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((what quizzes?))

Thade had arrived at the Bounty Hunter's Guild, and went to his scant quarters in House Tresario. A gray walled room, with no viewport and only 10 by 10 sq feet, the only thing distinguishing it from a cell was that the door locked from the inside. And of course, the weapons and computers. His bunk with workbench underneath was actually quite comfortable compared to the cockpit seat in the ARC-170. It barely even leaned back. Clones had not been afforded many luxuries. However, disallowing himself the same had allowed Thade to save enough money to graduate from the Skine Bounty Hunter College a year earlier and join House Tresario, specializing in hunting pirates. Tomorrow was a house gathering, one of his first chances to get to understand the feel and culture that each individual house of the greater Guild had. He would also meet his superiors, to whom went a small percentage of any bounty gained from jobs obtained through the guild. Thade didn't mind paying his dues, they gave him a room, free repairs, and camaraderie, however little time he spent on base. Despite its function as a bounty hunting base of operations, it was also the House station, their own section of the Guild's massive space construct. It was imbued with the distinct style of the ruling family's culture, at least in the common areas. It was not barbaric at all, but make no mistake. They knew their job was to kill for money and did not maintain any illusions of false civility. They were practical, but tried to maintain a sense of honesty. Essentially, the rule was, do what you will, but use common sense and follow the basic rules. Don't kill Guild members, don't steal from Guild members, and don't kill steal from Guild members. The last was certainly frowned upon. Thade set to assembling the sniper rifle that lay before him on his bench, and looked forward to a solid night's sleep.

((by the way, it sounds like I just made up all the stuff about the bounty hunting college and houses etc., but it's in canon, link: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Bounty_Hunters_Guild And, I read the bounty hunter wars trilogy. Btw, which planet are you around, Karson? Or are we not supposed to know. I honestly am not sure where the BHG is, I couldn't find it online.))
((Edit: Ok, I guess the House Tresario has headquarters on Baradas II, but it still makes sense that they would have a section, like an embassy, on the official BHG main HQ, to maintain contact and have presence when needed.))


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Shower gel... ?


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die because darth maul came in and killed everyone with a stripper pole...


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Yes! Cargo hold/Disco room FTW! Dance those long space voyages away!
When I was into legos, back when the Slave 1 was the smaller lego set, I added like ten guns, missiles, and an extra cargo box and called it the "Overkill". It could beat anything. Then it broke. I was almost twice the size. Man, legos were fun.


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Srsly, what's the point of the op? If a bounty hunter was that unwitting they would be dead on the first job. Fett killed his emotions anyway, once he went full time solo. Dengar got married, but Fett was always ten steps ahead of him. What does that say about Dengar? IG-88, 4-LOM, no emotions. Zuckuss, he's got the whole zen thing goin' on. And Bossk, well, he ate his siblings, and then his father. So...


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Thade had a hobby of searching for artifacts when he couldn't get bounty hunting jobs. Not that the jobs were too hard to come by, now that Jango Fett was dead. Hunters from all over scrambled to claim the title of "the best", and the new Empire had posted plenty of bounties on Rebels and Jedi. Thade figured that joining the Bounty Hunters Guild was a good way to gain money and notoriety without taking a clear side in the galactic civil war. However, he mostly did jobs for the Empire, they paid the best.
Currently, Thade was searching some ancient Iridonian ruins on an abandoned space station. He hoped to find one of their legendary vibroblades and add it to his collection. Whenever he got low on creds, he could always sell it too. The lights, life support, and gravity had not functioned here for centuries, maybe mellenia, so he had attached a small jetpack to his armor. He had been working along with his astromech to make some upgrades to his armor, like magnetized boots, but they weren't finished by the time he had docked. As far as the color of the armor, black suited him just fine. After searching the area fairly thoroughly, Thade noticed his air was getting low and decided he should head back to his custom ARC-170, the Cyanide. While boosting back, a section of the wall fell down and almost crushed him. He could now see open space through the large hole, and the whole section of the station began to fall away. He signaled for his astromech, S-148, to bring the ship to him. As he and his ship boosted towards eachother, the pilot hatch popped open and he dropped in, and slammed the hatch shut. The cause of the collapse were pirates in varied small fighters shooting the station. He did a somersault and fired all six cannons on full auto, destroying one. His tail gunner shot off the wing of another, causing its engine to explode. The last ship he fired a missile at and also destroyed. Now in the clear, Thade set coordinates for the Bounty Hunter Guild and flew into hyperspace.


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My favorite video game right now is Fallout 3. Not too excited about New Vegas though. My overall favorite video game is probably Mass Effect.


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Here's a link to my deviantart page, and it has a couple SW fanfics, one of Boba Fett, and another of a different Mando. Also, it has my book in progress, "Krall Scyinth", a medieval fantasy book. I will post new chapters when I make them, about 10 pages are up right now. If any of you guys are on deviantart, let me know so we can trade "friend requests" or whatever they're called there.


Hunter's Shadow
by ~Krakenkiller

Here's the first paragraph of "Hunter's Shadow", the rest of this story and all the others can be read at the link. Comment to let me know what you think, here or on DA. Thanks!


Rain pelted down on the visor of the man in armor. He could barely hear the sound above the ringing in his ears, the pain pulsing in his head. “The Mandalorian is down!” shouted the announcer of the Malestarian gladiatorial ring. These types of battles were outlawed under the Republic, but the Empire could care less if a few creatures died here and there for sport. The other man, a tall, well built Correllian outcast named Jhilyal started to walk away, when the Mandalorian got up. “Looks like he wants some more!” said Jhilyal. The armored one walked slowly at first, then charged. The Correllian man pulled back his arm for a punch and was about to swing, when a gloved fist came up into his throat, followed by another in the gut, knocking the wind out of him. A swift boot spun around and took the Jhilyal’s feet out from under him, causing him to fall backwards. He attempted to get up when the armored man’s armored foot came crashing down on his face. “And the Mandalorian wins!” the announcer said. The crowds cheered. The Mandalorian went out of the ring to claim his prize, a starship of his that had been stolen by Jhilyal. Jhilyal said that he would only return it if he could defeat him in a death match. He had known that many of his thugs died retrieving it, but he apparently had never fought a Mandalorian before. He got what was coming to him, thought the armored man. As the ring master opened the gate to the hangar, he said, “What’s yer name, fella? You fight pretty good.”
“Jaster Mereel.” said the armored man dryly.


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((No one's posted here in a while, but this looks like the most interesting RP right now, so I think we should get this going. I haven't been here in forever because my internet's been down for a couple months.))

Name: Thade Scyinth
Race: Human
Age: 29
Affiliation: low ranking member of the Bounty Hunter's Guild (Being run, at this time i believe, by Bossk's father.)
WOC: DC-17 (repcom ftw), and a vibroblade.
Armor: Imperial commando armor, scavenged from a flash clone commando on a recent job.
VOC: ARC - 170 Starfighter (I love this ship, here's some stuff from the databanks on it: Heavily armed and more than capable of surviving and succeeding in battle operations, the ARC-170 (Aggressive ReConnaissance) fighter also functions as a lone recon scout, with extended consumables for five standard days of remote operations. It is one of the few starfighters of this era to carry an onboard class 1.5 hyperdrive engine, with a range of 5,000 light years.

The ship's heavy nose contains sensitive long-range sensors for its snoop missions. Its extendable s-foils radiate heat and serve as a conduit to deflector shield energy. They also help stabilize atmospheric flight, making the ARC-170 an effective aerial fighter as well as a space superiority vessel.)

(I have two basic combat droids that fill the other two seats and act as guards. I'm way too tired to post any more, but I'll try and post more soon. I hope this gets off the ground.)


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I like it so far, when I got to the end I kinda snapped out, like "oh it's over". So you should finish it sometime!


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I would probably just play more video games, that's what I did before I had internet. Hopefully I would do something productive. Like invent the internet.


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While it annoying at times that they are all shown as lovable messed up people (the clones), it makes sense. They're only 13, they're just kids in men's bodies trained to kill and have killed many many times. An adopted child forced to kill would be lovable and messed up. So it actually makes sense. She throws in descriptions of powerful rage and what not because when it comes down to it, they will destroy their enemies. And Kal feels like he's let them down because he adopted them and still can't offer them normal lives.

Do you guys agree?


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BFFC therealmccoy wrote:


a cannon is a gun =P

Actually, "canon" is a word.

1   /ˈkænən/ Show Spelled[kan-uhn] Show IPA
an ecclesiastical rule or law enacted by a council or other competent authority and, in the Roman Catholic Church, approved by the pope.
the body of ecclesiastical law.
the body of rules, principles, or standards accepted as axiomatic and universally binding in a field of study or art: the neoclassical canon.
a fundamental principle or general rule: the canons of good behavior.
a standard; criterion: the canons of taste.

And I like Fett's story from Bounty Hunter Wars and Tales of the Bounty hunters best.


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I think i posted here before, but things have changed. So, here's my list:
1.Foo Fighters
2.Them Crooked Vultures
3.Queens of the Stone Age
4.Led Zeppelin
6.The White Stripes
10.Daft Punk

Wow, that's actually about it! I'm surprised it was exactly ten and I could work out the order! I've never tried to make a numbered list of my favorite bands before. Anyway, I guarantee that since my list is so diverse, you guys should check them all out, I'm sure everyone will like at least one of these bands. I love 'em all.


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All I can say is, has Bioware ever let us down?


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Miba's correct, but I'm pretty sure that Jango's armor was originally Jaster Mereel's, who was Jango's mentor that died along side him in battle. Before Jaster, I'm pretty sure it was handed down the Mereel clan, or Jaster made it.


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This topic has already been made
http://www.bobafettfanclub.com/boards/v … hp?id=3411
Anyway, carry on.


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Correct, moons would create tides, if any planet other than Earth had tides. We have a moon, one, and it is the only one that we know of that orbits a planet with vast quantities of liquid water. And it does create our tides. As for fishing, I don't know anything about that.


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1)Spider-Man (all)
2)Iron Man
3)Wolverine (Just because I like Wolverine, they butchered the story)
4)Incredible Hulk (new one)

Miba, I'm very sorry you heard that. The press played it up, but that only happened if you were a female character, and you could sleep with an Asari, commonly mistaken for an all-female race. They are actually a genderless race that reproduce psychicly, however (tweens don't read) obviously you need  vaginas to give birth to children and breasts to feed them. A genderless race with male parts could not reproduce. Since the Asari reproduce psychicly, (by melding minds) they can reproduce with any species. The sex scene is brief and PG-13, honestly. No frontal nudity. Not to mention it's optional. The game does *not* worship lesbianism. It is a lot like Kotor in some ways, and it is a general consensus that Mass Effect is one of the best RPGs in this generation.
And not much of a story? This is the best video game story since Kotor, and the characters are much deeper, and the dialogue is more complex. I agree with Mandal_ShadowWarrior. Sorry, I'm not mad at you Miba, I just think you should play the game before you knock it. It is my second favorite game. (Mass Effect 2 is number 1). Anyway...
I did mostly Paragon, what were some of your favorite choices?

Mass Effect 2 is the only game I waited in line for the night before it came out, and did not disappoint. Also, there is no discussion for the first game or the series as a whole, so I am setting one up. This is also my first post in a long time.
So, what do you like better about the new game? What do you miss from the first? What path did you take, favorite characters, etc.
Please boldly state when you are using spoilers, so as not to give anything away to those who haven't beaten the game. Example:
Saren kills Nihlus on Eden Prime


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You, friend, have asked the perfect question. Mass Effect 2 has a combat style very similar to Gears of War (cover based) as well as squad tactics, and it has a deep choice based story. 10/10 from me, and a 96 on metacritic. Buy this game.


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(I hope you all will forgive this instance of necromancy; I know the archmage has banned it, but this is my brainchild which I wish not to forsake. Feel free to join if it sounds interesting.)
     Severus left his ship in the docking bay, dropping 30 Kittel in the currency receptacle by the bay door (Kittel is the currency on Mandalore, there is no longer a universal currency such as "credits" because most hyperspace trade routes are forgotten or no longer functioning. Kittel are called Kit' for short). After walking down a few dusty streets, he turned upon a riot in a town square. There was a body hanging on a makeshift gallows, not appearing to be a Mandalorian. Severus had been away for a few years, obviously customs had shifted some. In fact, he was not even sure who was the leader in the absence of a Mand'alor. In front of the gallows were a few armored Mandalorians, who were holding off sith protesters. Sith had been allowed to live on Mandalore, but tensions were rising. Suddenly the eyes of the still body opened, but the pupils were orange; at this exact moment, all the screaming and wind and noise of all kind stopped. The people still yelled, but with no effect. The reanimated body raised its hands, and all the metal below him pulled up, in the manner of water, but appearing as fire. At this moment Severus fired his MAP pistol and Marlko opened up with his heavy blaster. The laser beams spread out like fireworks upon hitting the air in front of the apparent sith, and the bullets from Severus' gun melted. They continued the barrage in futility before charging the sith. It was too focused on something else to notice them. Just when Severus was about to throw a grenade, the sith disappeared. Shortly after, a blue energy wave shot out in all directions, with a bang, breaking the silence. The Mandalorians had chased off the protesters that weren't already running, and one came up to Severus.
"You have returned" he said.
"Indeed I have, and it seems just in time for war".

Which Avatar are you referring to? If it is actually Avatar (by James Cameron) there isn't a cartoon of it that I am aware of. If it is The Last Airbender you are referring to, that is a cartoon, but I wouldn't call it sci-fi. It's fantasy manga nonsense. And District 9 was great, see it. Good sci-fi.