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This is not a band. It is the best band ever. It is a collaboration of Dave Grohl (Foo Fighters, Nirvana), Josh Homme (Kyuss, Queens Of The Stone Age), and John Paul Jones (Led Zepplin). Anyone who does not find this awesome deserves punishment. Their first concert was on August 9th, and their first album should be out in October. Here's their site: http://www.themcrookedvultures.com


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That guy's stats looks more like

But anyway, this sounds cool. It would take some work though


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I think you missed the part where he said *Terminators* would *teleport* in...


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CeciliaCrimsondragonFett wrote:
Merciless Mandalore wrote:

But if it was a kid's movie, why did the characters say sh*t so much?

The Goonies is a kids movie and they cuss quite a bit in that too. Its not like its for very young kids, and anyways kids learn most (if not all) cuss words from their parents.

Anyways, I'm not going to see this. Aside the fact that I only see a few movies a year, this looks pretty bad. When you're adapting something from toys, cartoons, or comics (or any combination of the three) into movies, I should recognise it right away and in a good way. Not sit there and scratch my head when I see the title come up.

Good point, and I agree. Also, I started the Goonies, and couldn't finish. Too many kids screaming.


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I agree with RShehay. The whole film was ridiculous. The script sucked. Most of the acting was cliched, and sucked. They know nothing about what they were talking about, a particle accelerator does not zap things or even look like that. And they don't even know the definition of weaponize. The people who made this movie are dumbassess, and even for a kid's movie, it sucked. It must have been a kid's movie, everything was so childish. The villain? WTF? Ohh, scary, mad scientist. But if it was a kid's movie, why did the characters say sh*t so much? Wasn't this a cartoon? The special effects sucked too. Sure Transformers 2 had a really sucky plot, but the effects were high quality (ILM), the acting was pretty decent for that type of movie, and Optimus Prime kicked ***. And it had Megan Fox.
And I don't have anything against kid's movies, when they're done right. I like Up by Pixar. They always put a lot of work into it. The creators of GI Joe tried to make a adult kids movie and failed, epicly. Kids shouldn't say sh*t, and adults don't get into the whole mad scientist gay plot fail thing.


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Unfortunately, my ride decided to not go to San Diego, which means I won't be going. There is no way my 1970 Ford is going to make it 2,000 miles in the summer heat. So, I had to retract my bid on his and my ticket. I will, however, be making the shorter drive to PAX this year, in Seattle.


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I will be there, and we should definitely meet up. I will only be there on the 26th (sunday), though. Unfortunately, I have no costume, I'll probably just be wearing a marvel shirt.


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It's still the same. SW rules space with star forge, WH40K owns ground with Space Marines, and Halo can kill everyone (including themselves) with the Halo rings.


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It has been exactly one month since my last visit (by chance). A lot has happened. I graduated highschool, and after that, just turned 18 last week! Yes! Glad to be back.


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Sev Fett wrote:

Another thing that I noticed was when they were calling for backup in Egypt they called Jordan.  Umm from a military perspective that makes no sense whatsoever.  There is a little country called Israel that has infinitely more military power than Jordan.  Just a small thing I noticed. 

And of course they played up the Megan Fox aspect once again, but what can you expect.  Some of it was a bit excessive.  Other than what everyone else has said I thought it was good.

First off, I loved this movie. Prime taking out those three decepticons solo was awesome. And did anyone at all notice the new vette? Holy crap! Awesome! He was the new autobot whose only line was "damn I'm good" after cutting a decepticon in half. Sweet. I agree about Israel. It's just mike bay is too liberal for that. And about megan fox? R U SRS? She and OP are the only two reasons I saw and will see this movie again! You can't complain about seeing the hottest woman alive on the big screen.


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This looks insanely awesomely sweet. You play as a Space Marine in a squad, third person action, not rts. Still relic. Here's the amazing (brand new) trailer, and an 8 month old demo.

Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivXS-58a2EE
(look for the titan in the background on the orbital bombardment scene)

Demo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbjbbzOrCIg


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I wish you luck! That's awesome that you are starting you own thing.


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Sadriel_Fett wrote:

Here's another neat little find you don't see on eBay that much.  The Shadows of the Empire game promo poster with Fett on it.  It's from inside one of the gaming magazines.

http://cgi.ebay.com/STAR-WARS-SHADOWS-O … dZViewItem

http://i177.photobucket.com/albums/w240 … G_4345.jpg

Thanks for the link Sadriel, I just bought that for around $3! Awesome deal. Cant wait to get it.


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That poster looks sweet. Here's a great link, $85 bucks for some unpainted "Jango Fett" costume armor, in pieces, great for people who want to make their own armor. http://cgi.ebay.com/Affordable-Star-War … 3:1|294:50

Wow. Okay, I just made an Ebay account because of all the awesome Fett stuff! I'm the first bidder on the Shadow of Empire poster, I'm krakenkiller.

OH, and here's another Revan costume, only $600. http://cgi.ebay.com/Star-Wars-Darth-Rev … 3:1|294:50

4th edit: Here's a Republic Commando Omega Squad Matte Black wearable helmet, with light up visor and flashlight on side. I WANT MONEY SO BAD!!!1 Here's the link ($180) http://cgi.ebay.com/Star-Wars-Republic- … 3:1|294:50


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Here are my favorite games, in some sort of order: Halo 1,2,3, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Farcry 2, Half-Life 2, Star Wars: Republic Commando, KOTOR, Starfox 64, Mario Kart (can't choose one), Super Mario 64, Donkey Kong 64, Donkey Kong Country (one and two), Super Mario World. From Halo to KOTOR it's almost a tie.


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Which made Deadpool even more protective, so he stabbed Fett in the face.


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I would shoot my attacker between the eyes, and I would get as close to their leader as possible, then throw the grenade at him. I would take his dazed guard's weapon, and gun down everyone I could until they killed me.


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Sev Fett wrote:
Commander Appo wrote:

I liked the movie, but it wasn't as good as X1 and X2. However. it was much better then X3, which was a disaster.

The action scenes were cool, and the Wolverine/Sabertooth as brothers storyline was interesting. The opening credits was done awesomely. Liev Schreiber, who I have never heard of before, played a great Sabertooth. Better then Tyler Mane, who just looks tough and growls.
Overall, I give this movie a 7.5/10.

I first saw Liev in Defiance (which is a great movie).  As soon as I heard he was going to be playing I was very happy because I thought he would be able to add another aspect to Sabertooth which he did.  Even though the writers took some liberties in the origins I didn't mind it. 

Reynolds was always the perfect Deadpool for me from when I saw Blade Trinity.

Exactly, I saw Trinity, too. Also, Liev did great, I loved the style of menace, especially in the bar scene. "You don't call, you don't write, how else am I supposed to get your attention?" Favorite line!!! Saw him first in The Sphere (weird movie) with Dustin Hoffman and Samuel L. Jackson. Also, a Deadpool movie is officially confirmed YESSSSSSS!!!!!! (see here: http://marvel.com/news/moviestories.793 … rine~excl~ ), as is a Wolverine sequel. Saw Origins again, still liked it a lot. Logan is my favorite superhero now, but the game helped a lot. (see a 3-d screenshot on my blog here: http://twilighterz.blogspot.com/ ) . LOL, i forgot I started this thread, way back when.


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HAHA! Topic necromancy lives! The only characters who could put up a fight from DC are Batman, Superman, Bane, Killer Croc, and Superman villains. Everyone else sucks. Joker and TwoFace just die from anything, they're ordinary humans, physiologically. The Avengers, Defenders, X-men, Weapon X, Secret Avengers, and random aliens will pwn anyone. Especially with Wolverine. Just put kryptonite on his claws, and you've got a champion.

(well, there are cowardly dentists in Memphis, too.)
After that, Isaac flew to Awesome land and had calamari in the Space Needle. This was tasty, but he wanted more. So, he ordered a large strawberry pizza. For dessert, he had bacon and cheese. He then started his quest to find the coveted sniper crowbar.


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But then Boba played the X-men Origins: Wolverine Video game, and realized that Wolverine could give him a run for his money. And deadpool told Boba not to touch his cheesy poofs.


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I saw it, and it was good, if not great. The only thing holding it back was the confusing editing. It needed more deadpool, and in costume. Where did you guys see the deadpool ending?!?!?!?!? I waited and saw the "drinking to remember" ending, but after that it was just the curtains closing. I want him to live!!!! And they messed up his story too. He was called Deadpool because they all betted who would come out of weapon X alive, and he won. He didn't have cyclops power, and he teleported with a belt. He did suffer a fatal injury, but it was not at the hands of Wolverine, and it was his heart getting ripped out. He did survive.

By the way, the wolverine video game ROCKS!! You should have preordered the uncaged edition, it unlocked the weapon X arena. Also, it's (360 version) rated M, unlike the Wii version. Definitely get it if you like wolverine at all, not even the movie.


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Dageen Fett wrote:

Hey heres another very hard to come buy item, only 75 made.
http://cgi.ebay.com/Fernandes-Limited-E … dZViewItem

heres the link if anyone is interested in bidding. heres a pic for others who dont want to load the site.

http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n283 … uitar2.jpg

http://i115.photobucket.com/albums/n283 … guitar.jpg

p.s. this thread made it to the main page if anyone noticed right next to Karen Traviss' link, sweet deal.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 I want that guitar soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!111111111 Too bad the bidding ended 3 years ago. If I ever become rich, I will do anything I can to get my hands on that. Also, that Fett jacket looked sweet.


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Those are some awesome pics. I remember playing that game. Good times. When you're fighting Slave 1, all you gotta do is stand still, and the laser cannons are so far apart, that when they fire, the bolts just go on either side of you. In fact, that epic battle with Fett is the main reason I became such a huge fan of his, and that game eventually led me to here, indirectly. Also, that game is a big reason why I became even more of a SW fan.

Isaac was eating pizza, for breakfast, and since it was breakfast, he was having coffee of course. Black.The pizza was pepperoni, with bacon and eggs for that breakfasty touch. He contemplated the problems of the world, and thought that in some other reality, he was a spacefaring superhero. But that was nonsense. He just flew around where he wanted, unknown. Saving people from unusual threats, by unorthodox means. But despite the massive laser shooting sharp toothed burger that he had already drilled through and mutilated that was floating around, he peacefully sipped his coffee and took another bite. He heard the screams, little knowing that one was from a cowardly dentist. The debris crashed around him. "Crank up the music!" he yelled at a guy behind the counter. The song was My Apocalypse.