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Yet, another new one!!!! big_smile
Episode V, What REALLY happened during Han's torture.........

http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/Tr … r/fgnf.gif

Hope you like it.



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If I could wish any Boba Fett product onto the market, more than anything, I would want a Boba Fett game to be released for the PS3, or maybe even the PS4 (Whenever year thats coming out....)



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I havn't seen it yet, but Im going to watch it on DVD soon.
I hope its as good as everyone said it was!



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I've already created my very own clone trooper charecter in various RPGs and stories. His name is Traviss Kalel and he was a Kashyyyk trooper during the clone wars..  big_smile He was also promoted to a scout trooper in the Empire after Order 66.
Soon he became fed up with his scout trooper days, so he put his Kashyyyk trooper armor back on, and became a mercinary against the Empire.
But he is not a clone, he is a human from Alderaan.
(I have a pretty wild imagination.............and I seem crazy......... I know. tongue)

hmmm............but a standard clone..............thats a good question.....
he would be a Shock Trooper named Voltage. wink

(BTW Great charecter idea Drakus. )



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Wow, thanks man! I'll continue to make more.
JettFett, Im going to send you a Private message.........so dont forget to check. wink


Ok, Ok you two........thats enough flirting for one thread! tongue
Lets stay on topic, if private discussion is wanted, then private messaging is available.
Not to be mean our anything. wink



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The reason why K. W. Jeter created the book "The Mandalorian Armor.".......


http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/Tr … rgepit.jpg

tell me what you all think!



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I've read the book twice, and I guess I envisioned her as a Twi'lek everytime I read it. I guess wasnt even thinking when I made this.....:/
Everytime I hear the term "slave-girl" I think of a Twi'lek on a chain attatched to a bulbous figure named Jabba.
Well, its not that big of a deal.......its just a paint picture. tongue



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I'd have to say that if Jason Statham can turn into the darkest, most emotionless actor hes ever played, than he can take the part. Although I picture Boba as a New Zealander like his father's appearance. (After all, he IS a clone.)  I DEFINATLY agree with Adeptus, but Jason could possibly make his accent a little darker. Any movie with Statham in it is guarunteed an automatic action success, so he'd be great for Boba.



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For those of you who have read "The Bounty Hunter Wars", you'll get a kick outta this.....:P

http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/Tr … r/jy67.gif

let me know what you think about my crappy artwork.



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Wow, I wasnt expecting even a positive comment! smile It was just a boredome killer for the moment.......
but I can try to make some more BFFC comic strips. I'll start immediatly on the next one. big_smile



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WHAAAAAAAAT!?!?!? YES! I absolutly LOVE Deadpool! If he even so much as makes a 2 second appearance, I will **** my pants! tongue I hope they dont mess up his costume, or his charecter personality.
OO! I Im going to go see it! big_smile


The only poeple I have witnessed say that Star Wars is dead are those who are old and used to be Star Wars fans back during the original Trilogy. I guess most poeple used to hold a perception of Star Wars that was twisted during the new trilogy movies, the comics, the novels, and the cartoons. Star Wars definatly isnt dead, but I guess it is to THEM.


Just something I've made whenever Im bored..........its not very funny, but its fun to look at.....
A two-panel comic of Boba and Han.

http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/Tr … bafett.jpg



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feel free to add me too! big_smile

heres my music page.


Im in a rap group called "Fortune & Fame". Yes............I rap.....
check out my music!! big_smile


True Warrior wrote:

Of course most of us have discovered that Boba has unmasked himself in "The Legacy of the Force" novel. This was done in the presence of Fett's grand-daughter, Han Solo, and Liea.

As you can see I have already stated that Boba Fett has unmasked himself.......
Not ONLY to his doctor, but Liea, Han, and his grand-daughter.
His doctor is paid LARGE amounts of credits to keep his identity and appearance a secret, and Im sure if he didnt keep it a secret then he and others wouldnt be living for long. wink


Well, of course Dora The Explorer was directed towards kids..............and the Saw series were directed towards adults....................but you all understand me....................metaphoricly speaking, adults and teens are not restriced from watching the teletubies and kids are not always restricted from watching Hostel.

Anyways, back to the subject and topic at hand. (Sorry I strayed off topic).
Cad Bane reminds me of Van Helsing with his cowboy hat and long trench coat.:D


Theres no such thing as a "kid's show". I still watch Tom and Jerry.


Ok, thanks..........I guess the Bounty Hunter Tales novel I read about all the IG's were actually non-canon. I guess they are really just tales. tongue

But back to Cad Bane, he must be a pretty important and infamous bounty hunter of the clone wars era if he's associated with Aurra Sing. I didnt get the impression that he was a "colded-blooded killer" like some say........but he seems like an above-average, intellegent, bounty hunter with a one-time grand plan. Yet not one of the greatest. Can anyone relate? hmm



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Karen Traviss seems to do a reasonable job when writing novels associated with clones. So I might have to check it out, thanks for the heads up. wink


If there is going to be a Boba fett live TV series this year..............2009 will be the greatest year of my entire life.

By the way, if anybody has read the Boba Fett kid's novel series, will this tv series be based on these books? Or will the timeframe be set AFTER these books?

TW smile

Of course most of us have discovered that Boba has unmasked himself in "The Legacy of the Force" novel. This was done in the presence of Fett's grand-daughter, Han Solo, and Liea.
I believe that this timeframe was an extreem revelation for Fett. In the climax of Boba Fett's death, it creates purpose and justification for his uncharacteristic actions.
What do you all think?



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I dont agree with the majority opinion. I believe that Traviss has the ability to show the soft side of an extreemly rough rock. I believe that as Boba Fett grows older and after a LIFETIME of the rough bounty hunter life, he should have the right to have a small emotional side. In reality, those who usually seem to be the most unemotional, usually are the MOST emotional inside. Basic psychology.
Although I dont like the idea of Boba Fett's thoughts being fllled with such emotion, I'd like to think that in the "Legacy of the Force" novels, the excuse for this is that he's just getting old.......
Karen Traviss is a fantastic writer in my opinion, yet it IS tricky when your CREATING the future for millions of fan's favorite charecter............god.....that must be a lot of pressure...


I knew this would come up somewhere....
Cad Bane is a pretty kicka** bounty hunter, yet he can never measure up to the two Fetts. Remember the Clone Wars episode where he collaborated with many bounty hunters to hold the senators for ransom?? Well in my personal opinion, Boba Fett could probably do that alone. Not to mention Boba hates to split profit.

(Off subject) By the way, was that one of the official IG units in that episode???