What do you guys think the best Star Wars movie is

Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace
Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Episode 4: A New Hope
Star Wars Episode 5: The Empire Strikes Back
Star Wars Episode 6: Return of the Jedi

i personally think Revenge of the Sith is the best but what do you guys think, and why

i personally think Jango is better, i like his armor more

do you know how to download the entire movie, i heard you can of some site

what do you think of him leaving T3 out of eppisode 1 and putting him in eppy 2

hello nouri


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boba wins against chuck norris

1. her body
2. slave outfit
3. hairstyle
4. white robes

his main characters face is a pretty bad choice IMO

he should have chosen the long hair guy


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i like the revenge of this sith game a lot
the lightsaber combat is very fun and the jedi temple destruction level is great to play


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my vote definatly goes with Jango

what do you think he could have improved/ or added

have you guys heard of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic the movie made by Kaydon Sentry.
he is doing a trilogy of three fanfilms about the KOTOR story
he is using the game to get all the clips and edit them together and giving Revan a voice

the trilogy goes like this

episode 1
Endar Spire

episode 2

episode 3
Unknown world
Star Forge

hes main character is Logan Starr (Revan)

the whole of eppisode 1 is on youtube

please reply with comments or questions or if you've seen it

reasons ewoks may have beaten imps inb eppy 6
1. ewoks got them by surprise
2. george lucas may have rigged it
3. there were more ewoks there
4. AT-STs arne't very well used to the forest
5. luck


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for me this is it

10 Favorite characters

1. Revan( lightside after memory wipe and after revelation)
2. Bastilla
3. Canderous/ Mandalore
4. HK-47
5. Jolee Bindo
6. Carth
7. T3-M4
8. Darth Malak
9. Saul Karath and Mira
10. Jedi Exile

10 worst characters

1. Kriea
2. Calo Nerd
3. HK-50
4. Master Uthar
5. Yuthura
6. Colonel Tobin
7. General Vaklu
8. Chundaar
9. Davik Kang
10. Darth Bandon

Favorite planets/ places
1. Endar Spire
2. Star Forge
3. Unknown world
4. Taris
5. Manaan
6. Leviathan
7. Korriban
8. Kashyyyk
9. Dxun

5 worst planets/ places
1. Peragus
2. Telos
3. Onderan
4. Dantooine( only in Kotor 2)
5. Tatooine


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i don't hate Jar Jar that much

of course fett would not support gay marraige

fett is straight not gay and fett would never support gay marraige


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boba fett wins

Boba would never eat mcdonalds, he wouyld go fat and get beaten by (insert less good bounty hunters name here)

ESB is better that ROTJ in my opinion

if you wonder why blame the ewoks( except for the baby ones)


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i would have to go with kreia from star wars kotor 2 for existing

or maybe that random sith trooper that killed me in kotor 1, but i got my revenge when i next played

actually maybe the ewoks because they ruined ROTJ

or maybe Jabba The Hutt

battle droids were the most produced model in the war on the Seperatists side and civilians feared them simply because of there numbers and simple blasters. yet clone troopers are smarter and learn from mistakes. also clones are more agile, you couldn't have a droid roll withoiut falling apart. overall clones are immensley superior to simple battle droids

as for super battle droids they were more of a challenge for clones yet they were not the most accurate of machines. overall clones would come out superior to SBDs due to fire power, tactics and smetimes just luck

Droidekas could however be a huge problem for clones but you have to remember there were not that many Droidekas. and they were not invincible

remember that the Seperatists were literally fighting an army of a million Jango Fetts, just with a little less skill, but clones are clones of Jango so they are as intelligent, agile and accurate as the legendary bounty hunter

if any one has any more points pro clones or pro doirds please post them

i personally like Jango better
besides they are almost the same aside from personality


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hk is made for assasination.
i am not being biased just so you know. i like halo an i just think hk will win

i have read all previous posts
some one tried to say that master chief can have a covenant weopon and if covenant weopons are brought in then HK gets more weopons.

bye the way hks armor is almost bullet resistant and chief shields will go down in an instant against blaster rifles

just so you all know i have nothing against master chief, ilike the halo games and im being fair than HK would win aginst chief

as i have said before "hk da best"

it is obvious that clones are stronger, smarter, faster, cooler and over all better than droids but what do you think?

ok time for facts

honestly what would master chiefs weopons with bullets do to HK, i mean what would bullets do to HKs tough armor, make a little dent maybe.
then HKs blaster rifle would do real damage to cheifs energy sheilds and the flame will finish him off. then marines will cower

and if you put a tank or vehicle in the arguarment then HK gets an Ebon Hawk