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Griffin saw the commando's jump from the gunship, Smiling to himself he got up and started prowling further into the front line, Firing his Rifle from his shoulder, Hitting several droids

"Squad hang back, I'm better on my own" He winked back as a blaster shot whizzed by his helmet, he turned the wink into a shrug as fired four shots into the Droid

Still prowling further forward he dived behind the ruins of a blown out building, a tower it had once been called.

"Bravo two zero, Bring that heavy blaster up here and let rip DOUBLE TIME!" Griffin shouted into his comms, Two men instantly started running towards the first Lieutenant diving down and setting the heavy blaster up, The diagonal view of the battlefield gave them a wide view and a huge target zone

"Let rip" Griffin patted the shoulders off the soilders and took up a prone position and began firing again into the mass of the droids.

Griffin grinned as he brought his rilfe up to his shoulder firing off a few blasts, Hitting a droid twice in the chest and once in the head. Looking over the Lt. Colonel Maris he couldnt stop a smirk.

"Good ole' commander, hates the guts out of cowards" He said to himself, Still firing off controlled bursts into the droids yet they still came, They had caught the clones by suprise, cutting down the few squads there where.

"Hey sir, I say you should of blasted that other Toon' Commander while you had the chance" Griffin chuckled into the comms

Still Griffin fired into the Droids ranks
"You!" Griffin shouted to a nearby clone sergeant


"Take your fire team and secure that building" Griffin indicated to a tall tower looking building with a balcony

"Yes sir" The sergeant replied running back over to his team and giving them the orders, which they nodded to in approval and began for the building.

"Sir? Should we hold or fall back to regroup where scattered around everywhere here sir, And where the hell are our gunships!?" Griffin Enquired to Maris over the comms

Griffin stood in the command center observing the many screens, Helmet under his arm, rifle slung around his back with its safety off. Observing one screen closely, A small starfighter had just landed, Lt. Colonel Maris had gone to see the unknown personally, Seeing the cockpit open and a jedi leaping forth from it, he saw the two clash.

"Nice welcome huh?" Griffin chuckled to himself

Placing his helmet down on a nearby table he took out a small datapad, which told him off all the current ops in place and if anyone needed any reinforcments,

"Hmmm its been too quiet, Surely 'Gamma' has woke up the beast by now" Grinning to himself
Griffin then looked upto the screen to see the Lt. Colonel approaching the command center.
As he did Griffin paid no notice what so ever, Just giving the Lt. Colonel a nod before reverting his attention to the Jedi, Griffin was glad that they had got some reinforcements at least, Though he didnt know how much difference one jedi would make to turn the tide on a whole CIS army which outnumbered this republic army by at least ten to one.

Griffin walked out side of the Command center and stared upon the night sky smiling

"Its whole new week"

Griffin stood at a balcony overlooking most of the settlement. It was small but crowded, Looking down at the roster he saw that a few commando and alpha class recon commando's where out on spec ops over the moon. Griffin though to himself
"Must be hard for those [Patting the roster] No air support, No Ground support and death defying odds"
The Lt. Colonel was playing a risky game too, On the front line himself, conducting house to house raids but reinforcements had been promised, Also talks of a jedi master had began popping up more and more frequently.
Griffin removed his helmet and tossed it behind him onto his bunk, His DC15 carbine still slung round his back, He removed his gauntlets and looked at his hands and chuckled. Time to play the waiting game, The republic and the CIS where going through a quiet time, each consulting its forces and reaquiring its numbers, But the republic where about to kick start it back up, with a squad of republic commandos, Tasked to take out a medium sized Forward refuelling base, Just to show the CIS where not giving up without a fight.
Griffin Sniggered before walking back in, picking his helmet up and making his way down to the command bunker.

Name: clone ARC Lieutenant Griffin, Clone designation; CL 5593

Age: 9

Species: human, clone

Allegiance: Republic

Occupation: A soldier of the republic, He has spent his whole life fighting for freedom

Clothing and armor: standard issue Clone armor with the appropiate blue markings and several stripes running down his arm for the campaigns he had fought in over the years.

Weapons: DC 15 blaster carbine

Short character description: 'Griffin'  is an easy going clone, Relaxed and cool headed even in the most dire of crisis's. A reliable and loyal Clone. He is an amazing leader and tactician, referred for promotion several tiimes though Griffin rejected the position and rank due to the bond he shares with his platoon. Now on the Republic settlement on naltoon six, a small moon, Where Martial law is in play, So much of his time is spent patrolling to insure that the riots stay suppressed.

'Griffin' Was out on patrol, His DC 15 carbine slung from his shoulder, firmly gripped, He squad of 3 followed behind him, Looking around. The streets where unusually quiet for this time of day.

"Okay, two teams of two, Team two take the road up, 7814 With me, where checking the cantina" Griffin spoke into his helmet

"Roger that sir" Came the answer
With that Griffin and his squaddie approached the Cantinna door, opening it slowly. The whole place was bustling then became suddenly quiet as Griffin shadowed the door way, Gripping his rifle even tighter.

Griffin walked through the rows of tables examining each person slowly, while his partner did on the other side of the cantina

"Sir, time to knock off, Delta squad is here to relieve us!" Came the voice of 9250 of the other two man patrol. Griffin and 7814 slowly walked to the door and out.

"Something fishy going on in there Sergeant" Griffin said as he patted him on the shoulder and began the walk back to HQ.

"Sir! One of our assault teams is getting wiped out!!!! There encountering heavy resistance, from a bloody space ship!" Tigs shouted over to Griffin

"What!? we where told we had Air supperioty here what the feck is going on!?" Griffin shouted back

"The fleets pretty much destroyed sir, Command just issued a tactical retreat to all key personell, Thats Us!" Was his answer

"What!? Dam it! so they just sent that transmission to those who cant be expended! Disgraceful!" Griffin sighed "Okay well our LZ's down so where gonna have to make a new one, We got our Cruiser, the Alisano just out of harms reach, there gonna send down a couple of transports when there's a lull in the battle! So dig in and stay frosty!" Griffin told his squad

With that griffin sat down on the nearest log he could find, checked the motion scanner....nothing. Removed his helmet and lit up a cigar.

(( Lets get this RPG back into full swing eh? tongue cant get rid of a classic just like that!!! ))


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The suprise attack caught Griffin by suprise, The civilian, if thats what he was anyway, had threw a flash and a cryoban grenade at the attacker,

"Alpha one, unde fire. Tigs, Wolf cover the door blast anyone coming out who looks suspicious!, Lance go round see if you can cut him off!" Griffin barked into his comms unslinging his E-11 and taking aim at the enemy

"Halt in the name of the emperor!" The attacker had a jet pack, but in this environment it would be useless! also in the back ground Griffin heard the Whirring and stomping of the AT ST coming to investigate the commotion and no doubt heard Griffins comms.


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Griffin and lance approached the Alley in which the sniper team had reported the bodies,

"Okay Wolf, Tigs watch our six, where going in" Griffin said over the comm

"Roger That sir" Tigs answered in a whisper

Griffin burst round the corner of the Alley and immediately knelt down, Lance still kneeling at the corner watching down the alley.

"What in the emperor's name happened here" Griffin angrily said as he looked upon the shattered and broken corpses of a number of Shadow commando trainee's and there lay s'haskor the Storm commando.

Griffin ran over to him and knelt at his side, looking back at Lance and shook his head, The commando had died of severe bleeding.

"This is Eagle one, i need an Evac for a number of dead soldiers. My location. over"

"Roger that Eagle one, Transport is on the way stand by"

Griffin walked to the end of the Alley slinging his rifle across his shoulder. Down the street he saw the faint figure of a couple of AT ST's on Patrol. The Empire had a grasp of the city but it wouldnt be long before the Rebels tried to 'Liberate' it.

Moments later a Trast A-A5 Speeder truck appeared, out the back came four storm troopers who began stretchering the bodies into the 'Ambulance' the sergeant walked over to Griffin,

"Any idea on who sir?" He then asked

"No, None at all, who ever he is he's good. Better not be a blasted Jedi" Griffin Answered, removing his helmet and lighting up a cigar offering the Sergeant one, who great fully accepted

"We'd have troubles against a jedi i suppose, We havnt got any here, The General is in Dis array too" the sergeant chuckled

"He always is!" Griffin sighed

"Sir, Drink?" Wolf asked pointing over the cantina

"Why not" Griffin smirked making a drinking motion over to Lance and Tigs who nodded


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Dont mind if i join do you? =]

Character: Ben Griffin

Age: 23
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Affiliation: Empire, 1st lieutenant, Platoon commander of the black eagles, a shadow storm trooper spec ops group a specialist squadron of the 501st
Weapon: E-11 blaster rifle with extended barrel and an optical site on top, a ceremonial type vibroblade hung on his assault belt on his left side, (right handed)

Appearance: A tall and muscular man with implants in him, literally making him half robot. The implants increase strength, stamina and reflexes. He wears the black armor of a shadow storm trooper, All black with the left pauldron bearing a darker Eagle (Similar to the Parachute regiment cap badge).
He has shortish brown hair with bright blue eyes.

History: Most of his history was destroyed when they put griffin on the experimental X-1 project, Wiping his emotional memories to stop him from letting them get in the way of the mission. All though untouched was his need for a female partner and the bond he shares between his platoon and faith in his commanders set above him. The earliest he can remember to was the start of this war with the rebels. Where he was with the initial actions on Chandrilla with a small squad of the 501st, since then commands from high command formed a small platoon of these into the black eagles with him being the platoon commander all though only one section of these men where around, ( 8 )

Griffin sat in the armory cleaning his E-11, The imperial fortress was a big place but it was constantly being attacked by the rebels, the rebels also appeared to have air superiority which was a bummer. An imperial fleet would perhaps soon be here to lend some support, the imperial force where seriously under manned, only the automated turrets on the fortress and the mens resilience stopped the rebels overwhelming the defense.

Griffin was going to lead a recon team into the city, the rebels had been spotted more and more there. he had picked three of his best men, Tigs, Lance and Wolf. Tigs and Wolf where expert snipers while Lance was more....brutal prefering heavy blasters and big bangs rather than the silent death. Donning on there Black armor, they all held rank, Tigs and Lance being corporal while Wolf was a color sergeant with the appropiate ranks etched in a darker shade on the arms, Griffins being two pips also etched into his armor. Of course in barracks the darker markings would be replaced with a white and gold mark.

With that the fire team made there way into the city, The snipers taking mark watching Griffin and lance's movement on the ground as they did a foot patrol where they lost contact with a storm commando trainee squad lead by a full fledged commando, he was a good one too, Griffin had known him well. The civilians of Chandrille grew wary and hostile towards Griffin and Lance but they knew what they where and didnt dare trouble them. Slowly walking the city with sniper cover Griffin smirked under his helmet

"What a nice welcome eh?" Griffin said to Lance

"Oh yes sir, im suprised there not throwing us a party...They all share the same expressions, like there all dead" Lance said back turning around walking backwards for a few paces

"Ha yea, Wolf? Tigs? You see anything?" Griffin asked

"Sir funny you should ask then, we just saw a figure run from down an alley way. we can see a black shadow there well a few, all motionless, two clicks north west" Wolf answered

"Roger that where on it, you get that lance?"

"Yes sir lets move" Lance replied with that the two Eagles began hurrying to the alley.

The star wars universe is very good i admit but the sheer numbers and specialist troops of the WH universe would win, yes star wars has better space ships, but WH is also set over an entire universe. Space marines and others can teleport onto enemy ships and take them over.
It would be a battle lasting years upon years, a battle so bad it would leave the planets barren and desserted. Trillions would perhaps die, bustling capitols would be reduced to rubble. The war would leave the universe in debt and have little chance of a full recovery.

Im also gone over the weekend, im off to scotland for some adventurous training with the army.

Hope you all have a nice weekend =]


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Your turning this into SW vs space marines only

The battle barge you provdided a picture of is a venrable, space wolves battle barge, Which is not an actual battle barge but only a cruiser which serves as a battle barge by only name

That picture of a dark trooper looks just like a bigger imp really, no difference in the armor it seems.

And your At ats would be decimated by a titan which could lay waste to thousands if not tens of thousands of imps.

And battle barges dont carry many men because they dont need to, you forget that those 800 space marines even less can take a whole planetary system extremely fast. The battle barge is practically a flying city. Then you get the likes of the fortress monestries which some chapters use as there flag ship this can be as big as large moon

Space marine terminators also need to be brought in, wearing tactical dreadnaught armor these elite are very hard to be took down,

And warhammer pictures are hard to find due to it being a table top game where as star wars has its movies for pictures.

As for your jedi's Libarians can use there type of the 'force' to practically make there minds explode, or Chaos libarians can use it to take there minds off them turning them into obediant little puppies.

Then the chaos has there gods too.
Necrons are pretty much invincible, after there destroyed years later they can rebuild themselves
Daemon hunter; grey knights can be prettyyy darn handy too

And as for your planet destroyers they require shielding from a seperate source right?
A strike team of kasrkins or space marines can take this out one by one, take over the death star using boarding torpedoes and wa'la warhammer universe have a host of star destroyers, bring in the mechaneus dudes, up gun them with a few bits and bobs.

The imperial guard number in there tens of billions capable fighting soldiers with billions of tanks at there command.

The space battles will be a close battle but i think that the boarding of the bigger ships by space marines and the elite of the other races would just about win it for the space marines.

The space marines fleet and the imperial navy has bigger and better space craft than that of the starwars and halo fleets.

typically the most powerful class of spacecraft operated by an Astartes Chapter, the Battle Barge is also the rarest, with few Chapters fielding more than two or three. Equally at home combating enemy vessels in space as bombarding enemy held planets or unleashing up to three Companies of Marines with pinpoint accuracy Battle Barges are the core of Astartes power. So feared are these vessels that even the rumour of a Battle Barge deploying to a restless system is often enough to quell rebellions and quiet any malcontents.

Astartes Vessel Crews
Astartes vessels are, in comparison with Imperial Navy ships, highly automated and crewed by a relatively small number of Chapter serfs. These men are fanatically loyal to their Astartes masters and constitute a skilled and dangerous force for any foe foolish enough to board such a vessel. Astartes crews also include former Marine aspirants who have failed the demanding initiation rites of the Chapter. These men have often received advanced training or even partial geneseed enhancement during the novitiates and such serfs often serve in senior roles aboard ship. These Chapter serfs support the efforts of a skeleton crew of Astartes specialists including TechMarines who see to the machine spirits of each vessel and the Captain and command crew of the vessel.

Heavily armed and armored, Battle Barges are designed to safely and rapidly deploy Astartes forces to trouble spots. Able to transport up to four Companies and to deploy up to three of them simultaneously Battle barges represent a force capable of single-handedly taking or re-taking almost any planetary system.

Primarily armed with heavy bombardment canons capable of devastating even the heaviest enemy vessels or the toughest of planetary defences Battle Barges also carry lighter weapons batteries better suited to smaller or more numerous targets. This heavy armament together with their massive shielding and armor plate make them relatively slow and unwieldy vessels. Their ungainliness is however, offset to a large degree by their heavy automation and superbly trained crews whilst the genetically enhanced skills and centuries of experience of their Astartes Captains often give them an even larger edge in ship to ship combat. Battle Barges are also armed with a number of torpedo tubes and carry a range of warheads, from cyclonic ('planet buster') to plasma torpedoes designed to destroy capital warships.


These amazing vessels also serve as mobile workshops and armories for Astartes forces and are capable of manufacturing munitions or repairing almost any of the equipment required by a Marine force short of Land Raiders or Terminator armour. Many Battle Barges, particularly those assigned to carry the Veteran First Company of a Chapter are also equipped with arcane teleportation devices.

Also common amongst Battle Barges are fully-fledged Apothecariums where the warrior-medics of a Chapter are able to heal even grievously wounded Marines or to implant suitable recruits with the sacred geneseed of the Chapter to bring the ship's company back to full strength. Battle barges also include chapels, massive training battlefields and blessed, sanctified rooms where the Chapter's Librarians may study the signs and omens of the warp or commune with other members of the Chapter in distant star systems.

Death from Above

Battle Barges are equipped with several means of dispatching troops to their targets, the most common being the Thunderhawk, an intra-system vessel capable of operation in space or atmosphere. Able to carry up to 30 Marines or several vehicles, Thunderhawks also provide invaluable logistical support to deployed Marines as well as offering considerable strike power through a combination of missiles, bombs and canon.

Often employed alongside the Thunderhawk is the Astartes Drop Pod, able to hold between 5 or 10 Marines and capable of being deployed within minutes of translation from Warp space to Real space these pods are used to launch the characteristically rapid assaults of the Astartes. They are also capable of transporting Astartes Dreadnoughts or automated weapon systems.

Boarding torpedoes are also used by many Battle Barges though they hold a more specific role in Astartes warfare, being reserved to assault enemy vessels and space hulks. Capable of holding up to half a Company of Marines, boarding torpedoes are often used in surprise attacks on space fortresses or enemy command vessels, their assault often being the signal for a more general attack by an Astartes fleet.

As you can see that, it describes as how one battle barge can capture a whole Planetary system, not just one planet, a WHOLE system.

Plust The halo and starwars armies are made from humans, who need sleep, food and drink.
Space marines Require no sleep, little food and little drink. They can fight 24/7, do not suffer from moral, are immune to fear. The imperial guard numbers in there billions drawn across thousands of planets.

And i come onto the T'au, These men are masters of Armed combat, utilizing rail guns capable of penetrating any type of armor with ease.

Combining the T'au 's firepower further onmore into the space marines. you have quite a feasable army.

So where saying here
Chaos Marines,  Daemonhunters, Dark Eldar, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Necrons, Sisters of Battle, Space Marines, Space Orks, Tau and Tyranids.


Halo and star wars?
and most notably from there would be, Halo humies, covies, rebels, imps, mando's and the others.

It would be a battle but a battle that the warhammer universe would win pretty quickly

Indeed mandal your upped halo and star wars army couldnt even come close to the space marines chapters, a small squad enough to destroy 1000 space marines? neutral ( that is right isnt it? 1000 space marines to a chapter?)
The space marines are super humans, gods among mortals, they symbolize perfect warriors, there training is Enough to kill spartans alone in my opinion.
The basic equipment of a space marine, correct me if im wrong:

The power armor, Mk.VII 'Imperator' Armour and Mk VIII Power Armour: Errant Armour are the standard issue to space marines, the later being for sergeants or higher i think. Which is capable of surviving in any enviroment and withstanding A high degree of punishment.

There standard issue rifle is a .75 calibre bolter, capable of firing
    * Bolts: regular ammunition
    * Kraken Penetrator Rounds: equipped with an adamantium tip designed to penetrate the hardest armour, the Kraken rounds offer even better penetration than standard rounds
    * Inferno Rounds: rounds filled with flammable materials instead of explosives, they ignite on detonation, burning a target from the inside out in many cases
    * Hellfire rounds: contains a potent mix of poisons, bacteria and acids that cause massive tissue damage to the target. Often designed with specific targets in mind (i.e. Tyranids)
    * Stalker rounds: silenced ammunition using a gas launched ignition system to remove noise/muzzle flash, range is considerably less than regular bolts
    * Metal Storm rounds: fragmenting rounds designed to explode in much the same way as a fragmentation grenade

A chainsword or chain weapon, commonly found used by squad leaders can cut through most armor alone, hacking at limbs severing them, if not the tendons and veins creating mass bleeding and eventually death.

Power weapons include such as
The following is a list of the most common forms of power weapons found amongst the Adeptus Astartes:

    * Power Sword - By far the most common power weapon, the power sword is favoured by a large majority of Imperial Servants for its versatility in both attack and defence. Less frequently seen versions include smaller powered knives. Notable power swords are the Dark Angel Sword of Secrets and the Black Sword of the Emperor's Champion Sigismund.

    * Power Axe - A less often seen pattern of power weapon, the power axe is nonetheless used by many warriors, especially those hailing from worlds where the axe is commonly used, such as Fenris. It can be wielded much like a sword, but relies on hacking and slashing rather than stabbing. Well-known Power Axes include the Axe Morkai and the Axes of Ultramar.

    * Power Maul - A relatively rare weapon, the power maul relies on its mass and concussive power to damage targets, rather than an edged blade. In the hands of a skilled wielder it can inflict grievous wounds. Power mauls have traditionally been a symbol of office for many Adeptus Arbites judges, yet they have also found favour with certain Space Marine Chapters. The Traitor Warmaster Horus is often depicted carrying a power maul in battle, and it was a common armament of early Space Marine Terminator squads.

    * Lightning Claws - A lightning claw consists of several miniature bladed power weapons that extrude from a housing in the user's wrist, or a gauntlet's digits. Designed to slash and stab at the enemy with great speed, a pair of Lightning claws can inflict raking wounds that are hard to dodge or parry.

    * Power Fist - Also known as a power glove, the power fist is a large armoured gauntlet that is sheathed in the same disruptive energy field that is used in other powered weapons. However, it relies on punching and crushing attacks to inflict damage on the enemy, lending great strength to the user's punches. When worn in conjunction with a suit of powered or Terminator armour, the strength is even more significantly improved, allowing the bearer to punch through even armoured vehicles and buildings with ease. A power fist may be switched off to allow the user normal usage of his hand. Powerfists are a standard weapon employed by most Astartes Terminator units.

      When fitted with a powered chainblade attachment, the powerfist is capable of cutting neatly through walls, bulkheads and armour plate, augmenting the squad's already formidable anti-armour capabilities, and allowing a squad easy passage through obstacles and buildings.

    * Thunder Hammer - A thunder hammer is a powered hammer that has been modified to emit a strong blast of energy on impact, often shocking or incapacitating any target able to withstand the hit. The sound of an impact from this mighty weapon resembles a thunderclap, and is the source of the thunder hammer's name. Thunder hammers are often used by Terminator assault squads in conjunction with a Storm Shield, protecting the wielder as he strikes.

This is just a small array of equipment, not going into melta weapons, plasma weapons or las weapons (Lascannon, not the las gun haha tongue )

And to top it off just imagine a land raider

    * Weight: 72 tonnes
    * Height: 4.11m
    * Length:10.3m
    * Width: 6.1m


    * Crew: 2 (Driver, Commander)
    * Max Speed: 55kph (48kph off-road)
    * Engines: Adaptable Thermic Combustion w/Auxiliary Reactor
    * Main armament: 2 x Twin Linked Lascannons
    * Secondary armament: Twin Linked Heavy Bolters
    * Ammo Capacity: Lascannons: Unlimited (reactor can recharge powerpacks as long as it has fuel). Heavy Bolters: 2,600 rounds
    * Transport Capacity: 10 fully armoured and equipped Astartes or 5 Tactical Dreadnought Armour equipped Astartes
    * Armour: 95mm Advanced Composites including adamantium plate, titanium/plasteel plate, ablative and ceramite layers that provides protection similar 300mm conventional steel protection at greatly reduced weight


    * Capable of operation in inhospitable environments such as toxic atmospheres, death worlds, hard vacuum, high & low gravity etc. Able to operate in water exceeding 35m deep
    * M32 'Cyclops' class Machine Spirit, comparable in ability to Machine Spirits used by Warhound & Reaver Titans
    * Advanced communications gear & holographic display linked to Cyclops class Machine Spirit allows it to act as a command centre for expeditionary forces
    * Squad monitoring equipment: allows vehicle commander to remotely monitor vital signs of Marines assigned to transport
    * Transportable via Thunderhawk Transporter making it possible to field in the most unexpected locations
    * Excellent mobility - wide tracks provide low ground pressure and offer ability to traverse virtually any terrain
    * Includes medicae facilities for treating injured Astartes
    * Energy systems capable of recharging Astartes power armour and energy weapons
    * On-board stores sufficient to allow embarked squad to campaign for extended period
    * Adaptable engine allows the Land Raider to run on a variety of fuels such as fossil fuels, gas, plant derived oils etc.
    * Onboard shrine ensures spiritual well-being of embarked troops

With a squad of these space marines on. The land raider would easily smash past a defence line, deploy its cargo and wa'la.
The land raider is practically a moving bunker.


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Name: Ben Griffin
Age: 26
Species: Human
Occupation: Mercenary
Clothing and armor: Dark brown robes with hood, A heavy durasteel armor breast plate, gauntlets and boots, concealed by the robes and a small head set.
Weapons: A KX-60 Blaster Rifle and a small vibroblade, (like a combat/survival knife)
Short character description: Standing at 5 foot 10, Griffen is hardy man. with long brown hair and a short stubby goatee. He has no distinguising marks except for a slight scar running down the left side of his face.

Griffin walked the barren plains of the planet, what once had been a battlefield it seemed. Burnt out walkers littered the ground unrecognizable. just a pile of junk, even that, is all that remained But someone had found use of it. A group of pirates had settled down here to use the parts for there ships and buildings and the terrain to cover them from any strikes But Griffin was hired to take down the leader of this syndicate, bringing his KX-60 Blaster Rifle to his shoulder he lowered his hood and prowled the debris untill he heard someone.

"Lets see, i guess we can use this!" The voice was blunt and lacked any expression nor emotion

"No you cant but i can use you" Griffin placed the barrel of his gun to the mans neck "One shot and your head goes for a tumble" Griffin winked "Now wheres your leader....."

"Im here...." Griffin spun around only to see the pirate captain and two lackeys flanking him blaster pistols raised at the position of Griffins chest

"Oh crap" Griffin whispered before shrugging, as the pirate who he recently had at gun point took out his blaster, Griffin spun around snapping the mans wrist taking the pistol from his hand and using him as a shield firing two blasts of it; dead into the lackeys surrounding the captain.

"Now your turn" Griffin then grinned snapping his 'shields' neck

The captain fired three shots into the 'shield' taking the hits leaving Griffin unscarred, griffin then spun to the right firing three shots, two hitting the pirate captain in the chest the third hitting him right between the eyes.

Griffin walked to the captain's corpse, placing his right foot on his chest and lighting a cigar up

"That'll pay well i hope"

(( Little introduction to my character, hope its okay ))

Gormans squad slowly prowled the corridors of the abandoned base.

"Did you hear that?" Private Harley asked

"Nooope i didnt hear crap" Gorman answered "Anything on the scanner?"

"Just a few minor blips sir, must be rats or something"

"Oooo never thought of that ha!" Harley chuckled bringing relaxing his smart gun a bit

Gorman was thinking to himself, For a base that was abandoned due to unknown reasons it must not of been a battle or rebellion, there was no marks of battle anywhere, and no corpses.

"Sir, Master Sergeant Caz here, we got power to the base, stand by!" Gormans radio suddenly burst to live

The whirring of motors could be heard followed by lights beginning to flicker

"Power restore.....complete sir, heading to your location now out"

"Okay team one get this place operational!" Gorman called out

"Bravo this is alpha, the base is operational, nothing on the scanners though, But they have locked down the sub ground levels, heavily locked down, Can you guys get on the blower to command and fill me in on your arrival? over"

"Roger that alpha, We'll do the talking you do the securing out"

"Okay Team one, go out in 3 teams of four, one team here with me, scout out the base see if you can find anything, now move it!" Gorman shouted

With that the three teams moved to secure the base

WH40k win without a doubt
The space marines or imperial guard alone would defeat them i think
Titans are just sexy
Imperial armor is just gorgeous:
Leviathan Command Centre
and good ole trusty the baneblade

And the primarchs? Gee there pretty hardy, they could kill a ton of spartans easily i think

And even if it was before the heresy, The space marines then where a lot bigger wernt they? and the emperor was alive.....certain doom for the enemies of the emperor

The emperor + Horus together? tongue ouch

haha this Post has made me happy
i love warhammer!

The UD4L Cheyenne made its preliminary sweep of the abandoned compound

"There!" Lt. Gorman pointed out to the pilots, the base had a deserted landing pad

"Okay hang on coming down fast" The pilot responded as he bagan landing the UD4L

"Dont land we'll jump, better safe than sorry. just keep it steady" Gorman said as he patted the pilot on the shoulder before grabbing his M41a and running to the ramp and jumping off in one swift movement
His men then followed

Gorman gave out his hand signals to secure the DZ

"Take that APC back delta 1 we wont need it just yet" Gorman said over his comms

"Okay we need to get power back to the whole base, alpha platoon listen in, I'll take a team to the command center, designated team one, team two lead by Caz make your way to where ever you can turn the power on and give me some power!"

"Roger that sir" came the feminine voice of caz over the radio

"This is bravo platoon, we got Company aboard sir, were gonna land 3 clicks west of your location and set up camp, ETA 10"

"Roger that Bravo, out" Gorman replied

With that gorman entered one of the corridors on the right was a few arrows:
Armory, Scientific studies, Labs 1, 2 and 3, barracks area, cantine and Command center

"Bingo, Stay frosty team" Gorman whispered as he raised his pulse rifle to his shoulder and began prowling the corridor to the command center

"This is team two, were en route to the power command unit, out" Caz whispered over the comms


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"Tell The chilly fox A platoon is going down, B platoon you guys can wait for your share of the fun" Lt. Gorman said as he fastened the chin strap on his helmet.

"Pathfinder platoon, Check your computer read outs and report in, you got 20 secs to do so" He then said as he lifted down the harness in the UD4L Cheyenne, Also attached was one of the M577 A.P.C.

Then over the radio came the all clear from 15 of his men, the other half where staying behind if they where needed they could be deployed using drop pods in a matter of minutes.

"Sir, my read out says i got enough oxygen in me to say im dead or im gonna die in one second" One of the private's called over

"Give the console a bang on the wall" Caz shouted over, the platoons sergeant, Scarily enough Caz was a girl

"Ahh Caz you always resolve to hitting things" Gorman called over

"Learnt from yourself sir" she winks back, Caz was one of the four smartgunners on board.

"Lets do this thing!" Gorman shouted as he gave the pilot the thumbs up,

"Roger that sir, ETA 15 minutes till drop zone, How bout' some music" The pilot called over as he put on the classical Rise of the Valkyries on.

Lt. Gorman sighed "You americans and your crazy ideals" He grinned

The pilot just winked back and turned the volume up


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"This is Halcyon sorry about the wait chilly fox, we've dispatched a recce team, about 4 hours ago, we lost contact with them 20 minutes ago they found some sort of base shortly after we lost contact so where sending down our guys in an hour or so, we'll land just outside the base an unload the APC's and scout around, you can either go with B platoon or wait till its clear and go down with A platoon, We'll take and secure the base and use it for further ops. where raising the readiness level to critical, so make sure your guys are armed, Co ordinates for the base are uh 234 east, 781 north. your sensors are stronger than ours so can you guys use em' to give us a blue print of the base? over"

Lt. Gorman stood in the armory, attaching his sling to his rifle and holstering his handguns.

"Bex? throw us a thermal mono there!" Gorman shouted over his back

"Dont you ever do anything for yourself?" Bex sighed tossing over a thermal monocular

"Why do it myself when i have a capable soldier as yourself to do it for me?" Gorman grinned back as he attached the thermal monocilar to his mounting on his helmet

Gorman then switched to his internal comms

"A toon, Prep yourself, where gonna go down with B platoon as soon as we get some sort of blue prints. I need a squad from each toon to stay behind"

"Chilly fox, this is the Halcyon, Lieutenant Gorman here, Both toons will be going down together. your welcome to join us when ever you want out"

(( Lord Revan you stole my name yikes dam you! tongue ))

Name: Lieutenant Steve Gorman, Number A09/TQ4.0.56124E3 known also as Eagle.

Species: Human Colonial marine

Gender: Male

Weapons: M41A pulse rifle, With the UGL and two M4A3 pistol

Appearance: Standing at six foot exactly, with short black hair, crew cut style, Wearing full black with his fatigues tied at the top of his standard issue assault boots wearing also a black assault vest and his respirator (British army S10 style) residing in his Respirator haversack attached to his assault vest. With a knee pad on his right knee which is painted white. He also has a british flag on his left sleeve.

Lieutenant Steve Gorman walked the corridors of a small Colonial marine patrol vessel which was closely guarding the The Chilly Fox, an exploration vessel.
On board are 2 platoons of men (64 in total) also on board are two UD4L Cheyenne's and two M577 A.P.C.

"Sir we just got word from the fox, they just picked up an SOS beacon, Were getting it too faintly. B platoon is getting Prepped, A Platoon is on stand by, Captain Loncho's orders sir" A comms operative sounded over Gorman's Personal radio.

"Go'cha. Tell the fox what where sending and ask em' if they wanna send any explorers with them" Gorman cooly replied

"roger that sir, out" Gormans answer was confirmed

"Chilly fox this is the Halcyon, We just picked up the SOS beacon, where sending down Bravo platoon, any of you guys wanna hitch a ride?"


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Griffin and the left overs of his team arrived back at the palace entrance.

"Dam it! one bloody mando did this to us! A BLOODY SINGLE ONE!" Griffin cursed throwing his blaster at the wall

"Hows the comms going?" He then calmed down. lighting up another cigar

"comms are still down sir, we got short internal comms, nothing over 5 clicks though sir!" A section commander answered

"Well im gonna get me a cup of caf!, All Alpha, relax, have a bite to eat and a drink. we aint giving up so soon" Griffin smirked back to the group

"Yes sir!" Was the answer he got back

With that Griffin proceeded to the Cafeteria, he had made it sort of. Putting his feet up on the table and pouring himself a cup of caf he began on his new plans

"Time to Utilize the underground network i think" Griffin whispered to himself with a smirk


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Hey, Always liked the American army, wanted to join myself but ofc im british and they told me to get in touch with someone for a green card etc..etc.

But now im an officer in the british army, the para's. been in only 2 years. im only 18 too, so im one of the youngest officers the british army has seen as i did my A levels in high school.

Nice to see someone else from the forces here. starting to think i was the only one.

I've got an exercise with the yanks over this summer, im going for my American wings so doing a few jumps with your airborne and i love your kit more than ours. I think the L85 is a fantastic piece of kit and i know it like its a part of me but you know how it gets you wanna play with new toys haha. I love the M4 and the M82 fantastic sniper rifle. I've just passed my sniper course 2 months ago.

Just thought that with your Viking name that you would be in the royal anglians at first, there known as the vikins.

Just wanted to pass on that you have my support, i know some people look down on the yanks but not me.