Personally I dont like them, there to "cartoonie" for me. I dont really like many of the new characters they have created either.

Ill stick to my statues and busts!


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Si Titran wrote:

THE FORCE UNLEASHED IS FINALLY OUT! Nothing could make me more happy right now... well maybe one other thing... but I think thats a lot less realistic at this point.

What the heck would make you more happy than that game? You have been on it non stop! Ha


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I love me some football but the refs and the stupid hair are making it annoying.


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I am not a fan of the hair at all. I think the league should control it to an extent. I think they look like clowns. The NFL should continue to lead the sports league with professional players acting like professionals. Lately they have been slacking and making a lot of mistakes.


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I myself have been a die hard Eagles fan from age 2, I enjoyed the game I just dont like how the refs have to much control. For example the Eagles had the lead and stopped the Cowboys on 2nd down, making it 3rd and 8 on the next play the Cowboys left guard jumped offsides and the Eagles #58 Trent Cole pushed him over, which is 100% legal and happens almost 2 times at least per game in the NFL. Now somehow the all knowing refs decided to call a personal foul against #58 and give the Cowboys an automatic 1st down inside the Eagles 20 yard line. That was a crucial play due to the fact the Cowboys now had a fresh set of downs to try and score, yes the Eagles should have stopped them from scoring but it shouldnt have even come to that it would have been 3 and out and the Cowboys would have had to punt.

Another reason is the 4 blatant face masks that the Cowboys had against the Eagles of which only 2 were called. One that should have been called was on a Brian Westbrook 8 yard run inside the Dallas 30 yard line. There should have been 15 yards tacked on for a face mask making it 1st and 10 on the Dallas 15 insted of 3rd and 2 from the Dallas 30.  But I have come to expect this from NFL  refs, with the blown call against the Chargers and the refs favoring Dallas or New England its almost impossiable for games as close to this to be decided by the players themselves.


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If Space Marines can sometimes teleport to ships near the eye of terror then im sure a gravity well wouldnt be much problem.


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If the Black Templars launched into another crusade and had the support of the remaining Loyal Legions plus the Imperial Guard I am going to bet they could do some serious damage to SW Universe, if not able to completely destroy it then you still have to account for the 6-7 others races or armies of the 40K universe.


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one word....



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I dont think he should be in it. They have ruined to much of his story already and let alone the new "clone wars" movie was horriable. They should just stop making Star Wars movies/tv.


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In hand to hand combat the Space Marines are unmatched for sheer power, the elder for sheer speed and the orks or nids for sheer numbers. No one would stand in the way. Not even SW


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Even if SW got a death star or even a fleet of them 40K would still crush them.

and some non fett ones.


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Is there any power that this stupid character doesnt have?

Go on an anime site kid, im sick of hearing you downgrade everyones opinions. You asked for reasons well I think you got at least 7 from different people, myself included. You just negate whatever anyone says anyways. Weather a BFFC member makes a point or not you just say that it wouldnt work.

Anime characters are boring and almost all the same. They do completely unrealistic things ad basically have no boundries, thats why I dont like anime, whats the point when you know the person or character is basically unbeatable.

Dont start a topic on a Boba Fett Fan Club website and expect to get all that many answers in your favor.

NOW you can go give me negitive karma.


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Adeptus_Astartes wrote:

Or the Mandalorian Wars big_smile



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Great GAME!


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Im not really hurt, im 24 its ok if im not someones best friend on a website. Ha. I enjoy posting on here and most of the people are great so I am just happy to be part of it.


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Im sure Fett would win. Ive never been a huge Chuck Norris fan.


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Masterchief wrote:

cool. Most people here haven't mentioned me. I am not demanding you to say " me " in particular, but seriously?

Its ok I havent been mentioned at all either but im not online alot so I dont expect it. Haha.


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Yuki wouldnt win. Boba is far smarter not to mention he took out a world devastator and countless jedi.

Anime characters are given way to many powers anyway, to the point that it isnt even beliveable. Its almost worse than Superman.


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It just seems like you came on this board with the idea of starting a fight. Maybe im wrong but thats what it seems.


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SOS haruhi wrote:

that was off topic  but still lol

if she can withstand 15 swords to the stomic without even flinching i doubt plasma would be much of a problem

You come on this website and ask a question like that and you got answers that you didnt like, as because i didnt give a reason you gave me negitive karma points?

My reason is because Boba is better, anime characters are a dime a dozen. Boba is tried and tested and beaten far bigger and badder things than some anime chick/dude. Not to mention it seems that anime characters can have whatever powers they want whenever they want them. They seem to be able to have almost limitless powers when it comes to fighting. Boba uses wit, weapons and skill to defeat enemies that are often more powerful than himself. So im sorry but your anime character stands no chance.


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Si Titran wrote:

Ok i figured it out! Hurrah! I got it working last night finally. It really was the live card i was trying to redeem. I got a new one and now it works fantastically. My CoD4 should be arriving any minuet now and I already have Halo3. I'm not that good yet but I know that takes some time. I don't mind getting pwnd because I know that i'm not great yet. I'm officially: Si Titran  big_smile

He he I only have 70 points so far tongue

Well your welcome to play COD4 with me and Castle anytime.


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New Gamer Tag: Empires Burn

Im not a huge gamer so I don't have a lot of points, I really only play online.


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cujo wrote:

a move like bombing them back to the stone age, would alienate our country from the global community.
why is that important? because we went into Iraq under the guise of liberation, and freedom.

our true agenda, is more likely to set up our puppet democracy so that we have more control of oil in the future, and keep an eye on Iran.  more importantly we cannot afford(financially) to be at war or continue to loose more lives policing the world.
for the record-i have many friends who r deployed and known some who have died, i have much love and respect for the military.
but will not mince words about the current administration- they r money grabbing clowns who if they ran a business it would have gone under many times over. when was the last time you misplaced billions of dollars and blame it on bad bookkeeping w/ no further explanation..

disclaimer: all comments r the humble opinion of Cujo, who is informed but much like all of us, in the dark about a great many issues. and i mean no disrespect to anyone.

is anyone on this site actually in the military? aside from Sadriel, whom im sure has a thought or two on the subject.

In case you havent noticed we are already alienated from the global community. We are the laughing stock and the but of jokes around the world. Noone takes the US seriously any more. Sorry to break it to you. Im all for doing the right thing but that isnt ever what the US does. We almost always do the wrong thing and make even more enemies. We were the ones that wanted to institute 3/4 of the treaties and agreements with NATO but then we ourselves refuse to sign them, I mean come on!!!!!

As for 9/11 anyone who cant see it was an inside job is completely blind and under the biggest false sense of security ever. It wasnt the 1st time the US has "planned" or "helped plan" an attack on its own people.

1. We had advanced knowledge of Pearl Harbor, but we needed a logical reason to go into WW2. As before the attack we were just suppling guns and food to the allies, the economy was dead and needed a lift so what better way to give it than war? Right? Correct.

2. In 1962 right after the Bay Of Pigs accident, the joint chief of staff and his team came up with something called "Operation Northwoods" which was a "justifacation to invade Cuba". In the document "Northwoods" it suggests chemical or terror attacks on american citizens in Miami, the Keys and even Washington. All to provoke US aggression against Cuba. The only reason this never passed was because JFK thought it completely immoral and against common sense. But it just goes to show you to never put anything past the United States.


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Boba would win and we all know that. Next topic please.