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Fett_II wrote:

no u can change it. go to profile>personal. there u can change it.

Oh ok thank you.


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Right now mine says Mercenary does that change at all? I noticed some people have original ones. Just wondering if it changes automatically or if someone does it.


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Biker Scout armor is awesome as well!


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I like yours Dave. 8/10 Noone else uses a royal guard.

Wasnt Shysa a good guy? Whats his story??

That Vader looks awesome.


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Star Wars Theme
Doom Theme

But my favorite song or theme from a movie would be Samuel Barbers - Adagio For Strings from the movie Platoon. It fits the mood of the movie better than any song or theme I have ever heard.


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Boba is just more skilled he has all his fathers skills and more he learned.


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Boba's ESB armor.


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terra wrote:

Ok, does anyone care for rating mine, no matter what you think it is?

I like it. Ill give it a 9. Looks like support structures or a part of a building.


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Sev Fett wrote:

JD I'm going to have to give you a 7/10 purely because Master Chief is hlding some SMGs.  As opposed to a battle rifle or something.  But Captain Grim  that dude just looks sweet.  I'd have to give it a 9.5.

Hey thank you I would give yours a 9.5 as well, ya cant go wrong with a Commando.

Has anyone ever got a 10 rating?


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I still havent seen them in stores around here yet.


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I really appreachiate the attention to detail and time the people of BFFC put in.


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cloneapart wrote:

Warhammer 40k, never heard of it unfortunately so I guess I'll go look it up, I like the color scheme on yours AA, and the character looks pretty cool 9/10 smile

Warhammer and Warhammer 40k are awesome and extreamly in depth. The link that A_A sent you should do the trick, check it out and have fun.


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Orthar you are a man among men!!!!!


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I would like to modify my own Firespray Class.


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I enjoyed it.


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I am completely lost.

Ralin Drakus wrote:

*Sorry if this topic has already come up; couldn’t find it in the search*

Maybe this is just my overactive imagination plus my desire to see Mandalorians everywhere, but has anybody else noticed that the helmet/mask of the Emperor’s Royal Guardsmen and the old Mandalorian helmet/masks from KotOR look a LOT alike?

Is there a connection between the armor sets? 

Could this mean the Royal Guardsmen are Mandalorians?

What do you think?

I dont think the Royal Guardsmen themselves are Mandos but it is quite possiably that they have some form of tie or bond to the culture. Maybe past family at one point. Im sure they know of and have adapted some of the techniques and such of Mando culture. I do see alot of simulatities now that you mention it. Nice pointing it out!!!


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I want one really bad!!!!!!!!!


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terra wrote:
Ale'ika Skirta wrote:
cloneapart wrote:

I think I have the same problem Si, almost all the guys I like are really good friends of mine, and I'm pretty independent so sometimes I think they get scared of that.  I don't really have many guy friends to be direct with, so I'm pretty much stuck

if a guy is afraid of an independent woman, there is something wrong with his head wink

Some guys definitely are... but then they're not the ones for you.

There is a difference between an independent women and a stubborn women.


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I want to see the new one bad. Still no link?


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Spanish accent would kill me.. Really he would talk I would laugh he would kill me.

'Hello. My name is Boba Fett. You killed my father. Prepare to die.'

Has to be with the Spanish accent

Haha I am picturing that right now.


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Wouldnt mind owning that!!


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WalonVau wrote:

Montross, Jaster Mereel, Kir Kanos, Carnor Jax and Quinlan Vos unleashed would be cool.

Kir Kanos and Camor Jax should be a expanded edition where they both fit together or something.


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Commander Appo wrote:

OK, MC would completely crush HK-47! The frag grenades would blow HK to pieces, and Chief could use the bubble shield for protection as he blew HK to pieces with his battle rifle.

Very good points.