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Happy New Year to everyone.

Please Green stop banning me from the Anything forum.


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Fox, Green Banned Me From Our Forum, I Can't Post On The Anything Forum!!!

KOTOR 2 is great. Though not as good as KOTOR 1.

It's good. Final rating: 8/10.


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I like Halo. I have not played Halo 3 yet though.

I want Halo 3 ODST.


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What movie are you looking forward too most for 2009.

For me there is:
Terminator 4: Salvation
Harry Potter 6

What are you most looking for 2009?


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I will when i get 360.


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My top 10

1. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic (The BEST game ever!!!)
2. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 The Sith Lords
3. Halo
4. Star Wars Empire At War Forces of Coruption
5. Star Wars BattleFront 2
6. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
7. Star Wars Empire At War
8. Halo 2
9. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
10. Star Wars Jedi Knight II Jedi Outcast

I haven't played Halo 3 yet. KOTOR and KOTOR 2 are the best.

Republic Commando would have been 11 or 12.


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What are your top 10 video games. They can be on any platform(Xbox, PS2, PS3, PC, Gamecude, PSP, DS, everything)

So please post your top 10 video games.

I have seen all 10 Episodes now.

I will rate them here out of 10.

Episode 1  Ambush:                                                                                  7.5/10
Episode 2 Rising Malevolence:                                                                   8/10
Episode 3 Shadow of Malevolence:                                                             9.5/10
Episode 4 Destroy Malevolence:                                                                 6.5/10
Episode 5 Rookies:                                                                                   10/10
Episode 6 Downfall of a Droid:                                                                     5.5/10
Episode 7 Duel of the Droids:                                                                      9.3/10
Episode 8 Bombad Jedi:                                                                             7/10
Episode 9 Cloak of Darkness:                                                                     9.7/10
Episode 10 The Lair of General Grievous:                                                     10/10
Episode 11 Dooku Captured:                                                                       9.4/10

Episodes 3,5,7,9 and 10 are brilliant.


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Has anyone seen the new James Bond film, Quantum of Solace?

The Dark Knight is the best of 2008.

Some other good ones include Indiana Jones 4, Iron Man, Quantum of Solace, WALL-E e.g.


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Blu-Ray is the next generation DVD as you all probably know.

I have seen blu-ray on an HD TV and it ia amazing. I have seen Casino Royale and Pirates of the Caribbean on Blu-ray and the picture quality ism amazing, so sharp and clear.

Imagine how good Star Wars would be on blu-ray.

I am getting HD TV and Blu-ray at the end of the year along with The Clone Wars on blu-ray and Die hard quadrilogy on blu ray.

Would do you people think of blu-ray?


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But this claims Revan never returnes, what can they do with his character now.

Revan was my favorite character. But as he never returns from unknown space, what can they do now with his great charatcer.

As Fett II said some things are better left undisturbed. Well i would rather no KOTOR 3 and no MMO than MMO and no KOTOR 3.

As a HUGE fan of KOTOR I hate the MMO.

How about do KOTOR 3, Revan can return and finish the story of Revan, the Exile and the Sith in KOTOR 3 and then do an MMO without them and without the Sith armada. How can the Sith armada exist 300 years after their defeat at the Star Forge. Considering there were only remnants of the Sith armada in KOTOR 2.


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It say on swtor.com that Revan never returned from unknown space. NOOOOO, they just killed the possibility of KOTOR 3 and Revan.



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A bit off topic but Karson could you please empty your inbox so i can PM you about something?

I made a thread just like this!!!

What are your 10 favorite moments from all 6 films.

Mine are:

1. Binary Sunset(when Luke looks at the Tatooine sunset with William's music playing from A New Hope)
2. "I am your father" scene
3. March to the Jedi temple (Anakin and the clones march up the Jedi temple in Revenge of the Sith)
4. Death Star Trench run "Use the force Luke, let go" part.
5. Attack on the Death Star from Return of the Jedi
6. Order 66(from Revenge of the Sith)
7. Battle of Hoth
8. Luke vs Vader on the death Star (from return of the Jedi)
9. Battle of Coruscant (from revenge of the sith)
10. Death star introduction

That's mine, what are yours

We have almost 80,00 poste here.

Let's get to 80,000 soon


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What do you think are the most popular franchises worldwide.

This is not your favorite, it is what you think are biggest and most popular.

I think they are
1. Star Wars(Its has many sites like this and has lasted as good as ever for 30 years and is sill the most popular franchise of our/all- time)
2. Harry Potter(It is HUGE in Britain and Austrailia, much more than in US)
3. Batman(the Dark Knight really kicked it off)
4. Halo

I love both trilogies bye the way.

And though the six films are done there is Force Unleashed, hundreds of books.


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What's this all about?

http://au.gamespot.com/xbox360/action/h … lt;title;0

Over time i have come to like both the trilogies equally instead of one over the other too.


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In the description for the game on the site it says that Revan never returned. NO, they have just killed KOTOR.

Wierd, when I first saw TDK i thought it was overrated but after a few days  came to love it and not think it was over-rated, in short i liked more after a while than i did immediatly. Now i think the Dark Knight is perfect and the best film of 2008 by a mile.