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I bought one from E Bay, of course, haven't opened it yet.  I think if anything, it is a pretty fun piece to add to the already HUGE collection I already have. cool


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I think they should, just look at how long other characters were in the movie and they have figures, Grevious, C3PO, R2D2, Padme, etc.....Im not sure why they didnt just throw him in there, they could have made at least two or three figures just based on that fact alone.  I guess that I am just bias and want a new Fett figure with any new line that appears.

I am proud to say that I have seen EVERY one of the movies in the theater!  Whether that seems to make me "old" or whatever, just fortunate to have seen them in the original release in the theater. smile


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I couldn't find them on Amazon.......that is why I need to trust a fellow Fett collector.  I am old enough to know if I am being taken advantage of, I'm not a little boy.  Even IF I did get scammed, I would splash the person's name all over the internet to let everyone know that they are a scammer and no good and should not be worthy of being on the Fett boards.  But thank you for your concern, I know it only came from the best intentions.


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Darth Hero wrote:
boba1138 wrote:

I am having NO luck finding the stack em's key chain.  Anyone who can help, I would REALLY appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

The local Wal-Mart has tons of them, so I can help ya out.

Just LMK.

Let me know how I can get this from you, I would like a Vader for a friend also.  Just let me know how to pay you, paypal, money order, etc.
Thank you so much, I can not seem to find these anywhere!


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I am having NO luck finding the stack em's key chain.  Anyone who can help, I would REALLY appreciate it.  Thanks in advance.

I don't have a DS, but I have to have one of these.:cool:


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green helmeted fett wrote:


What are Celebration's, Boba1138?

I am awed. big_smile

I am not sure when and where the next one will be, I have heard talk, possibly Chicago in 2010.  I sure hope so, then I could use more of the money I spent last time traveling on Fett items. wink

When are these suppose to actually be available?


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Lord Revan wrote:

I was also at C4, it was great, loved it. I bet I bumped into you on accident or something. tongue

You might have.  That was my first Celebration, I thought it was great, can't wait till the next one!


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It was AWESOME.  He said if there is another Celebration, he would like to do it again......ummmm I think I could take him up on that offer.  big_smile


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I was at Celebration IV.  There were a lot more people there than I thought there was going to be.  I also got to eat lunch with Jeremy Bulloch at that convention, because of two of my friends who know him.:cool:

I don't think either will be in the new movie, I think this is just an attempt to get fans who may not normally collect this line to jump in.  I believe there are several others in this promotion which i am pretty sure will not be showing up in the movie.  I wish Fett would make at least a passing through because, that means more Fett toys!!!!

Thanks for the heads up, I just placed my order.


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Just got mine today, I think it is AWESOME.  I did think the warning about not putting food items inside it was a bit odd though.  I would recommend any Fett fan to get one of these.


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I have one coming this week that I won from Ebay, didn't pay anywhere near $90, got it for a LOT less.  Glad to hear it is such a great piece.

Masterchief wrote:

There is more than Boba Fett, you know? There is a wookie one, a general grievous , and a sith, and a jedi big_smile

I saw the others also, but the only ones to collect, obviously is the Fett family. wink


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Happy Birthday, And Many More............

I have had mine for a while now, still haven't taken it out of the box, go figure huh....


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I need to make a myspace web page now that Jeremy is on it, and of course you to Chaplin.......

Whats not to like.........


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Go Giants!!!!    Yes!!!!

Thanks.....I think I'm gonna like it here. cool


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I will try to post the pictures of when I met Jeremy at C IV, I also ate lunch with him and his wife while I was there, it was so AWESOME.

I have always liked to watch your Roundup, even before I joined the boards, which was today as a matter of fact.  I would really like to see more of your personal collection.:cool: