ok time for facts

honestly what would master chiefs weopons with bullets do to HK, i mean what would bullets do to HKs tough armor, make a little dent maybe.
then HKs blaster rifle would do real damage to cheifs energy sheilds and the flame will finish him off. then marines will cower

and if you put a tank or vehicle in the arguarment then HK gets an Ebon Hawk


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hk da best


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hk is a proper assasin droid and master chief( more likely chef) is some green armored meatbag

hk can kill all meatbags exept for the master ( not master chief) of course, he he he he he


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hk will defeat 117 any day.
and if hk dies which he won't he can just be repaired and meanwhile master chief is dead

T3-M4 could beat master chief