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lol funny one.

Nazde Bors wrote:

No, I would not like him. I would like the fact that he's a chicken, though.
I'd step on him, break his neck and loot his dead body or something..

Haha. Way to go, vod.


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Used to have so many of the old figures. I don't even know where they would be now.

Ralin Drakus wrote:
Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Its virus or symbiote. possibly a parastie (parasite is a type of symbiote)

Wow, A_A.  Way to take something so fine and beautiful  *to many people*  and  break it down to a bug    tongue

Reality can be deceiving. Even if we're talking about fiction here. It's strange how, more and more, people ask for realism in the fiction they watch (TV reality shows and more). Feels just like asking to watch (or even be part of) something deceiving. Makes the gap between social differences even bigger.

Ralin Drakus wrote:

All that I can see that was different was the gauntlet color (and the jet-pack it different?), so why the debate?

I agree.


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Careful, young people. THAT much coffee isn't good for you. Believe me from experience. tongue


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Si Titran wrote:

I hope I'm not being a hog here. I wrote this one last night. This is as close to sweet as I think I've ever come.

The song played softly
In the cold night
The vision of a future
So close, almost to the touch
Quiet from voices
Just two entiwined in dance
Holding each other tenderly
There is no one else
After all, the day is through
And theirs is now to each other.

Very nice, Si, very nice. And I like yours too, green. Your last one.

Welcome to all new members. I'm still kinda new, too, myself, but I think it's good, here.


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Got my first gf at age 18.

At that time I felt desperate, 18 years old seemed to me like it was an age so late, without anyone serious, ever. People around me seemed to be all couples, yet myself I was still lonely... only wanted by the ugliest gal of my school, it seemed. I wasn't THAT desperate. At some point, my sis made me meet one of her friends... girl was cute. On a desperate day among desperate days, I tried charming her. Huge surprise, I didn't get rejected. Really, I was used to "no" as an answer.

That was over 15 years ago. Years have passed and a lot happened, but we're still together. She just had our third child not long ago. We're not in paradise, but we're happy. Perfection doesn't exist in anyone. Looking for that, you'll never find "The One".

Anyone can be happy and find "The One". Might be the one you're with, no matter how "unperfect" she is. It all depends on how you look at things.


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terra wrote:
Sev Fett wrote:

That's really cool.  Do you live in Quebec?

Yeah! Do you ??

This is funny. I live in Quebec too. The Province.


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Ale'ika Skirta wrote:
terra wrote:
Ale'ika Skirta wrote:

look at the way women are treated in society, and women complain about it, the major problem is that women seem to flock to men who mistreat them, and away from nice guys

True about a certain type of women. Certainly not all.

true, i neglected to point out that that is only the majority of women in my experience and that not all women fit that general 'rule'
oh and my record is now up to 0-38

A record? Gotta wonder why these women are "making the majority of your experience". If you think all women around you are the same, gotta wonder what they have in common, else than... you.

That mando armor is seen where? In the game? So. Got doubts. Might be a pure coincidence, lack of inspiration, or just a random idea not really related.


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Terron - Strange. I like strange. 9.5/10
Virulent_Messiah - Easy. Small. 6.5/10
Bounty Hunter Kaiza - Common. Small. 6/10
Beskaryc Beroya - Nice. 8.5/10
cloneapart - ok. 8.5/10
Mereel - Nice. 9/10
Mandal_ShadowWarrior - Nice. 8.5/10
Ralin Drakus - Not bad. 7/10
Fett_II - Ok. 8/10
Adeptus_Astartes - love that one. 10/10
N8 da Assassin - Allergical to cats. 4/10
Chaplain Grimaldus - nice. 9/10
JeDiEd28 - strange - 6.5/10
Mandalorian Assassin - too pale 6/10
Sev Fett - ok - 7/10
Terra - not bad 7/10
Si - simple and clear, 10/10 big_smile
Alo Fett - white dots - 5/10
My own - 10/10 big_smile

SW Music. Else, so many, hard to pick just one.

Si Titran wrote:

Thats the funniest picuture.. I LOVE it.  There was an article about Boba Fett in the Star Wars tv, where they called Boba the Chicken in the chicken soup that is star wars... at least where i think this thread came from... hope that's an answer for you Dave.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. You really take a particular care for details. I like that.


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Si Titran wrote:
JustDave wrote:
Si Titran wrote:

I WISH! Its Duncan Sheik.

lol ok. Well, no matter who he is, he's the one to be lucky there on that pic. smile

I don't know if this is counts as being off topic or not, but Duncan Sheik is a singer/ songwriter that won a Tony award not too long ago for the musical Spring Awakening. At the time of the pic. that haden't happened yet. He's since grown at ratty beard and simply isnt as cute anymore, although talented.

K, thanks for the heads up. smile


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grey fur. big_smile


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Si Titran wrote:

That poem I must have wrote sometime between... July 2001 through. October 2006. I know that's a broad time frame... but I know with certaintly who this poem was about and that was our relationship's time frame.

I'm glad you like it A_A and Dave!

Sounded like a tough one for you. Hope life makes you happier now.


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Deep. I like. Can't wait to read more from you, Si.


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Ralin Drakus wrote:

I really like Dooku...............just hate his name

Dooku has the stupidest of names.


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Masterchief wrote:

yes, every word...... wink

Well then, post something.

Sev Fett wrote:

I had to watch it a few times.  He says Welcome.  Interesting draco...

Ok thanks.

draco fett wrote:

To all new members:

1:53 in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f68zvtVA6D4&NR=1

Well, at 1:53 there, I see a punch, don't know if it's good or bad.


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Si Titran wrote:

I WISH! Its Duncan Sheik.

lol ok. Well, no matter who he is, he's the one to be lucky there on that pic. smile


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Si Titran wrote:

This is a while back... but with my old hair... it was very long... espically compared to now.


Quite nice too. Is that your bf ?