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I have always like Hoth. Odd? I know. Its just so barren and all the scenes in ESB on the planet are awesome. Its basically just a giant chunk of ice.

As for a more habitial planet I would say Endor or Tatooine.


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I never noticed I am going to have to go back and try to see it for myself.

Nice Eyes!


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

ok the SPNKR has two shots per 'cartridge' that could kill two of them. So then the Spartan Laser has like six charges, and I'm sure that could deal with two of them as well.

This is a good point. But....Delta's sniper is not a bad shot. All this would come into play only if MC could get the shots off without being dropped by a sniper or pounded into dust by artillery.


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I still think that if were being realistic, one on one MC would be able to beat them but I dont think it would be a easy fight and he just might die after due to injurys. If it were 4 on 1 no matter what MC had he would loose.


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Sev Fett wrote:

Hey that's cool.  Glad you finally joined up.  Hope you have fun here. 

How cheesy of a welcome.  I do mean it though. tongue

Thanks man. Everyone seems pretty solid around this board. Im gald that its just a place to have fun and no one is a random dickhead.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:
Chaplain Grimaldus wrote:

Could someone get this down to 60 x 60 for me?

http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j113/ … ngmong.jpg

FOR THE EMPORER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, if it were 60x60 it would be a bit squished, if you have a certain part you prefer though,they may be able to take that part and resize it big_smile

Ha! A fellow Battle Brother!

Honestly anything that could be doe to make that a cool avatar would be greatly thanked. I have no skill whe it comes to these things. So if anyone wouldnt mind having some fun with this and just making it cool have at it.


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I love xbox live. Im not a super gamer of anything but I think the whole idea of it is awesome. Im from NY and I live in Indianapolis, so I think its awesome I can sign on and play with all my friends from home and its honestly like they are right there in the next room.

I do wish they would fix some of the problems they have with their servers but I guess thats a dead issue. I play alot of COD4 and I hate getting kicked out of lobbys or the "connection interupted".

Gamertag: UlrickTheSlayer

Say hello and play a few rounds with me fellas.


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Im a big fan of the M-16 w/ Red Dot Sight. The M-4 isnt bad except I run out of ammo pretty fast.

I dispise the P-90 though. I know its in the game and its realistic but I just hate how no matter what I always get greased by the one guy on the map with it everytime.


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Im just saying that one on one MC would have the upper hand but you cant count out any member of Delta.


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Could someone get this down to 60 x 60 for me?



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Hey everyone. Whats going on? Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Ive been a longtime reader of this board but never posted, "a lurker" some could call it. Haha.

Ive been a Fett fan for as long as I can remember, im 24 now so at least 20 years.


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In one of the books I read Han Solo simply states "There are maybe 3 people in the galaxy that can rival Fett in hand to hand combat, I am not one of them."

I am very confidient that he would be able to take on several enemies at one time. Im sure it has been done before in some storys.


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I am pretty sure that Delta would win. MC is a hell of a fighter but he is just overpowered and out numbered.

Even if MC got close enough to kill at least 1 Delta, keep in mind that they arent "normal" clones. They are also highly trained soldiers themselves. Everyone seems to think that if MC got close enough that they wouldnt stand a chance. But you have to keep an open mind that they arent "solo" fighters but I am sure if backed into a corner one on one they would individually put up a good fight.

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