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great point smile and thats where the "in my eyes" part comes into play. because some people do claim anyone who kills is evil, but then there are people more open minded, accepting, or they are just used to it. just like in real life, some ppl dont consider cops to be evil, but they do kill right? same with the military, murder is murder is murder, but its just how you see it. i guess it all just boils down to morals =P


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wow, couldnt read through all 7 pages, but my 2 cents-- he could have survived if he had that fancy collar to protect his neck that boba later had added on smile and jango wasnt that bad, but i think his only weakness is that he relies more on strength, than strategy, which explains why boba fett was able to live longer than his father did. he took things more head on.  no offense of course


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have you read revelation yet?

thanks! i do like this site, a lot!

he should have, but if fett had as much action as he should...he wouldnt be as cool as he is now! everybody would have become tired of hearing about him...plus, the whole mystery about that bounty hunter sort of reflects his COOL personality, how hes of few words..cold...a loner type etc. i think things worked out perfectly

well IF  boba was force sensitive, jango would have had to be, and thats a whole nother story. he could have been cuz it could have been a jedi master paying a visit to his house on concord dawn instead of the true mandalorians/death watch. but bo...he would never! especially since a jedi doesnt get a taste of real combat using a lightsaber, a jedi killed his father and..i can just go on about this for hours lol


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i dont know if this has already been said-- but he's a businessman. he buys stocks and owns a LOT of property. in bloodlines, when the housing market was doing good, he bought 5 houses. then he always gets upgraded and the rest he just saves...he was close to broke when he got sick though because he was on meds constantly


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yeah that was a handful to read, but i kind of support the farming mining idea seeing it as they are self made and independant, in one of the newer books it was said they had to get food imported since the vong had killed their soil. makes complete sense, and they do distrubite weaker versions of the metal etc so they can have the advantage in their armor. of course, since they are also businessmen, the use of droids can get the job done when they are not able to.

nomadic can be long term, or short term. it just means you have no permanent base and are known to move around. a mandalorian could live so many years, but the culture is long lived, so u have to see it collectively as if the culture itself is one lifetime -from my point of view- ..so several years on one planet can be like one season. lucky for them on mandalore, they were able to still use the land, however, instead of wandering around, the mandalorians do plan to make mandalore more like a fortress so it could be more permanent smile

about 300..i've only seen it twice, i do know of a spartan fanatic though i can ask lol. the guy knows just about every line to that movie!


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fett actually isnt evil in my eyes, he has a strict moral code. i mean, hes honest, he keeps his word and gets the job done. whether he was workin for the good guys or bad, u know he can be loyal to his word. he doesnt believe in sex outside of marriage either, he loathes han solo because he ran spice which was illegal, then after that he just had a personal grudge against solo. there are other reasons why but i dont want to spoil certain books

fett does unmask...all the mandalorians just about in sacrifice, revelation etc knows his face. his doctor knows his face, and when he was hunting down the butcher of montellian serat [i think thatsthe name] he wasnt even wearing armor! just shorts armed with some arrows and a knife. the people who rescued him after he escaped the sarlacc saw him also


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No youre not the only nut job, my personality kind of is like how his is depicted because my attitude is kind of cold and i live with my own set of moral codes. the only difference maybe is that i tend to joke around when i do. i admire that guy, if i can't live a life just like him and become that feared image in every scumbag's nightmares then i can live through him haha. wouldnt mind a guy like him either but who knows.

there was something else important i was going to say but oh well. Oh, and my pockets are being emptied out collecting boba fett stuff smile


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I haven't read all the replies so correct me if i'm wrong, but according to what ive picked up, from books in all:

The mandalorians are a nomadic group.  They do not care about race/species, just culture.  They are experts in the art of hunting, and fighting, and also close combat using the beskad.  They mine, because mandalorian metal is strong, and they market what products they make out of that metal.  In the off seasons, a lot of mandalorians are smithies and farmers [except boba fett of course] and because they dont believe in bloodlines, they tend to adopt a lot of kids, and train them to fight-- you're not a real man untli you train.  They are cold blooded fighters when they need to survive, but loving and caring at home [again, except boba fett]

I'd kind of disagree on the spartans part because they remind me more of the maori. Maybe because the two distinctive faces of the two most famous mandalorians-- jango and boba fett were played by maoris, but when the europeans [pakehas] started settling on new zealand, some were sort of "adopted" by the tribes and trained as warriors, some also earned the right to be tattooed. The mandalorians are more ihgh tech of course, but new zealand was a land that was discovered by the maori, and if ou look up some maori weapons, a lot of them resemble the beskad. The women of the maori are elite too.


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I liked the book...well ever since the last half of bloodlines, i've just been exclusively reading on boba fett and skipped the jedi parts [theyre kind of boring] lots of things get revealed in this book though wink its worth it