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I've never been a fan of "real working parts" on a costume.  Especially when you're talking flamethrowers and rocket launchers.  Then you get into an area of danger with the people around you.  I mean, have you ever looked through a mando helmet and seen the range of view?  Kind of limited.  Last thing you need is little Tommy's hair being toasted off at his birthday party when you tried to light the candles on his cake.


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I enjoy Traviss' books.  Why do hardcore fans of something always have to have it THEIR way?  You like the Boba from the original movies...ok, I'm cool with that.  You don't like the Boba from the books.  Ok...so then don't read them.  Nobody says that you have to like and read everything that even slightly relates to Boba...

But then again...I am talking to members of a Boba Fett fan club... big_smile  Eh, just get over it.  Pretend like the books don't exist in your world.  Don't pee on everyone else's cheerios.


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Blue silver and brown?  Possibly is he mistaking Jango for another version of Boba?

Ok, no problem.  Was just getting a little worried cause I hadn't seen any updates.  Thanks!  Good luck to everyone!

Any more news about this yet?