II like the red with black trim as well as all black like Walon Vau's Beskar but I also quite like the bronze colour that Kal Skirata has.

Thats true like in the Han Solo trilogy where he did a job in exchange for some wrist mounted dart shooters I think it was.

If I remember rightly its Jaster's armor and Jango's helmet or something like that according to the young Boba novels.

Thankyou Alo. I don't like the touchy,feely side of Boba that Traviss came up with either,
What next Boba baking Brownies with 'little' Kad'ika?

1. Gray=Mourning a Lost Love
   2. Red=Honoring a Father
   3. Black=Justice
   4. Gold=Vengeance
   5. Green=Duty
   6. Blue=Reliability
   7. Orange=A Lust for Life

I wasn't keen on on where she went with some of the characters either and True Colours was my least fave novel of the series but I loved Order 66 apart from how some things happened near the end of the book.
I can never make my mind up which I like best out of Hard Contact and Triple Zero as it seem's to depend on my mood but most of the time I would have to say TZ.

Boba has been one of my faves for years since well before the prequels or any of the young Boba stories came about.
I would even go as far as saying I think the prequels tainted the character as well as Vader and I like the prequels I just never liked the idea of Boba being a clone.

At this present moment in time althought the first three on this list has always been the same -
          1.Han Solo
          2.Boba Fett
          3.Darth Vader
          4.Jaster Mereel
          5.Walon Vau
          7.Plo Koon
          8.Saesee Tiin

My fave faction would have to be the Mandalorians.

I liked the first part of Corrie and the Tatooine levels were pretty cool.

Karen Traviss has made a lot of changes to the Mando's and some of those changes I wasn't overly keen on to start with but at least we're seeing a lot more Mando stuff now.
I would like to see more stories of the Mando's from Jaster's era though as Jango Fett Open Seasons was my fave Mando story arc and probably always will be.
I would like to see stuff set prior to the events that took place at Galidraan.

Sorry I did mean trade paperback/graphic novel depending on what you want to call them.
I always used to call them graphic novels until I got online and people told me that a trade paperback and a graphic novel are different I can't remember the reason the gave the two are still the same thing to me.
Either a RC series done in the original style like you say and not something else for the kids to help promote the Clone Wars.
Even if they just adpated the four novels in graphic novel format it would be cool to see what everyone looks like or at least get an idea because everyone no doubt has their own images in their heads of the characters.

I finished reading Star Wars Republic Commando Order 66 recently and its by far my fave novel of the series and soon I'll be starting the Legacy novels at some point in the near future which I'm looking forward to as apparently they feature a lot of Mando stuff.
I don't know about anyone else but I would love to see the RC novels adapted to tpb format.


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Preybird starfighters are cool yet rare. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Preybird
Or you could just make one up.

Montross, Jaster Mereel, Kir Kanos, Carnor Jax and Quinlan Vos unleashed would be cool.

I thought this was about bombers? Lol.
I could have any ship it would be Jango's Slave I or Jaster's Legacy.

He was going to take out a Moff I think.

Dengar's cool in whatever story he's in and I agree about his gun looking good.
Its a sawn off Imperial heavy repeating blaster rifle if I remember rightly.


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Originally they were green,things have changed a lot since 1960's Dr Who.
They couldn't even travel on anything but metal surfaces back then.
They were easily killed as well because they couldn't regenerate,create force fields or any number of other stuff like fly.


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Dalek's have force fields and can regenerate,lol.
Although I'm sure Boba would with eventually.
He'd need to get to the creature inside that controls it.
Thats the actual Dalek.
Dalek's are from an long a sci fi series called Dr Who they're suprisingly lethal even if they do look odd.


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What aliens did look good in films in the late 70's to early 80's? Not many at all.
Its called suspension of belief thew same with anything else that was a bit stupid or cheesy.
Plenty of the dialogue was bad in all 6 films especially the prequels I still love them all though.


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Anakin in any of the prequels other than who I've mentioned already. I was never a fan of Lando either.

He killed two IG droids. One in a space battle and one on Bespin.
As for the ion cannon it was like a bazooka that you fired from the shoulder it wasn't attached.
I could've worded that better.
The was four IG-88's and an IG-70 something thats supposedly still out there somewhere.


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Palpatine was cool in the original trilogy but I thought he was awful in episode III.
It just put me off him.

Yeah. Its an EE-3 carbine rifle. He has used some different weapon's in the EU now and again like on Cloud City when he took out of one of the IG droids with a shoulder mounted ion cannon.