Here goes the sith open figs, as well as Nihlus and Revan:

Si Titran wrote:

I'd be cool if they had a Revan though. I'd be hard I guess.

what do you mean, If they had revan included with this set?  or a revan period?  cause they have a single figure of him already.

Open pictures of the set and closer one of the Fett's

Just bought another Fett set so that I can open it up.  Didnt think I would like the warrior at all but he isnt half bad.

The boba looks pretty much like just a repaint of another fett, but with just a head under the helmetL  nice looking paint aps though.

and here is a closer picture of Sith pack.

Got mine today from TRU in Indiana, quick pics for proof I guess:

I picked this one up today as well as The Sith Legacy (with Nihlus Bane and Maul).  Boba looks pretty good but Im trying to decide if I should open it or leave it MIB until I find another.


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Besides Boba Fett stuff, hmm lets see.  Well I got a good amount of Clone Troopers, and some Jedi.  I used to be big into the 3 3/4 figures but have since stopped since I was running out of room.  I do collect Resident Evil figures, and am really getting into the Sideshow Medicom Hot Toys 12" lines.   Did start collectin MOTU things but I had started to late in the show and it ended up getting cancelled about a year later. 

I did/do like MUSCLE figures and Ultimate Muscle figs, and also buy into the manga's of various series.  That is all that I can think of atm though.


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Here goes a good part of my Fett collection.  I got a few odd's and end's put away, and parts of my Fett costume put up for now.

I could of more but I either get snipped on ebay or decide to wait to see if I can get said item for cheaper later on.

Oh and since these are older pics, I have a extra peice or two that wasnt shown.

Miba wrote:

I went back today and found a Boba. big_smile

btw, for anyone who's taken theirs out of the packaging, what are they made of? Plastic? Or is it a beanbag type thing?

They are plastic, not like the toys though, they are harder.  After some searching I was able to get a whole set of series 1, Boba was my first grab of course (thanked my manager for putting a hold on it for me).