Same with me. I also love the badass helmet. His helmet brings fear, and respect to the galaxy. And you can never tell if he's just looking at you, or gathering data. But if that aint a weapon, then I like his gauntlets.

Wow. I saw that Ask Daniel thing. I was thinkin bout  asking him a question, but I dont know what to ask hmm ! What did you ask him, Boba Dude?


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Thanks, but I just found a better one.


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MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

Cool.....Sounds awesome guys!!!!  I agree with most of the people here that it was a bit easy to beat......but i still enjoyed having to save up for the darth sideous char. I hope the second one is a little more chalenging. and best of all.....i really really really hope they have BOBA FETT as one of the char. on there. (i mean the real boba, when i played LST 1   i got a big dissapointment when i spent alot of money on a tiny kid boba  oh well)

                                                              Ke Nu'Jurkadir Sha Mando'ade!!!
                                                              (dont mess with mandalorians) in

I HATE IT  when that happens! I ordered a special  Boba Fett Lego, when I got it, IT WAS THE KID BOBA!! I still have it....Anyway...I Just cant wait for LSW2!! I cant wait to get my hands on Boba Fett!! There wasnt as much action in The New Trilogy as in The Old Trilogy....So Im interested on how the gameplay is going to be like.


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Yes I do. And I would like to know if they has a problem with it. Cuz I really like it, I'd hate to change it sad . But I will if I have to. So...if you would let them know please, Im not very familiar with the people here yet.



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Is That a Lunchbox next to Boba's foot?


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Im a guy. Straight up pimpin.

I saw bits and pieces of the trilogy when I was very young. Then I saw Episode 1, then 2, then 3, then 4,then 5, and finally 6. And I still remember when I first saw Boba Fett.


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I was wondering if anyone has any good Boba Fett novels I can look into?


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It sounds like a very pricy collectable. I mean...if theyre real rubies and all.

Has Boba even met yoda?:/ Anyway...

I dissagree.This is the master of master jedis were talking about here! I think Yoda would beat him up pretty good, but I also think Boba would get out alive with a high score also.

                                    A tie.

BFFC Chrys wrote:

They met in the last Kid Boba book.  Mace and Boba were trying to kill each other in his office, and Palps walked in at the last minute and stopped them.  He wasn't Emperor yet, but it was still Palpatine.

Ive read all of the kid Boba books. Theyre awesome big_smile. Those were the books that got me on the road to liking Boba Fett so much!

By the way, MandalorianSpy9, the auther's name is:  Elizabeth Hand
                                                   Title of book:  Star Wars Boba Fett

Different book numbers are made by different authers.This ones the last one, were its
     Boba vs Mace. You have to read the one book before that to understand this one.


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I know I might be a little late, but Im 13. Ill be 14 in the 12th of  October.

...Carry on....

MandalorianSpy9 wrote:

I think if boba fett didnt fall into the sarlacc gut......then he would not be so popular for having survived it. This site might not even be here    if that happened.....think of that!!!!(noooooooo)........the whole sarlacc idea gives boba an extreme toughness about him.....i mean    surviving the sarlacc......only boba fett could have done really it only adds to his rep. big_smile


This is totally true.

Well...If Im not mistaken... Acording to the Bounty Hunter Wars, Dengar finds Boba Fett in the Dune Sea on the brink of death. Apperently, he seemed to have blown up the Sarlacc.


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I agree, Boba is much cooler and more skillful.

I dont know much about Jango's past, but Boba suffered a lot.Oh, and trust me...if the Jedi were still around, Boba would probably have a collection of Jedi heads, in revenge of Jango.


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I always like to play as Boba Fett. I also like to here his voice in the game, he sounds just like Jango.

It woulda been cool if they could have the original voice of Boba Fett though. Like you could press start, go to options, and choose if you want the voice of jeremy bulloch or the voice of Temuera Morrison.