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thanks werda verd and ralin drakus! i will take you both up on your offers! i have a giant birthday card due this week but already have rough images in my head.

ralin drakus. i like tht idea! its a challenge that i'm up for.

and werda verd, my team is the new orleans saints! where did you get the meanings behind those colors though?


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dude, you must be psychic. i was thinking of making it black and gold! those are my team colors so im a black and gold manic! i was thinking a beskad too. its described in one of the new books so i can just find the passage again and try to envision it. if you want more specifics go ahead lol


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well the one request so far sounds good! its not a selfish request and sounds like something everyone can enjoy! i will take you up on that werda verd -grins-

btw i had tried a custom "unmasked" mando last year which didnt work out too well lol. here goes!


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So i am officially bored with this internet thing and want to get back to drawing [samples in my old post called 'some new drawings']

anyone have any ideas or requests?

i have a few ideas but those are long term projects, and therefore "surprises" >=)


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wow! that is awesome! PROPS!

i buy lunch when im at work, so it fulfills the experience. i asked for that toy everytime but they never had them. and of course, the workers dont know who boba fett is. so i always got stuck with clone troopers

an assassin kills public figures, a bounty hunter kills for money. so really not much of a stretch there between the two. as smart, and dangerous of a droid ig-88 is, i'm kind of peeved by him. i dont like the idea of a robot being that free-willed since they run on programs in the first place. seems kind of dumb to me. but that's just me. scrap metal it is!

my view can be biased since i'm not a big fan of droids anyways


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hmm, all good answers, i'd agree with darth maul, ig-88 and fett. vader would scare me the most though! vader is basically the "scary" from fett, maul and ig-88 combined!

sidious creeps me out too. he's so ugly i'd probably just let myself die if i saw him. and he reminds me of that creeper on poltergeist II. esp since his spirit can travel after death


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hmm...for a moment i was addicted to the mountain dew MDX. i dont like that taurine taste in energy drinks, but out of all that i have tried, amp works the best for me.

oh, and gatorade contains electrolytes and potassium. potassium is in bananas which are recommended for athletes because they provide energy =]

i heard that 5 hours energy stuff works too because of the b vitamins

hmm, old post but my two cents if need be: grey is as glum as 'his world' [tho its plenty exciting] but i do agree with the blood thing. since there are martians, insects etc and humans alike, green AND red seems right. haha. when you squish an insect, they bleed green and humans bleed red!

wow, i wasnt able to read all those replies, but i have one! it took me 13 happy meals [guess they always ran out?] and finally two days before they stopped giving them out, i got one!! unfortunately, i have this mcdonalds bulge to get rid of now >_=


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Si Titran wrote:
Cerastes_Vipera wrote:

thanks everyone! i plan on adding a background to the jango and boba ones but i have tv now so im kind of distracted haha

how do i get my art hosted on the site?

i'll be using more media later [such as chalk, paint, digital media, etc oh and photography, and i can sew] art supplies are so expensive though! -sigh- later though

From one artist to another... YES  supplies are expensive. But your work is better than mine anyway so...

crazy right? just imagine how expensive things were couple centuries ago when artists put their every investment into canvas' and paint! even reusing canvases...wow! hopefully i can cut some sort of deal with a rich guy haha. like a supplies for painting deal


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thanks everyone! i plan on adding a background to the jango and boba ones but i have tv now so im kind of distracted haha

how do i get my art hosted on the site?

i'll be using more media later [such as chalk, paint, digital media, etc oh and photography, and i can sew] art supplies are so expensive though! -sigh- later though

how cool is that! too bad i missed it on tv.. at least theres an online vid big_smile


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each took a couple of "sittings" to do..i just moved and having no tv OR internet for 2 months, you get crazy motivated lol.

chronological order, the jedi one was a gift to someone





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hoodies or shirt? lol. im working on more fett shirts right now...i bought two of the grey hoodies though and now im trying to learn how to use a sewing machine so i can make it tunic length XD


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ancient egyptians inbred too..still sick no matter what. and yes many other cultures had an organized military system, the ancient korean kingdoms revolved around royalty and military, since the king lead the soldiers into battle.

another connect i realized was that somewhere i read that boba was leaner than jango [where as jango was built, and very strong], but still succeeded because he had strategy and could use his mind like that. NOW, from another source, i read about the first group of maori soldiers [not warriors] that went to fight in an european war..they were the tallest strongest men, but when it came down to it, they surrendered, but the second battalion of soldiers were much smaller, cept they had strategy so they managed to succeed.


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Mandal_ShadowWarrior wrote:


Then you missed quite a bit.

perhaps..i can always go back to those parts tho, or just read the spoiler hahaha..i dont mind some of the jedis, but that whole world revolving around jacen solo...-yawn-


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hmm..i like the tales of the bounty hunters, and the boba fett parts in the books by karen traviss, i always enjoy the graphic novels..SW tales 7, enemy of the empire, but no matter what, my all time favorite SERIES is the kid boba fett series!! thats right! they get straight to the point and i like learning how boba grows from a kid, to the galaxys best bounty hunter!


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kind of late but here!

http://img384.imageshack.us/img384/9043 … 5smph3.jpg

i also bought the vadar one in black cuz...black is cool. lol and i didnt stop there! heres a shirt i painted and altered


with wings, he would be much worse. wings can make a person lazy and clumsy because like mentioned, he wouldnt be as agile, and he'd be heavy and would take too much space. with a human body and a jetpack, not only does his body work more but also his mind for him to be able to use the jetpack strategically at the right moment. its better to be independant of certain things because it makes you work harder in some ways, but also, your mind grows.

if humans had wings, no one would have invented the airplane


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well, whats considered murder or not is strictly just opinion and how different societies work. however, the deed is still the same, so really, it just boils down to how people are

and thanks terron, haha, i dug that from my old star wars folder but i think i wanna get that title decaled on my car when i get one


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i think everyone has come to an agreement and everybodys added their 2 cents lol. and sick! *the inbreeding thing*


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not really a mechanical leg...fett definitely had more technology than anakin or luke because he had taun we clone the leg for him. also, he isnt completely heartless because in one of the comics, he was to kill someone who tips him off to a jedi, the guy though had  jedi father, and a young son. so fett went back n killed the scumbag that tried to set him off in another direction


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ya what i meant was there are times when its necessary but morals determine what makes a person evil or not