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Congrats Glopino!


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I think I'd run away if I saw that coming at me down a dark alley tongue


I'll be boring and say the traditional green. tongue

Green or Grey


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Some more to add to the wish list.

Cerastes_Vipera wrote:

I liked the book...well ever since the last half of bloodlines, i've just been exclusively reading on boba fett and skipped the jedi parts [theyre kind of boring] lots of things get revealed in this book though wink its worth it

I did the exact same thing with Bloodlines and only read the Boba bits!

Sweet, I wants me one of those.

I find it interesting that Don Bies looks nothing like Jeremy Bullock and yet played Boba. I suppose with the helmet on it doesn't matter. I guess I see Bullock and Morrison as having similar builds.

That was in Shadows of the Empire (the game) not sure which IG-88 model that was supposed to be.

Oh Boba Fett vs Godzilla has to be a classic tongue

At first I though you meant a jetpack with wings on it for guidance which might work but they'd need some sort of rudder.

Now a choice between a jetpack and wings, I'd be going for the jetpack.


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I'm very boring because I always like Luke despite his constant whining. There was always something kind innocent and charming about him. Plus I loved in ROTJ when he cuts the front off the speeder in the forest with his lightsaber big_smile

I think they're a good idea.


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Cool, I liked Demolition but I wasn't very good at it!

I think a true Jedi would only rely on their lightsaber, as previously stated I think only a dire situation would call for a blaster.

Sev Fett wrote:

Just a quick question.  I noticed that in the original ESB Boba has some sort of electric glowing electric thing on the left side of his chestplate.  Any ideas?  I'm just watching RotJ right now to see if it's the same.

Just another quick continuity thing.  In RotJ the lights are blinking.  Secondly the Insignia and the lights switch for a scene.  Though that was funny.

I thought it was supposed to be a ranking number from the Mandalorian days.

Hi I'm new but I've been lurking for a while. This site looks to be heaps of fun smile