don't remember but i have seen footage and heard of it.

Very sad. They should build a monument for the people who died(the inocent ones, not the terrorist)


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Well its done and we're all here.

Mr favorite villain from the prequels was Grevious and Vader/Anakin in episode 3.

What if they can't find the index.

And if problems began on the Death Star they could just self destruct

The Death Star would just obliterate High Charity and when flood problems ebgin the death star could just blow the planet destroying the flood presence.

And Halo(the ring thing) has no defense without activation so it would just be a place for Death Star fire practice.

All that tose MAC guns would do is destroy  a few Star Destroyers and Star Destroyers have much heavier firepower than Pillar of Autumn type ships so...

And Coruscant would be to heavilly defended for invasion.

In short Star Wars wins

I have noticed a lot of fans(not necasserally on this forum) have been complaining that Clone Wars is stricktly for kids all the time and there is no more SW for older peeople.

I mean 3 years ago we go Revenge of the Sith and that wasn't a kids movie and Force Unleashed isn't for kids so why do they complain?

Lucas is just giving kids something.


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F3- 9/10
Werda- 9.5/10
Revan07 10/10 cause i'm so great and all
Ralin 8.5/10
Mandal ShadowWarrior 9.7/10