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hmm... least favorite sw character... well jar jar goes without saying. I would say Anakin is pretty annoying, but then again so was Luke. You know whats wrong with the new trilogy? there wasnt a cool guy like Han Solo. I'd say the closest guy was Mace. And that's a strech. Jango got some good screen time in AOTC, but I hate Lucas for apparently being racist against Mandalorians. Srsly. All the Padme and Anakin scenes arent romantic, theyre annoying. I can count the things I like about the original trilogy on one hand: Jango, Clones, Obi Wan, Yoda, Mace (exept for killing Jango he was pretty cool. especially in the cartoons). Oh yeah, I suppose Maul and Grevious deserve a mention.


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WTF!?!?!? IG-88 PWNS!!!!! He looks soooo BA. The only guy who ever beat him was the only one in teh universe who was truly better was Boba Fett!!!


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Boba Fett may work for evil people on occasion ie: Jabba the Hutt, Vader, etc. but he is not evil. He has no problem with killing, because he says noone is innocent. The main reason why he chases Han Solo, besides the bounty, is that he believes Solo is a bad man. For example, Solo smuggles spice, and you can get Fett's opinion on that in Tales of the Bounty Hunters. Fett has a very strict moral code that he lives by, he serves the Empire usually because no matter how evili the leader is, the Empire is the official authority in the galaxy. Therefore, he (Fett) views all members of the Rebellion as criminals. Fett, btw has a official Imperial law enforcement lisence. (Don't remember where I heard that)


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I read tales of the bounty hunters, it's my favorite book. I didn't know the clone wars cartoons were non canon. are they really?


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Whats up!! Boba Fetts the best cool