My powers have progressed more then I thought they would. After I got done with high school I made it my duty too learn the capabilities of what i can do. Tried to learn all that I could Fencing, Mixed martial arts, Par core. The possibilities were unlimited. Miguel looked up what it meant to learn what you observe at a rapid rate it was called polymath. He told me I had the same traits as a villain called task master, does that also mean I to will become a villain. That was very doubtful I was no boy scout but, I also didn't have it in me too harm innocent people.
  My telepathy has really progressed a lot, that took some effort too do. I trained by trying to levitate more and more things, the first time I tried to pick up a car my nose bleed and, I passed out before I got it a inch off the ground. Miguel also developed a power, he can produce fire throughout his body. I was pretty annoyed when he was able too fly before i did, manly because he kept throwing it in my face. Good thing about me flying is that I didn't nearly burn our house down. These powers have something to do with our genes, I read this book by a doctor Seresh, that explained how humans are evolving to develop new abilities cell regeneration, Flight, even control of time and space. The first I read the book I thought he was mad but then again not only can I lift things with my thoughts and fly, I also watched a guy playing a guitar in the train and instantly knew how too play.
  Lately I been having that strange feeling like I'm being followed. Their has been a black Cadillac with tinted windows that has been parked outside my loft everyday for the last week. Miguel has this idea in his head that we are being watched because of our powers. Like some secret government agency has been tracking down people with abilities, like their is some modern day witch hunt going on. I don't know who they are but, I have the sudden urge to confront them. Then I think what if my brother is on too something, I don't want to get captured and tested in some lab like an animal . . . only time will tell what these powers lead too.

Name: Enrico Cardiman
Nationality: Cuban
Age: 20
Location: Brookyln New York
Powers: Telepathy, Polymath
Back Story: I . . . I must have noticed that i was special when i was 17. It all started over a fight at school. My brother was new at Williamsburgh Prep, it was freshman friday. All the senors had it in for the freshmen. Like having a class with senor that day was like, inviting the wolfs to dinner. I had to look out for my brother . . . you know I mean he was just a kid didnt desirve that none of them did. I thought the whole thing was foolish. I wasnt the most popular kid in that school but people know me, and knew i wasn't scared for a fight so i thought my brother was safe
   I was wrong and they we're wrong for even touching him. I let Miguel out my sight for one second and there I see him getting stomped out, by some football players. A couple of them see me drop my bag, trouting over there in fruastration like a mad bull. And they grab me, two of them while a third punchs me in the stomach. I'm let go I drop to my knees, hard too breahe . . . I wish i can get them off my brother . . . things start to go blank.
I hear
  Why you hit him so hard, he looks like he's going to kill over."

   "I bearly touched him." was the reply
  I could feel a sharp pain in my head, like a thousand kneedles crashing in. My nose starts to bleed, I wipe it off. On the floor I see Miguel getting steped on, and i skream out. I go blank . . . and thats . . . thats when everything fazes out. And when i Come too Miguel was holding me up walking home. Face two times its size, I thought we escaped. I didnt know I had turned the front of the school into a crature, and put the entire first string out of comission.

-Present Time
   Now its 2012 and their are a lot more people like me, Even my little Brother can create fire. He nearly bured done the gymnasiam. I've learned to develope my powers more. My mind is not only a weapon, but i can also learn things face I pick up things quick. I feel like i been sparring with the ICE MAN my whole life but i only see him on tv. It took me knocking out my brother for him to believe me. All these people with these unique abilities, some using them for good, some for personla gain. All i know is I want too know where these abilities come from, and i intent to find out, won't see me running around in tights though. So i put off college for a semister, i can learn it back in a day

This is a new chapter set 1 year after the end of the show. All living characters exist. Your character is allowed two powers, and nothinglike Peter Pertrelli, or Sylar so no absorbing powers from other people. Create your own back story and your characters story line, where he/she is from, and where they are presently. You can meet up with other players characters, but you are the only one entitled to kill your character. Lets just have fun with this and create some good story lines ... let us begin

Name: Luther McMullen/ Vision
Affiliation: Good
Powers: Teleportation, Heighten sense (sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch )\
Appearance: looks the same except instead of a jacket he where’s a dark blue vest, stands at about 5’8,175, stocky, (don’t worry about face keeps mask on ),holsters to hold his weapons on both the inside and outside of his vest.
Weapons: 7 inch Combat knife, Taurus pt145with laser point on pistol , … embled.jpg
, 2x 9mm semi automatic with laser point on pistol  , Walther P99 9x19mm with laser point on pistol , … 9x19mm.png
, Colt Anaconda revolver ( silver), Colt python revolver ( black), M4 Carbine Rifle with acog scope.
Background: Luther worked in an elite scout unite in the marine core, after his contract was done, his unit was chosen to be apart of a special unit. They were told by there commander that there DNA would be altered to give them special abilities, there unit was called Raven. Each solider would be given an alias to go by so that there identity would be protected, as the solders waited in the prep room for commander Winston to brief them on, what was called Operation shield, the unit consist of three highly skilled, and experienced Marines ( Luther McMullen, Anthony Smith, and Michael Simmons ).
{ In a dark windowless room sits Staff Sergeant Luther McMullen, Sergeant Anthony Smith, and Captain Michael Simmons }
{In walks General Wilson he tosses a folder on the table in front of the three men}
Wilson: ” How are you today Men ?“
Altogether: ” Perfect sir!“
Michael: ” Permission to speak sir ?”
Wilson: ” Granted solder.”
Michael: ” When does the mission start sir ? “
Wilson: ” Today, I’m sure you have been injected with Deck-Na, or super juice as the scientist call it.”
Altogether: ” Sir yes Sir.”
Wilson: “ In the folder you will find individual envelopes with your  names on them take them and follow me.”
  Luther grasp his envelope and proceeded to the door to follow General Wilson , down a corridor into a hangar. The group stop at  bench that has three individual suits and equipment on it.
Wilson: “ Suit up men then get into the plane. It is going to take you right outside  a city called Norton Peak, you will split once inside the city. When inside the city open your individual envelopes, inside you will find a slip with your code name, 10,000 dollars, and communicators to keep in touch with me and your selves. Each week you will meet outside the city if not dead to restock. You will be briefed on your mission when you reach your destination to use your communicators, Good look men and god speed.”
Altogether : “ Sir yes sir! “
  The three men walk into the plane and take there seats there are speechless awaiting the task ahead, all Luther could think about was, what could be so bad that this mission was top secret.


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Name: Agathor
Affiliation: Barbarians
Appearance: Long dirty blonde hair, Bulky Athletic build, No facial hair, the right side of his face is tattooed blue, Wears a horned helmet with a face mask that can be pushed up into the helmet, also wears a bronze chest plate with shoulder padding that has an elephant shaped head on the left side and a loins shaped head on the other, wears leather gloves with bolts on the knuckles, wears bronze leggings, and a leather belt with a boar head shaped belt buckle, stands about 6’2.
Weapons: Two steel hand axes, One steel long sword, A iron shield that’s  in the shape of an elephants face the tusk poke out so they can be used as a weapon.
Agathor who was the son of Beathermore who was the leader of their little tribe of the many Barbarian tribes in Mt. Arreat. The Barbarians have always been a warring tribe, even before the Great Diablo’s have risen they used too battle with other nations such as the Amazonians and the Paladins. Most of the Barbarians were angered at the fact that they had to join the people they once considered  enemy’s, one of the most angered Barbarians was Beathermore. Especially since Beathermore was one of the high class generals who had lead the fight against both the Amazonians and the Paladins, so when the high Chief Meektar told him the his son has been chosen to travel to the far land of Khanduras too aid all the other races in the fight against the three Diablo’s. Beathermore went to Agathor the night he was suppose to leave too give him some advice.

Beathermore: How you holding up son .
Agathor: Okay I guess, just mad I have to team up with our once sworn enemies.
Beathermore( walked to Agathor and looked him in the eyes ): Hey, you must do what you have too for the need to survive, no matter who you have too work with.
Agathor ( Moving away from Beathermore and back too his packing ): Well I still don’t feel save without you or any of the elder’s watching over us.
Beathermore(looking down hopelessly): We elder’s must watch the village, and there will be other Barbarians there with you.
Agathor(looking back at his father in anger): But I’m the only one of our tribe !
Beathermore(Walking away , turns back and says):Sleep up you’ll need it tomorrow you have a long journey ahead of you.


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BFFC-Draco wrote:

I'm not too familiar with the game, so I have a couple questions. What's the goal of the game, and what can the Paladins do?

okay the goal of the game is for all the nations in Sanctuary too team up and fight together against Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal. The Paladins canuse the power of god like summon up a huge holy shield too protect them and there allies or they can make their god cast thunder, or fire or ice,and also they can use their gods too inhance their weapons


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Hello people this is the Diablo 3 thread based off the already released Diablo 2 and up coming Diablo 3. Now if you don’t know about the game here is the story behind the game.

  The coming of the three Diablo’s marked a time of evil in the history of  Sanctuary unlike any other. The cataclysm that followed their arrival brought immense change to the world when the three Diablo’s unleashed their hellish followers upon the world. These followers wrought great  destruction upon the lands of Sanctuary. That which was not consumed by the arrival of this malevolence was often twisted and altered by the effects of the resulting chaotic forces. Many of the native creatures in habiting the world became vile and depraved shadows of their natural forms. A world that once allowed the unfettered development and expansion of mankind became a place where only the strongest could survive. The areas most tainted by the prime evil’s arrival in the mortal realm are the western kingdoms, the desert regions of Aranoch , and the jungles of Kejhistan.
  Unnatural and evil forces and influencing most, if not all, of Sanctuary’s beast to at least some degree. Many have witnessed creatures outside natural habitats assisting the minions of Hell’s wrath. Such sights grow more common as one nears a lair of demonic nobility. Greater demons gather these controlled beasts to their location in an effort to protect themselves. These powerful monsters harbor deadly capabilities, and occasionally appear in unexpected areas. Let the adventurer beware !

Okay that’s what you need to know
Key places and who inhabit them
MT. Arreat : Barbarians
Khanduras : Paladins
West march : Fallen ones ( demons)
Kehjistan : Sorceresses, and Shaman
Amazon islands: Philos, Skovos, and Lysander : Amazons
Scosglen: Necromancers
Playable Characters
Barbarians : Brute force
Paladins : Have the power to call aid from the gods
Sorceresses/ Witch doctor's : Can cast spells / heal allies (witch doctor's only) can control foe's/ can sommon beast.
Amazons : are very athletic and can complete obstacles quickly
Necromancers : Can bring fallen allies back too life ( But causes them to lose life cannot over use it doesn’t drain health it drains life force ) / can  reanimate corpses (exp if in a graveyard can bring skeletons from the dead also cannot over use drains little health not life force )

More will be added on character’s so stay calm just make your character and keep updated on character’s list…….. And have fun

Oh almost forgot and remember this is based in kind of Mid evil times so only Swords, Axes, Hammers, Bow and Arrows, And Clubs, and armor can't be futureistic have fun


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Ocelot was prepped and ready  to go, him and his unit were going to be using a cargo plan to land them right outside of New York . He was going to meet up with the rest of his unit there for briefing. There was something about his mission that he didn’t feel safe about. It could have been that Ocelot was used to being assigned to snatch and grabs, and assassinations, but he never been on a recon mission it just wasn’t his thing.
  He was just sent there to find out any plans the Freedom fighters, that was available basically his group had to work in smaller groups then they usually did. Instead of  one team of forty he was going to switch his unit into two units of twenty, and instead of him being engaged in every fight he was only  going to be giving out commands on a team speak network. The only time ocelot was going to be fighting is when things got to tough for his team, so he was going to keep close by his team.
  Ocelot’s plan had landed and his units after him, he had stationed his plane in a little town outside of New York, the Russian’s there had called it little Moscow. Ocelot was greeted by a familiar face it was Lieutenant General Bravich. Ocelot looked at him with great concern and said “ What is the situation,” Bravich looked at him with a wide smile.
“ The situation is not so good but it will get better.” he said as if nothing was wrong .
He lead Ocelot into a tent, in the middle of the tent was a man tied up to a chair. His face was battered and bruised, Ocelot looked at Bravich with a questioned look on his face, “ what is this about.”
Bravich looked at ocelot with a smile and said,” We picked him up a while back he had this.”
  Bravich hand Ocelot a rolled up paper, Ocelot glanced at him the back to the paper he had just unfolded. It was a map that showed where Michael Kados was at, “Ocelot looked toward Bravich and smiled then said “ Interesting.”

Thylacine wrote:

I was wondering, could I be Cerebus and guard Hades from attacking forces? I know it's not listed, but I'm just curious.

You can be a Cerebus Titan and work for hades that would be cool

Hello this is an Rpg were god's are fighting amongst them self’s Zeus has lost power and Aries’ and Hades have took the opportunity to start a war between god’s.

What happened was that Ares was getting tired of Zeus telling him which land’s to make fight, and not allowing to choose which lands he wanted to attack. Hades wanted to take power from Zeus so he went to Ares, and his sister Artemis to bade them to join him. They ended up Allying them self with their uncle Hades , not  to help him but in the hope that , they them selves could seize control.
  With all this happening Zeus was unaware of his family member’s intensions, he had always noticed that Hades wanted control but he had never expected this to come from his to children. Hades had a plan that would cripple Zeus’s defenses, his first plan of action was to the dreadful titan’s that Zeus had locked away a long time ago ( Zeus has used Titans in the past but they are controllable ). His second plan was to attack the land that was most close to Zeus  Athens. With the almighty Hades, Aries, and Artemis sneak attacking the land there was nothing Zeus could do but watch in sorrow.
  Zeus mustered up all the fury he had and let out a loud roar that stop the three mighty god’s unchallenged attack, and he said” The dawn of peace is over, and the war of the god’s has begun!”

Okay you guy’s no the rules no over powering character’s, but remember you are god’s you can only have one power though.
Other character’s include:
And Titan ( if you guy’s got different character idea’s pm me.

Titan and human rule : As a titan and human’s you will be working with god’s such as
Zeus, Athena, Ares, Hades,Posedeidon , Artemis, Aphrodite.
Only thing is that you are a lesser god so going up against a great god exp: If you work for Hades and you try to attack Zeus alone expect to have problems most likely you character nearly dieing, but you can level up depending on how you write.

Last but not least good luck and have fun …

Ally: Zeus
Power: The ability of swift speed.
Weapon: Sword of a thousand sorrows (Platnum blade, with gold handle bottom of the handle is shaped as a eagle's head top of handle is wings )  , Shield of the titan’s( Gold shield in shape of a big fist )
Appearance:  Long blonde hair, Tanned skin, wear’s crimson armor with gold plate, and black strapping, winged boots.
History: Before Ares had allied him self with Hades, Rathenyoes  never liked the idea of betraying Zeus, so he stood by Zeus’s side.

Name: Korso
Class:Nobody/ 4th seat of the five court of nobodys
Weapon:Dual Keyblades (Dusk,Dawn)
Powers: is very swift abd quick Like a ninja; Cura,Thundra,time slow
Apperence:Blue hair, slender body 5'8, Chinky eyes they apear to look like their closed.Only opens eye when serious or in a good fight which is rare.
Attitude:Playful life like smiles even when he fights,can be sarcastic
Armor:BlackHood( like Roxas/ Axel and rest of the no bodys from kingdom hearts 2)
Age 17
Goal:To stop Chaser's from killing Nobodys.
History:Korso walked down a dark coridor that lead to the meeting room of the 5 court no bodys.They all sat in their seets with serious looks on their faces, (1st seet Radimis, 2nd seet Kamura, 3rd seet Kimiko,5th seet Rai guy)"What took you so long to get here",Radimis said with a grimace.Korso looked at himand smiled and said"No you were just to early", Radimis glared at him and said "thoughs Chaser's and killing innocant Nobodys, and you just joke about it. Those Heartless are giving us a bad name, and we need to act".The whole room turned from Korso to Radimis, Korso took his seet, and Kamura said "You do know we are Heartless to, yes we be good but we are still one and the same."She was going to go on but Rai guy cut her off and said" Radimis is right, but we also has to show the chaser's and that king Mickey that we'er worth preserving.What do you think Korso?"Korso leaned back into his chair and put on a wide smile, by this time ever body was looking at him.
  Korso was thinking wondering what disecion he would make,he looked at everyones angered face and said,"Okay I think that we should go set up a meating with the Chaser Leader and make a peace treaty between us."Everyone gazed at him wondering if he was serious or not.


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Name: Ocelot (named after wild tiger)
Race: Russai
Affilaition: USSR
Rank: Major
Appearance: White skin,Blonde hair, and light Blue eye.Wears crimson Berrate,Crimson gloves and scarf, Black Major's outfit, Black cowboy boots with a spur on each boot, has forest green hip bag and gun holster. Has handsome face with fierce exspession. … _Eater.jpg … Ocelot.jpg
Weapon:Three 357 Magnums, one in gold,one in jet black, and one in bright silver. … 357.MAGNUM
Fear: Solid snake / Big boss
Personality: Is some what cocky, wants to find the rival that will challenge him.He likes to play with his prey, that is why he has three revolver's instead of two.He plays a game to see if his captured prey should live or die, he put a bullet in oneof his three guns, then he juggles them then he begins to shoot with the gun in his right hand ie takes six shots then stops.
History: Ocelot was surprise when the freedom fighter's unit had exspanded enough, so that is was such a threat that they had to send his unit in. Ocelot had never took a mission that he knew he couldn't handle, but he was confidend about this mission.His mission was to find out the freedom fighter's main objective.


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Masamoto road to the norther gate where, Yukimora was standing ready to fight the so called hurt demon
Yukimora:Demon get off your high horse and fight me.
The demon step down from his horse and stood in a weak position."yaaaaaaaaaa" Yukimora creid out as he charged the demon.Masamoto, finely got there to see yukimora battling the demon,as sword and spear clashed, yukimora was dominating.


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( c'mon can more people post don't let this one die out )


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Harthorne had been knocked out for a second time.This time M'Lure had personily escorted Harthorne to the holding cell,Harthorne could tell she was frustated.M'Lure had chained Harthorne up against the wall.
Harthorne, looking up with great desperation:"Why must we fight... Iam done fighting you, I have greater enemies to fight and I need your aid."
M'Lure, with a sinister grin:"Why should we help you ?"
Harthorne:"The people I work for, they're stuburn and will kill you one way or another, but i don't want that, because if your dead whos going to stop them from killing me."
M'lure, puting her right hand on her chin thinking to herself:"First tell me what happened between you and Lightshow."
Harthorne.looking down trying to recall the events that had happened:"Well I had failed my previous mission and saw Lightshow croosing around, I thought it would be smart to take him to the company for I wouldn't be demoted."
M'lure, Grasping harthorne by his chin bringing his face to hers, in anger:"When you talk to me be sure to make eye contact!"
Harthorne,looking up moving his chin away from her hand:"Sorry lady M'lur-
M'lure,looking away standing up strait:"Get to the point."
Harthorne, with a grimace:"okay first I need my weapons back, second when Ravage comes with his team I need aid, and last when this is done I will be in dept to you to do anything you command me to do."
M'Lure, turning away from harthone with a clever grin:"Did you say anything?"
Harthorne:"Yes anything."
M'Lure, turnig back to Harthone still with the clever grin:"That sounds interesting."


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i understand i'm making my character now and starting to posting when you guys are done with your mission


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Name:Rc-6879 "Ravage"
Faction:clone commando
Personality:Likes to crack jokes at the right time, but can be very assertive when it is needed.Is calm and collective under pressure.Envy's ARC becuase he was rejected on bring a ARC.
Apperenence:Wears commando battle armor in white. Has green hand print on helmet and both shoulders and chest.Has green legging.Helmet is shape as ARC .Has buzz cut black hair, has a young face.
Weapons: DC-17m Interchangeable weapon system,
Twin DC-14 hand blasters adjustable grip , and frag and reverse-polarity pulse grenades. He  has bandoliers and pouches for extra Spec Ops equipment,  extra ammunition.Also bomb with detinater for doors.


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Finnaly a republic commando rpg can i join


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(( Screw you guys let him go the best way you can.For when we cross paths we can as friends ))


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(( So then let Harthorne free and give him back his weapons ))


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((okay read it now in a rush writing in school libary and they will not stop bugging me if I'm not doing school work))


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Harthorne was confused he woundered why the men who had taken him captive had Knocked him out a second time.He tried to reason with lightshow and ask for his help against the agents from the C.M.A. Harthorne was there top agent, and for him to be captured so easily was a mistery.He knew that they were going to send one of there top agents and college of Hathorne's after him, Ravagewas his name. His dual pyco broad swords were going to cut through Harthorne.He was probably going to be informed on how to defeat Harthone, there is only one way, which is to take off Harthorne head.
  Harthorne need to seek to his kidnappers and get them to let him join them, because going back to the C.M.A  was not something Harthorne wanted to do because he would be killed if he did.


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Harthorne had thrown the soon to be ally Flame out the window.Harthorne furious lifted the unconscious light show from the ground by his neck and slapped him in his face till he awoke.
Harthorne, trying to contain his anger :Do you know what you have done They will send someone to kill me because i have failed my mission.
Lightshow, trying to understand the situation: What are you talking about?
Hathorne, with a grimace:My friends will go back to the company and report that I have been defeated and the company will send a veteran after me to take me out.
  Harthorne loosen his grip on lightshows neck and let him breath then said"You have to help me you owe me that much, and if you do this than maybe I'll join you".


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Harthorne was truly frustrated by the villains attempt to torture him.this was confusing to Hathorne, what did they have to gain from there foolish attempt.There was still the problem of how to get out of this godforsaken place.They could never get anything out of Harthorne, it wasn't that they didn't try hard but they could never do what the C.M.A
(collective mutant agency) would do they would strike Harthorne were he is weakest in his heart,basically his friends and family.Harthorne could have easily broken the chains hours ago but he was waiting for the right time.
  With all Harthornes might he tung his hand away so that the chain in between the cuffs would brake.The chain broke apart and Harthorne went for the door it opened unexpectedly, Harthorne walked down the bright hallway and went up the metallic stairs at the end of the door.When he got to the top of the stairs he saw Light show not bright like before at the top of the stair.Lightshow turned to he had a shirt and some tight jeans on Harthorne     with a Grimace said "you".Light show frightened said "How did you get free", Hartorne smiled then charged at Light show.


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Masamoto only hoped that Daz and Kitabe would understand that this was an emergency, if Yukimora was injured before the attack then the strike wouldn't work out.Masamoto got to the gate Yukimora was standing in front of the  spirit with his spear drawn.