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...is boots.

Nah, a Ferrari wouldn't look good with that "green and pockmarked with laser blasts" look that Boba is so famous for.  I think a 'vette could pull it off.  Oh, and I'm a fan of mc chris and that song, but I'm not so fond of some of this videos that use it.

What do I like best about Boba Fett?  He's like the Star Wars version of Clint Eastwood.  He dispenses justice quickly and efficiently, and doesn't waste too much time talking about it.  He's got his own grey set of morals, and he doesn't let anyone or anything compromise them.  If you look in the dictionary under badass you'll see Boba Fett's picture.

Hi everyone.  Just registered yesterday, and thought I'd introduce myself.  Looks good so far, heh heh.