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I am currently in the process of making a rap song in the dedication of the great boba fett. This will be the greatest Fett song ever made. It will be called "True Warrior". wink



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I represent the Light side because of my caring and good moraled nature. But I definatly have the potential for the dark side. wink



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Yeah, I miss my old avatar so much. sad But its ok, itlooks better on you than it did on me miba. wink


That statement is unfortunately true mccoy. hmm


I honestly dont need to make a video of Fett's Vette. I've created my own Fett dedicated song. wink For those of you that honestly DONT believe me.....I REALLY AM a rapper. lol Im the weirdest nerd rapper next to MC Chris you'll ever see. lol big_smile



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two words......."The One" wink


At this point in my life, I have never wanted anything more than this extreemly amazing hat to go with my nerdy Marc Ecko Boba fett Hoodie. I would finally give true meaning to the label "Nerd-Rapper". big_smile



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That is the most simple, primitive, yet AWESOME Boba Fett accessory I have ever seen! thats amazing! big_smile


This is true......but since young Boba supposively blows up his father's helmet in an attempt to obliterate Mace Windu, then the children's novel series cannot be canon because in the children's novels, young Boba paints his father's helmet green and red on a moon during a close encounter  with Anakin Skywalker........therefore, how could his father's helmet still exist blue and silver?? hmm Not to mention Young Boba's confrontation with Mace Windu during the children's novel series, is that to be discarded, forgotten, and not mentioned in the Clone Wars series?? Or is it to be Canon and recognized??

so many questions for an obsessed Fett fan! lol


Umm....When it comes to the potential danger of Boba Fett, whether it be infant, kid, teenager or man, the possibilities are indefinite. wink I have been anticipating this event for as long as this program has been just a rumor whispered among the BFFC boards. This episode portrayed young Boba's extraordinary skills compared to that of any other original clone cadet, and displayed his obvious emotional and moral indifference to any other clone. This episode also explains Boba's huge advantage against those in the Republic due to his exact resemblance to every young clone in the Republic army. My personal favorite line in this episode was during Boba' defiance against a clone that was dumb enough to simply hand a DC-17 to a young cadet............"...Your not my brother...." smile It sent chills of the infamous Boba Fett and his well known charecter in one simple glare and sentence. Aurra Sing's performance in this episode was really on point and accurate to my personal opinion to her charecter........."They're witnesses, honey..." it really implies something about her spunkyness and her relationship with young Boba. Young Boba's decisions were also primitive compared to his decisions that he would usually make as a man. You could see the hesitation in him. This is simply his development from a child to a man. All in all this episode was completely awesome! I cant wait to see the next one! smile

PS: Since these episodes are the OFFICIAL history recordings of young Boba, what is to be of the Boba Fett childrens books novel series? Are they to be non-canon now? hmm



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Micheal is not dead, hes somewhere poppin pain pills with elvis and rapping with 2Pac and Biggie. tongue
But seriously, its kind of sad that poeple actually belive stuff like that!


That Jango feature is a gift from GOD!



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I always believed and percieved Michael as a molesting pedifile, but I've also always honored him as a genuis artist of our musical generation. But now as Im seeing so many interviews and news coverage on his pedifile trials, Im convinced that he was never a sexual person at all. I believe that the man had some obvious problems and twisted perceptions on his own reality. One of which was that he fantasized about being a young kid with such innocence and purity. After all, with a history like Michael's, its easy to become confused.
So I have come to the conclusion that I truly believe that he didnt molest those kids since his life revolved around trying to live in a fantasy of innocence. I also think that Michael's main goal in life was to help the children of the world and assist their lives into becoming more close to a Disney movie than ever before. I also dont believe that he was gay, I think he was metro-sexual.
Regardless of the truth, my opinion really mean nothing. 
Michael Jackson was a great, inspirational, black musician who has contributed more to the world than most poeple knew. So I give my honest apologies to my judgements of a confused, lost soul..........and I give my utmost respect to the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson. 1958-2009



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Is it posted on Youtube yet??? Or anywhere else on the internet????



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Im re-reading the Bounty Hunter Wars series, along with the Legacy of the force series. Sorry, no NON-Star Wars books. tongue



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Wow! Thanks you guys! big_smile

Heres my depiction of the Corellian round up on Coruscant. You can see Jacen Solo force pushing the door in on a corellian building. This took place in the Star Wars Legacy of the force novels.............I believe in "Bloodlines".

(Mind you that all three of these were done in PEN) smile
http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/Tr … oundup.jpg

tell me what ya'll think! big_smile



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Im not particularly Van Gogh when it comes to art, but I like to draw when Im in a classroom or when Im extreemly bored. I thought you all might enjoy some of them..........
These are my closest depictions of Balancesheet, from the Bounty Hunter Wars Novels......

Here is Balancesheet as a young subnode, standing only a foot tall......
http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/Tr … or/IMG.jpg

and here is Balancesheet a little more grown, standing about 3 to 4 feet tall.......
http://i68.photobucket.com/albums/i2/Tr … etlate.jpg

Let me know what you think of my crappy art. big_smile



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Calling all Fett fans once again,

Please, more active assistance is needed on Fettipedia. There are many names that have yet to even be edited to obtain ANY piece of information. Us Fett fans need to collaborate as a close community and keep contributing to Fettipedia. wink I have contributed an infinite amount of information simply from common knowledge. As well as I know, there are various Fett fans on this board that contain WAY more information on Star Wars in their brain than I do! So please, keep helpin us out! big_smile

By the way, while I was contributing to Fettipedia, I've actually learned many things surrounding Boba fett and the Star Wars universe myself! smile



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Take up Tom Cruise's assignment and kill the evil ambassador of planet Candyland. So Boba Fett raced into Slave 1, and plotted a course for the Candyland sector. He flipped the switch and was suddenly in hyperspace headed for his destination. Boba decided to take this time to fix the cotton candy machine on the inside of his helmet. After that, he clipped his toenails. (Bounty Hunters need to practice good hygene too!)
then, hyperdrive was over and he found himself........



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This one is definatly better than the original Flash drives you showed before. I didnt like the feature where Boba's Face was shown to be a spanish version of Bob the Builder.....



Boba the Builder.............:D



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draco has been a moderator for a LONG time, and Im not sure that "BFFC Elite" means becoming a moderator........
but if you say so.....



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if you would like my music page...........


And I would just like to say that I've sent many friend requests to the BFFC's Myspace, and I have yet to be added. sad Whats going on??? You dont like me? tongue



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Well, if this BFFC Elite thing is still going to proceed. I nominate draco. wink
A couple of years ago though, I used to sign up to MANY random star wars fan-boards JUST to promote the BFFC. That was some hard work! But these days, I am too busy with school and activities. sad



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Haha, true.......true....... tongue

anyways, my shock trooper would be Nicknamed "Volt". As in........."Commander Volt"!
His outlining armor color would be yellow and blue. That would be cool! big_smile


Hmm........I can't see this TV series ending with only one season, but anythings possible. Is it probable though????..........No. tongue

I personally believe that Anakin will progressively show tiny bits of the dark side until he commits a series action that might deny his right to be Asohka's master. This will take Asohka out of the picture and place Anakin in the position he needs to be placed in for Episode 3.

but thats just me...