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I like it a lot Cecilia.

Did you do it?

The eye bit on the helmet is a bit puzzling, but I think I know what it's aboot. smile


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I know this topic is very random, but most of you here, will understand.

I like sleeping. Without sleep, you would eventually die. ( maybe in about a week or so.. yikes ) [ fact! ]

I once got 10 hours.

And once, I went to bed at 1.00

but that was when I was in Germany, going to my German-Grandma's house. smile

I was ABSOLUTELY shattered... tongue wink


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I was definetly fooled. I was also sad.....

very very sad that I couldn't speak to Terra, MandoGirl, Val, Fett_II, MIba, Mel etc ever again.... sad

I was very fooled though tongue


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I would make a the death star tunnel walls with the blast door, then maybe ( if you have it ) the millennium falcon, with the hole in the middle of the floor, and some stormtroopers watching.


and also, Luke watching, and Ben and Vader fighting like on Ep IV


tongue Sorry if that was annoying. Just trying to give some gid tips oot. smile


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thank you Cecilia

you're a good friend. smile

also, Thank you too Sci-Fi Freak 90! smile

I have about 10 or 12 of them

It's really good. But it's more for kids, adults. * AHEM *

they have an adults SW magazine. wink big_smile


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' Aye!

It's good, but not AS good as the real stuff


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I have polls on my site if anyone wants to join.....

but nah, no-one really posts... hmm


Good idea Everettj


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ok, that makes sense. Sorry Val

I know, you're excited. It always is, getting a new fig!

sorry, anyway.

Btw, how is Ben getting along with you're other figures? Has he made any friends? tongue

( not in an offensive term, btw )


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Seco joined my site

as Civil Seco

but he's got a virus on his comp at the moment. He emailed me.. smile

just teh say


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* sigh *

You love it..

and you're going to want other figures. You can die in peace with those..... aswell........... hmm


I'm just saying adults playing with figures is stupid

but collecting them is fine.


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agreed. smile


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I didn't say they were dogs....

But to be honest, I'm not that attractive. I wear glasses, I have braces, My breath smells, I'm a nerd and I have got quite a lot of spots of my face


I get angry when I see girls socializing with cool boys.

I will never get one. Who likes my sort of look?

NO-ONE sad


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these are the figures i got for my 13th

okas, true.

And the books are written so adults can understand them

I was just curious if it was....

but the figures are a little childish for adults.

Some figures are for adults, like Star Trek and Halo

But Star Wars?

LOL tongue



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yeah, that's when it does it wink


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yeah, what about it? tongue

Anyway, I think I got a lot, because 13 is a special age for ppl.

12 is a kid

13 is a teenager

last year I only got some action figures like you Miba

The Power of the Force, Bossk. * sigh *

such a great figure.... smile

star wars is kinda made for kids up to 15 or something

it's not that adulty. But then again, I like Horrid Henry, and that's aimed at 8 year olds......

the action figures are for kids, full stop in my opinion.

Adults are acting too much like children about " Cool " or " rare " action figures

* sigh *



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yeah, I think they're cute as they go " GONK, GONK, GONK HAS TOO TA MI "

or whatever it said on episode IV tongue

wink tongue


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Thanks, ARC.

I am now 13 years old!

Here is the list of stuff I got:

Star Wars: The Clone Wars ( on DVD )
Star Wars Clone Wars Droideka figure
Doctor Who Slitheen with skin suit figure
Doctor Who Doctor in Pentallian Space suit with helmet figure
Doctor Who Cyberman figure ( this kind - )http://www.forbiddenplanet.co.uk/images/2008/December/15/B3915.jpg

Doctor Who Vashta Nerada ( I have two now!!! big_smile ) figure. YAS!

Doctor Who Time Lord figure

Doctor Who The Journal of Impossible things w/ miniature sonic screwdriver

A 4GB phone memory card, with all my favourite songs ( ABBA, Duffy, Run DMC etc tongue )

A Ghost shooter arcade box thiny! ( the ghosts roll around this plastic belt, and you have to shoot them with a ray gun! )

a family guy stewie darth vader t-shirt

Macbeth, Hamlet ( all of the plays ) books

Volume Two of the first season of Merlin

A Cyberman Etch 'a' sketch

Berol Colour pens

£10 from my granny and grandad* from spain

A 3-D swinging chair card with cats on it from my mum and stepdad

A homemade card from G+G*

A doctor who time squad figure pack/ with the supreme dalek and a clockwork man in it

A Tank magazine with a highly detailed tank in it

and one other thing, I think.....


( not really... wink )


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I also like Dark Troopers

again, not copying Regimas.


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Maybe he finds the simspons humourous wink


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Yeah, I guess, SFF90 tongue