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ROFL! I loved that fake trailer. I'm even afraid to watch the real trailer, though. I hate Twilight. How can a vampire not want to eat human blood? I don't know. I heard it was dumb. Check this out, a list of attacks by fangirls that have ended in bruises, and even in one case, blindness in one eye. This is why I hate Twilight: http://twilightsucks.proboards.com/inde … hread=5175


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BFFC-Draco wrote:

They need guitar solos.

I agree. But that is so awesome, thanks!


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I would choose the sniper crowbar. For long range bludgeoning.

Isaac had always contended that his leather jacket was real, although it was faux leather. It had, after all, come from a faux cow, which was alive at one point. Or at least that's what he thought. A jarring noise broke his train of thought. There was the giant squid! But what the news described as a hamburger, he saw it as more of a toilet seat kid of thing, but then realized that it was a UFO. Any way, he went to maximum speed, and cranked the music to full volume. He rammed through the burger, splattering other-worldly ketchup everywhere. Only one problem. He had forgotten to bring the mustard. Damn! He thought, putting the fork back into his pocket. Oh, and not to mention he had gotten stuck in the giant burger. All of the loud noise suddenly got silent, and he realized that the giant squid was eating the burger. It made sense, even city-destroying cephalopods need a little sustenance now and then. He didn't want to lose his truck, though, so he climbed out the sunroof, into the meat. He cut through it with his katana quite easily, and kept cutting until it stopped smelling good. He knew now he was in the brain of the beast. He pulled out his crowbar now that he was in the cranium, and saw a sign that read: do not break!! He ran at it screaming something unintelligible, waving his crowbar like a madman. Once the cerebellum had been sufficiently scrambled, he dropped down the esophagus, until he slid into his truck through the sunroof. He hit the button that said: "Enter Squid Escape Mode" and knew that he had made a wise decision in buying that button. He blasted out, and headed for the nearest pizza coffee shop. Surprisingly, there was no one in line.

I hate it when they mess stuff up like this. What a lame Grevious backstory. Btw, did Grevious ever find out he was set up to crash?
Anyway, I'm fighting on Halopedia right now because they say the average elite height is 8' 6", because it was written in a Prima guide. But in the bestarium book written by BUNGIE packaged with Halo 3 LE, not sold separately, says it is 2.2 meters, or 7' 2.6". There are just too many n00bs in the world.


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That sounds awesome. I don't know anything, but I will let you know if I see something.

Character: Isaac
Occupation:does whatever
Weapon of Choice: crowbar, katana, but will use a gun in a pinch
Bio: Lives in the country of Awesome (where Canada used to be, but Canada was taken over by U.S. and then there was a revolt by Americans and Canadains alike, and the country of Awesome was formed. It also contains Washington State.), where Dave Grohl is the president. They cannot be conquered, not because of their military (which is just militia), but because of sheer awesome, everyone respects them. You can do anything you want there, but you have to make the awesomeness cut to get in. Isaac's listening habits (foo fighters and metallica) and proficiency with a crowbar and katana made him a perfect candidate for a citizen of Awesome.

Isaac woke up in his penthouse in the Space Needle. He had occasionally entertained the idea of defecating over the edge while the building spun slowly, thoroughly coating the bystanders below with crap, but he didn't have diarrhea and thought the idea was largely stupid anyway. After eating a breakfast of pizza and toaster waffles, he took the elevator downstairs. He drove his hover converted 1970 Ford pickup to New Washington to have a beer with Dave Grohl and James Hetfield. He loved politics. He then heard of the giant mutant squid, and remembered that he was the krakenkiller! The perfect man for the job. He hopped in his truck, painted on the side with the slogan "Ride The Lightning!", with a FF shield on the hood. Isaac strapped on the crowbar and katana, and flew off to Newer York.


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Miba wrote:

For once I understand what you're saying. We all SAY Boba is our ultimate number one favorite out of anyone in Star Wars. Do we just say this as an exaggeration? Do we say it because we really have someone who is our absolute favorite and we don't want anyone to think we're lesser Fett fans for saying so so we lie? Do we say it's Boba because we are on a Boba fan club board? These are good questions. So, look inside yourselves and be honest... who's REALLY your favorite?

Boba and Obi-Wan pretty much tie for #1 for me, actually, sometimes one slips higher than the other, and almost every time it's Boba.

Are you kidding? I wouldn't have joined the BFFC if he wasn't my favorite character. I'm not gonna join the Jar Jar Binks fan club.

Nice. The second one is my favorite. I'm Krakenkiller.


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Boba Fett is the best SW character.


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But MM had just recently purchased the Zombie Survival Guide, and used his zombie hunting skills to dispatch all of the undead n00bs.


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I would appeal to his sense of justice and offer him a better deal, because I wouldn't be corrupt. I'd hire him to kill his former employer, who was most likely corrupt.


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He does look cool, but I'd have to say that Jango Fett is the Boba Fett of the Clone Era, considering they are the same genetically.


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He should be number one on that list. Maybe I'll make a list, and put him on it.


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Regimas wrote:

Rorschach's journal: April 3rd, 2009

found hat on ebay, brown fedora, perfect, bought it.

Rofl.^  Love the costume, regimas. You even seem to have a similar build. Great job. Liked the movie (minus the lack of pants of Dr.Manhattan), but haven't read the book.


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Well, it would be cool to see actual stuff from the Titanic, but I'd rather not wait that long. That sounds like when I went to Alcatraz, but that is much more worth it.


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I voted for it. I want one of these in my town.


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It does look pretty sweet, compared to the tv show. I'm gonna see it. What I'm looking forward to more is Wolverine and Terminator 4!!!


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Foo Fighters, Metallica, Incubus, Nirvana are my top favorites. Others I like are Boston, Classic Crime, Journey, Skillet, and others.


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Rorschach is one of my favorites, his unwavering moral compass, the guts to take a meat cleaver to a murderer/rapist's head, and a bada** costume. He is awesome and fights government corruption. My other favorites are Spiderman, Iron Man, Captain America, Wolverine, and Hulk. And Batman. Glad to see some new members.


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When is this coming out?


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:

Also a big fan of the end of the "Bounty Hunter Wars" trilogy when Fett single-handedly piloted an Imperial Star Destroyer out of the Kuat Drive Yards. Pimp.

That has to be my favorite book moment of all time. A great end to a great trilogy of books. So awesome, with him flying out and the whole place blowing up behind him. If only there were a director and cast good enough to make a movie out of that. In a perfect world. But I digress. I like the ESB Fett.


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Well, I'm Boba Fett, and my favorite show is Jericho.


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Sleeping is awesome, but because there are only so many hours in a day, it must occasionally be put off to make time for playing video games or something. And staying up until 1 is no great feat, nor is sleeping 10 hours. I commonly sleep 10 unabated, and can sleep for 13 or 14 if lazy enough. And staying up til 4 is common, and I have (as no doubt many of you have done) occasionally forgone sleep for a day or two.
But still, sleeping is great. Unless the dreams suck.

So, is it the actual prop? Cuz if it is, I call dibs!!!!!1111111 No, but really, don't mess with me here... is it the prop?