Yeah, I'll watch it.

I don't mind some canon changes, I just hope that they never de-canonize those brilliant Clone Wars comic volumes, like the one on Jabiiim.

Happy new Year to everyone.

In Australia we hit 2010 11 hours ago in an absolutly amazing fireworks show.

And London just hit 2010 about 20 minutes ago.

Here are some pictures of the Sydney fire works

And of coarse let us welcome

This may sound a bit wierd but, SOS Haruhi, remember him, the biggest spammer in this site's history. I know him personally and he is a Fett fan.


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What Episode is that from?


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1. X-Men 2
2. Spider-man 2
3. Tie: Spier-Man 1 and X-men 1


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Was this in Australia?

Because we had a HUGE dust storm last week and the sky was litterally red. … rm_6am.JPG

More awesome pictures here:

I am still alive but I just haven't posted in a long time.
This is my first since July.

New trailer for season 2

Yesterday, the 14th of May was George Lucas's birthday.

Happy Birthday.


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He could do a Boba Fett spin off

Star Wars Origins: Boba Fett tongue


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I don't have a favourite but some of mine are

Darth Vader
Darth Malak
Hans Gruber (Die Hard)
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (James Bond)
Khan (Star Trek II)
Alien (from movie)
The Terminator
The Joker (Dark Knight)

They are just some.


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Take care.

They could both be right. Also I believe Dooku told Grievous that the jedi shot down the shuttle so Grievous could gain a hate for them.

They could both work together and both be parts of the whole story, just TCW doesn't tell it all and onloy a bit to make kids understand.

Clone Wars would not change any Star Wars facts that are already there so I suspect both work,

Meh, Cad Bane was not as cool as I expected and he just wasn't that ruthless. I want to see him more developed, he just seemed like a Bounty Hunter squad captain or something instead of ruthless killer.

You should.

Star Wars is not a kids thing. It is for everyone. If anything Episodes 3, 5 and 6 are more for adults(except the ewoks in 6, the rest was adulty)

Most Star Wars stuff is aimed for adults yet also works for kids.

Star Wars is still popular, Clone Wars rates very well on TV I hear.

And Star Wars is timeless. People love it because of its great story and powerful and compelling characters.


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Probably Clone Wars because it is the only one that would make sense to him tongue

And he can see his face in animated form.

Masterchief wrote:

oh. Okay. That makes sense.

Hmm. smile

Anyway, TCW was about 5/10 in my opinion. My favourites are the actual original that are not cartoons.

Why did George let us down? he coulda make episode VII or something.... tongue

although, all the actors are waaaay too old now! yikes

The new TV show of Clone Wars is great but the Clone Wars movie sucks.

What do I think?

BTW Revan07 is Grey


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Well I haven't seen chariots of Fire.

Star Wars should have beeten Annie Hall. Star Wars was better.

I don't really like the acadamy awards. Ever since I find out that Star Wars lost to Annie Hall I have lost faith in them.


And many other things have made me dislike the Academy.


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It's out, who has played it and is it good?


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The Academy awards are in.

Slumdog Millionairre won best picture

Heath Ledger won Best supporting actor.


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What did you think of each individual film and what would you rate them each?

Die Hard was the best. It had most character development, it was more personal than the others and Alan Rickman is such a terific villain. Also Bruse Willis's performance is surprisingly good from an action hero. The script is well done, I like how there are so many supporting characters and the setting was so good. I prefer Die Hard to Raiders of the Lost Ark. Also the idea with the conversation between John McClane and the Police Sergeant Powell with radio's while one of them is in a building fighting was very good. The setting was terific, how they kept it all in one night in one building. The script was so good as well.

"Terrorists have taken over Nakatomi plaza and are holding 30 to 40 people hostage, they have already killed one hostage, we need help!"John McClane
"I'm sorry this an emergency channel frequency." Police officer


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We have: