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the killer of cows. Thats me.


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Why, is he german?


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It is German.


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http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn28 … hand-1.jpg here GHF


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what do you expect, we're abunch of sadistic teens. Our minds have been warped to enjoy death by video games. tongue


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rate mine!


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You started it...


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Fett_II wrote:

here's another off-topic thing: after AA made himself the 'Lord Bane of the Site', note how Masterchief made himself 'Lord Maul of the Site'. I could totally pull off a 'Lord Sidious of the Site' thing right now.

I coulda been Lord Nihilus of the site, but now I have a dinosaur avatar. So now I'm Ni Ni Nae the dinosaur of the site. tongue


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BFFC Admin wrote:

Mordred, any favorite Flash games? What would be a killer Fett Flash game?

I like telepath rpg 2, stick strike, the thing thing series, zombie horde 3, and stealth hunter. A killer flash game? Mabye a stealth game with the camera style they use in zombie horde, stick strike, and telepath. Maybe he's infiltrating the Jedi Temple to kill Mace Windu or sneaking into the rebel's base.

Smashed them up and sniffed them though a straw.

Yeah, but I wouldnt reveal my power until I was to go on my rampage.

Poor children... tongue

I'd like to lightning strike a spot in the road 20 times in a row, then nobody will say lighnting never strikes the same spot twice. ( actually they would, they would just add "but it does strike the same spot 20 times.)

I'd like to control the weather like Storm, I'd make a blizzard over my town so I wouldnt have to go to school.


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(would somebody kill me if i said the Enterprise?)
I like the Hound's Tooth.

Masterchief wrote:

heh heh heh

Badum! Chhhhhhhhhhhh! ( funny drum comedy thing tongue )

dont even try to play the drums on a post, it doesnt work.

I dont really care about blowing stuff up, I'd rather hit someone with a stapler or catapult a sick cow onto a person.

Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

He would be undernourished. He eats MREs most likely.....but I don't think if he would be beyond stopping somewhere to grab food if he felt like it.

What if its alien blood and its very nourishing, and those were the only people he hunted? Would he be well nourished then? What if he sucked on blood and then ate nourishing food, would he be nourished then? tongue


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Your welcome, I just got photoshop on saturday. Im trying to find a good picture of a dinosaur.


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http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn28 … 7308-1.jpg Here you go masterchief. smile


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I thought they were the same thing. I guess thats what I get for relying on my family.


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Yes, I know, I was just joking. UN and the UK are the same.


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UN, UK, ON, same difference right? tongue I hope you feel better now on spring break.


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Well, its not like its easy to make good flash games. Some of them take 2 years to make. Plus, I dont know if anyone here makes flash games.

I dont think this belongs in this section of the threads.

Boba is my fav too, He's maybe the only bounty hunter with morals, he is mysterious, and he is just awesome at what he does. After that it'd have to be Bossk or one of the IG models.

Welcome Bobaman, I hope you have a great time here. Also, try not to double post, if forget to say something you can edit you post. ( the button is beside the flag and the quote button.)